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D709614 Orthotic brace  
D709615 Neonatal foot splint  
D709618 Pedicure spa  
D709608 Earplug accessory  
D709623 Pipette barrel  
D709622 Dental composition storage device  
D709612 Female dual lumen connector  
D709613 Cutting electrode  
D709620 Fluidic dispense device  
D709617 Skin treatment apparatus  
D709624 Process tube  
D709621 Data door for an analysis system  
D709611 Support guide for tubing cassette system  
D709208 Pedicure spa  
D709188 Spike for infusion / transfusion medical devices  
D709179 Atomizer for inhaler  
D709203 Adapter for fixing a magnetic sensor  
D709198 Connector for blood circuit  
D709187 Tubing connector for breast pumps  
D709181 Respiratory mask  
D709207 Cap type brace  
D709195 Treatment attachment  
D709201 Arm of a dental unit  
D709204 Electronic device  
D709196 Hand piece  
8777040 Flask  
A beverage container or flask that includes a lower body portion and a selectively openable upper body portion. The upper body portion is configured to include a fastener that allows a user to...
D709194 Handle for surgical instrument  
D709185 Urine collection apparatus  
D709206 Bone fixation band  
D709180 Clip receptacle for a respiratory mask or a positive airway pressure (PAP) delivery device  
D709190 Handle for a medical device  
D709182 Cushion for a patient interface assembly  
D709191 Otoscope  
D709183 Pump for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products  
D709184 Device for mixing fluids  
D709186 Air trap device for intravenous infusion administration sets  
D709177 Earplug  
D709209 Sample analyzer  
D709197 Combined controller and cuff for remote ischemic conditioning  
D709205 Electrosurgical return electrode  
D709192 Otoscope  
D709193 Medical testing apparatus  
D709189 Medical handgrip  
D709202 Medical and dental apparatus  
D709199 Perimeter  
D709178 Atomizer for inhaler  
D709210 Test tube holder  
D709200 Dental unit  
D708743 Colposcope  
D708760 Beverage capsule tray