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D706940 Orthopedic pressure pad  
D706564 Portion of an examination chair  
D706928 Handle for suturing instrument  
D706417 Pantiliner  
D706434 Control unit  
D706424 Scanner for a magnetic resonance tomography diagnosis apparatus  
D706441 Stimulation device  
D706433 Medical device  
D706440 Stimulation device  
D706418 Pantiliner  
D706429 Orthopedic pressure device  
D706422 Dermatological device  
D706442 Stimulation device  
D706439 Stimulation device  
D706432 Pulsed electromagnetic field device with peel-off style mounting strip  
D706444 Stimulation device  
D706446 Optics cup with curved bottom  
D706427 Endboard for a patient bed  
D706421 Scope targeting guide  
D706419 Sanitary napkin  
D706430 Knee pillow  
D706447 Tray set for supporting a marker-based target for identifying solid medicines  
D706425 Orthodontic device  
D706415 Fluid transfer device  
D706435 Beauty treatment device  
D706414 Gas mask with thermal sensor  
D706443 Stimulation device  
D706412 Cushion for respiratory mask  
D706420 Gas feeder for endoscope  
D706423 Anterior lumbar fusion interbody device  
D706428 Therapeutic exercise device  
D706436 Stimulation device  
D706445 Hand held massage and toning device  
D706431 Bottle  
D706413 Headgear for respiratory mask  
D706437 Stimulation device  
D706438 Stimulation device  
D706416 Injection device  
D706426 Veterinary table  
D705937 Dental device  
D705928 Medical device  
D705926 Fluid collection container lid  
D705942 Stimulation device  
D705925 Compact catheter package  
D705932 X-ray scanner  
D705940 Personal massager  
D705989 Hair removal device  
D705930 Orthopedic staple  
D705943 Analysis system  
D705931 X-ray scanner