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D814023 Eye drop applicator  
D814021 Medical pump  
D814025 Fluid conduit transfer tip  
D814036 Trocar  
D814028 Retractor blade  
D813980 Waterjet apparatus  
D814019 Inhaler device  
D814016 Therapy unit assembly  
D814030 Surgical device  
D813695 Wristband with fitness monitoring capsule  
D814035 Trocar  
D814044 Therapeutic bag  
D814022 Autoinjector with removable cap  
D813528 Wearable hydration system  
D814045 Laboratory device  
D814026 Finger flange for injection device  
D814046 Mixing device  
D814040 Eye exam kiosk  
D813498 Wrist device for a heating kit  
D814042 Vital sign instrument  
D814032 Trocar  
D814034 Trocar  
D814041 Dental dispenser base  
D814029 Nasal dilator  
D813385 Fluid conduit transfer tip  
D813391 Dental cart system  
D813377 Syringe assembly having an integrated safety feature  
D813387 Nasal dilator  
D813395 Elongate guide element  
D813403 Stiffener for orthotic device  
D813384 Eyepiece for an endoscope  
D813396 Electronic device  
D813373 Ear plug  
D813405 Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device  
D813389 Trocar sheath  
D813397 Dental tray retainer  
D813402 Prolapse support garment  
D813393 Back layer of a breast prosthesis  
D813065 Gas sampling cell  
D813378 Syringe assembly having an integrated safety feature  
D813407 Electronic massager  
D813400 Medical device  
D813399 Head positioner  
D813408 Electronic massager  
D813404 Device for fitting over a thumb to discourage thumb-sucking  
D813376 Apparatus to control fluid flow through a tube  
D813380 On-body injector  
D813372 Pharmaceutical tablet  
D813394 Wedge insert  
D813381 Container with lid