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D779675 Rehabilitation board  
D779678 Surgical tray  
D779664 Intradiscal shim  
D779668 Grasper  
D779661 Cartridge for a dispenser of a liquid and/or gel  
D779667 Triple-band nasal dilator  
D779651 Breathing mask  
D779659 Absorbent article substrate with a pattern  
D779670 Abrasion device with abrasive tip  
D779657 Absorbent article substrate with a pattern  
D779457 Fetal wave device  
D779669 Ear curette tip  
D779662 Female catheter connector  
D779348 Device for recording physical exercise  
D779660 Absorbent article substrate with a pattern  
D779076 Knee brace  
D779075 Splint  
D779059 Elongated medical instrument handle with ridges  
D779055 Aspirator  
D779063 Oral rinse suction evacuation dental appliance  
D779062 Tracking pattern holder for a surgical tool  
D779079 Foldable sauna  
D779057 Autoinjector cap  
D779064 Tooth sculpting instrument  
D779056 Protective cap for a bone tool  
D779053 Suction handle  
D779067 Quadruped stifle stabilization assembly  
D779066 Nasal implants  
D779054 Aspirator  
D779074 Armrest for medical examination table  
D779077 Ankle brace  
D778532 Decompression harness  
D779080 Air spa container  
D779081 Sample container  
D779058 Bulb shaped medical instrument handle with wells  
D779082 Packaging tray for surgical kit  
D779065 Anterior cervical bone plate  
D779072 Therapeutic vaporizer insert  
D779070 Imaging system with an NM and CT detector and having illuminated strips  
D779060 Medical instrument handle  
D779078 Orthosis  
D779069 X-ray machine  
D779071 Positive expiratory pressure device  
D779068 Intraoral sensor  
D779073 Medical apparatus and equipment  
D779061 Forceps  
D778452 Prosthetic socket brim  
D778453 Controller  
D778451 Conductive seal of a biomedical signal recorder  
D778431 Mask for noise reduction