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D722165 Sphygmomanometer  
D722156 Cannula connector  
D722164 Intra-oral scanning wand  
D722178 Portion of a biochemical analyzer  
D722176 Back hook massager  
D722160 Syringe plunger rod with clicking mechanism  
D721814 Remote control for a surgical console  
D721801 Cassette for a peristaltic pump  
D721804 Absorbent article with a pattern  
D721818 Spa shell  
D721813 Dental matrix band  
D721810 Shin fairings for a prosthetic leg  
D721805 Holding device  
D721811 Orthodontic bracket  
D721819 Massage tracker  
D721803 Syringe  
D721812 Dental matrix band  
D721807 Surgical indicators  
D721821 Needle counter  
D721820 Biochemical analyzer  
D721527 Base for a pedicure chair  
D721815 Portable dialysis cabinet  
D721816 Drop foot prevention device  
D721808 Intervertebral implant  
D721822 Portion of a biochemical analyzer  
D721817 Spa shell  
D721802 Intradermal injection device  
D721806 Piloting tip  
D721809 Dental implant  
D721285 Controlled-release chemical delivery device  
D721441 Sterilization cassette  
D721420 Animal paw handheld showerhead  
D721436 Self-aligning insert for a dental handpiece  
D721438 Bite positioning fork  
D721440 Instrument for treatment of soft tissue  
D721435 Medical marking apparatus  
D721286 Controlled-release chemical delivery device  
D721437 Blood glucose test meter  
D721432 Vaporizer  
D721439 Teething toy  
D721434 Unit dose vial  
D721421 Animal paw showerhead  
D721433 Unit dose vials  
D721183 Massage roller for muscle release  
D721176 Knee joint assembly  
D721178 Blood glucose meter  
D721169 Respirator grill ribs  
D721179 Supportive device  
D721182 Mute button decoration for pacifier  
D721172 Illuminated tongue depressor with thermometer