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D699838 Absorbent article with a pattern  
D699851 Intraocular lens  
D699836 Housing for tubing cassette system  
D699794 Combination personal massager and exerciser device  
D699858 Acupressure device  
D699859 Pipette tip handling device assembly  
D699843 Container cover  
D699844 Gas feeder for endoscope  
D699847 Upper ring of laparoscopic port system  
D699855 Iontophoretic drug delivery device  
D699842 Safety dispenser and disposal box  
D699340 Headgear  
D699359 Ultrasound probe head  
D699351 Osteosynthesis plate  
D699345 Backsheet of a diaper  
D699363 Medical patch  
D699369 Cover for a biological array holder  
D699357 Glucometer  
D699370 Pipette tip tray assembly  
D699342 Injector  
D699362 Biomedical testing device  
D699348 Handle  
D699358 Endoscopy workstation  
D699347 Ultrasound biopsy probe  
D699364 Anti humpback brace  
D699352 Imaging system pivot arm  
D699368 Adaptable stand for mobile device based drug testing  
D699366 Vibrator  
D699343 Irrigation solution bag  
D699361 Socket for temperature monitoring probe of patient monitor  
D699353 Imaging system pivot arm  
D699355 Compartment of ultrasonic diagnostic equipment  
D699371 Pipette tip stacking tray  
D699356 Intensive care unit ventilator machine  
D699365 Posture support device  
D699360 Finger probe device  
D699341 Needle assembly  
D699350 Hip joint assembly  
D699349 Scaler tip  
D699344 Applicator device  
D699367 Facial device  
D699346 Backsheet of a diaper  
D699354 Body of ultrasonic diagnostic equipment  
D698930 Nail deformity correction device  
D698939 Lid  
D698937 Testing apparatus  
D698924 Dental matrix band  
D698932 Exfoliating disc head  
D698926 Electrical connector tab  
D698934 Vibrating device