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D737428 Regulator  
D737452 Apparatus for medical analysis  
D737422 Condom with shield  
D737436 Liquid drug reconstitution assembly  
D737431 Tissue transfer apparatus  
D737430 Intraocular lens implantation device  
D737454 Rehabilitation shoe  
D737442 Trocar  
D737458 Chromatographic fluid handling device  
D737453 Dressing  
D737443 Fixation instrument  
D737427 Regulator  
D737449 Generator for medical treatment devices  
D737159 Wearable device  
D737433 Absorbent article  
D737456 Rolling massager  
D737425 Inhaler  
D737423 Sexually transmitted disease prevention shield  
D737432 Medicine applicator  
D737437 Surgical retractor  
D737448 Device for medical treatment  
D737450 Contoured eyecup for a portable ophthalmoscope  
D737435 Securement device  
D737451 Cuvette system  
D737426 Mouthpiece for inhaler  
D737447 Device for medical treatment  
D737459 Automated system for conducting biochemical reactions  
D737424 Button of an inhaler device  
D737157 Wearable device  
D737457 Massage device  
D737440 Biopsy device  
D737455 Pacifier  
D737434 Diaper shield  
D737438 Capsulorhexis handpiece  
D737445 Urination control device  
RE45657 Skin care massage tool  
D737439 Open vessel sealer with mechanical cutter  
D737446 Spinal interbody distractor  
D736932 Glucometer  
D736906 Nasal-irrigation cap  
D736907 Pediatric entrainment elbow  
D736940 Foot rest  
D736935 Biometric monitor housing  
D736928 Dental drill  
D736926 Trocar housing  
D736908 Headgear-to-frame connection component for respiratory mask  
D736927 Ophthalmic structure  
D736936 Abdominal support apparatus  
D736921 Seal anchor for use in surgical procedures  
D736917 Operation handle for a medical manipulator device