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D705441 Analysis system  
D705432 Portable dialysis cabinet  
D705426 Tool base for dental endodontic tips  
D705111 Stethoscope ornamentation  
D705484 Apparatus for removing body hair  
D705438 Base  
D705112 Stethoscope ornamentation  
D705427 Implant  
D705428 Medical compression bandage  
D705436 Shoulder massager  
D705439 Base with membrane and support  
D705424 Main console  
D705422 Microneedle applicator  
D705433 Probe for ultrasound diagnostic apparatus  
D705444 Test tube holder  
D705440 External pump for biological device  
D705430 Corneal tomography apparatus  
D705435 Electronic therapy device  
D705429 Medical compression bandage  
D704832 Holder for intraocular lens  
D704847 Teething toy  
D704838 Ultrasound apparatus for dental use  
D704848 Portable TENS device  
D704842 Ophthalmoscope  
D704823 Odor eliminating nose clip  
D704827 Sanitary napkin  
D704829 Portion of a medical device housing  
D704843 Sleep appliance  
D704844 Ultrasonic probe  
D704841 Landmark identifier for targeting an orthopaedic implant  
D704856 Medical tray  
D704854 Stage  
D704852 Massage roller  
D704840 Hinge coupling  
D704839 Electrosurgical generator  
D704830 Holder for intraocular lens  
D704828 Medical pillow seat  
D704853 Massage device  
D704831 Holder for intraocular lens  
D704826 Headgear  
D704845 Clubfoot orthotic device  
D704835 Surgical retractor with suction tip  
D704824 Respirator having folded nose region  
D704849 Pain management apparatus  
D704846 Clubfoot orthotic device  
D704834 Medical bracket and clamp  
D704855 Sterilization cassette  
D704850 Personal warming apparatus  
D704837 Medical image recorder  
D704833 Holder for intraocular lens