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D765852 Anterolateral tibia fracture plate  
D765870 Eye massager  
D765846 Bone plug  
D765655 Smart watch  
D765836 Container for formation of surgical slush  
D765842 Hand grip  
D765837 Liquid transfer device with integral vial adapter  
D765874 Transporter for a tissue transport system  
D765857 Dental implant fixture  
D765845 Acetabular cup  
D765861 Abutment  
D765246 Distal end cap having gripping features  
D765249 Tongue cleaner  
D765241 Syringe  
D765257 Biomedical multifunction tester  
D765072 Smart watch  
D765248 Blunt dissector  
D765262 Elevated hub for a back roller  
D765264 Diagnostic apparatus  
D765253 Portable clinical diagnostic instrument  
D765239 Autoinjector without cap  
D765243 Medical device handle  
D765245 Probe for prevention of postpartum hemorrhaging  
D765238 Medical device for peristaltic pump  
D764809 Sheet with a pattern  
D765240 Autoinjector without cap  
D765251 Radiography and fluoroscopy system  
D765260 Back sleep blocker  
D765256 Apparatus for sleep information detection  
D765255 Mouthpiece  
D765259 Ear attachment for medical headset  
D765244 Elastic biosensor headband  
D765252 Portable clinical diagnostic instrument  
D765261 Digital mat  
D765258 Biomedical multifunction tester  
D765242 Substance collection device with swab collector  
D765254 Medical device  
D765263 Sanitation device for dental accessories  
D765237 Resistance breathing device  
D765247 Surgical scalpel  
D765250 Dental implant  
D764662 Triple-band nasal dilator  
D764657 Automatic injector  
D764661 Connector  
D764655 Suction and irrigation device  
D764656 Compact mask with changeable filters  
D764669 Ventilator  
D764679 Biological indicator vial  
D764671 Dental appliance  
D764675 Vaginal ice-pack