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D751707 Hand-held cautery device  
D751699 Needle safety device  
D751207 Extracorporeal blood processing apparatus  
D751190 Infusion bag  
D751199 Biopsy device  
D750895 Combined container and base for a toothbrush sanitizing device  
D750989 Chromatography apparatus  
D751204 X-ray machine with flower pattern  
D751205 Control panel for CT/PET scanner  
D751198 Medical device  
D751194 Catheter handle  
D751189 Filter sheet for a cell collecting cartridge  
D751208 Orthodontic appliance  
D751213 Non-invasive neurostimulation device  
D751214 Non-invasive neurostimulation device  
D751188 Patient interface  
D751202 Mesh for orbital reconstruction  
D751191 Biological fluid container nozzle  
D751215 Container  
D751209 Mobile console  
D751211 Mask  
D751201 Handheld controller  
D751195 Guidewire introducer apparatus  
D751130 Camera mounted on a pacifier  
D751069 Electronic device  
D751196 Surgical instrument  
D751210 Activity and physiological monitoring apparatus worn on the limb  
D750884 Crutch  
D751192 Medical device  
D751212 Foot wrap  
D750991 Analytical apparatus for drug testing  
D751197 Retractor/depressor  
D751193 Base for an enteral feeding device  
D751203 Provisional dental implant  
D751206 Bitewing holder  
D751200 Controller for implantable blood pump  
D750990 Analytical apparatus for drug testing  
D750968 Combination storage container and dispenser of baby bottle accessories  
D750787 Medical console  
D750788 Topical spreading applicator  
D750782 Mandibular advancement positioning bite block  
D750792 Teething mitten  
D750791 Combined teething toy and safety glove  
D750768 Fluid administration syringe  
D750796 Cane shaped massaging tool  
D750786 Blood glucose meter  
D750790 Popliteal open/closed knee brace  
D750780 Surgical knife  
D750771 Enema bottle with perforated shrink-wrapped tamper seal  
D750802 Liquid handling platform