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D771827 Orthotic for correcting ingrown nail  
D771808 Surgical navigation instrument  
D771801 Respiration and hydration mask  
D771237 Mouthpiece cover  
D771242 Cannula  
D771256 Surgical dissector  
D771259 Foot rail for patient bed  
D771254 Animal pessary  
D771243 Applicator  
D771244 Syringe  
D771238 Combined plenum, seal and clip module for patient interface  
D771267 Pacifier  
D771241 Combined cushion and frame module for patient interface  
D771240 Frame for a patient interface device  
D771269 Massaging device  
D771258 Device for protection against X-rays  
D771266 Mushroom teething toy for infant  
D771251 Operating sheath  
D771261 Device for remotely determining levels of healthcare interventions  
D771270 Two-in one vibrating ring  
D771245 Cleansing cup  
D771239 Crown strap of a headgear assembly for a breathing interface  
D771265 Licorice bracelet teething toy for infant  
D771252 Body of a camera for medical use  
D771247 Device for attaching and detaching needle to/from syringe  
D771253 Body of a camera for medical use  
D771255 Surgical dissector  
D771249 Connection tool for tongue stabilization  
D771246 Folded absorbent article  
D771262 Smart band  
D771264 Ankle sleeve  
D771257 Shaver handpiece  
D771271 Microbial air sampler  
D771263 Head restraint device  
D771260 Headset for measuring brain waves  
D771250 Liquid dispenser with an extended tip  
D771248 Dispensing applicator having a curved elongated nozzle  
D771236 Tablet  
D771268 Shirodhara apparatus  
D770620 Surgical cutter  
D770613 Female urination device  
D770638 Analyte test strip design  
D770639 Lamp  
D770621 Nasal support device  
D770627 Adherence monitor holder for an oral appliance  
D770630 Ultrasound probe  
D770618 Electrosurgical device  
D770615 Connector  
D770637 Reagent bottle  
D770611 Medicine injector