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D744097 Orthopedic implant sizer  
D744102 Stopper for dental instruments  
D744108 Humidifier reservoir for positive airway pressure delivery console  
D744113 Massaging tool  
D743842 Clip for respiratory mask or positive airway pressure (PAP) delivery device  
D744093 Absorbent article  
D744104 Femoral implant component  
D744088 Respirator mask having a circular button  
D743820 Electronic device  
D744090 Small size ostomy tape  
D744087 Dry powder inhaler  
D744091 Intermediate size ostomy tape  
D744105 Orthodontic anchorage device  
D744112 Roller  
D744100 Handle for laparoscopic device  
D744101 Dental screw driver  
D744095 Exhalation module EVQ internal flow sensor  
D743570 Classic rabbit vibrator  
D743562 Base plate of a biomedical signal recorder with a radio function  
D743567 Compression patella sleeve  
D743535 Headgear for patient interface  
D743556 Positive airway pressure delivery console  
D743534 Ear canal spray nozzle assembly  
D743551 Anastomosis device  
D743545 Nasal dilator  
D743547 Handle for laparoscopic device with distal rotation wheel  
D743536 Respirator mask having a circular button  
D743568 Sports themed nipple style bottle top  
D743558 Medical ultrasound system  
D743550 Dental tool handle  
D743548 Tattoo machine  
D743552 Adaptor for an ostomy implant  
D743549 Dental drill  
D743557 Perineal post pad for hip arthroscopy  
D743565 Nasal dilator  
D743563 Cover of a rehabilitation device  
D743542 Catheter with staggered slits  
D743561 Training chassis for feedback-training  
D743555 Photographic platform for medical diagnosis  
D743546 Surgical tool  
D743560 G-force indicator  
D743543 Catheter with staggered slits  
D743539 Blood collection device  
D743559 Dynamic urine monitoring device  
D743572 Vial holder element  
D743538 Injection device  
D743553 Imaging booth  
D743537 Elbow connector for a patient interface assembly  
D743533 Magnetic separation apparatus  
D743571 Sample collection device