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D806887 Electronic meridian thermotherapy apparatus  
D806883 Supporter  
D806885 Handheld microporation device  
D806875 Bone mill  
D806880 Communications equipment  
D806563 Retrieval snare coil sleeve  
D806871 Incontinence aid  
D806554 Bottle  
D806859 Air delivery tube  
D806879 Hearing device  
D806857 Super-micro nebulizer  
D806894 Electrophoresis comb with wedge-shaped teeth  
D806870 Absorbent article with a pattern  
D806881 Incubator analyzer  
D806892 Tip of a sample holder  
D806890 Test cartridge  
D806873 Optical forceps  
D806872 Dental retractor  
D806867 Disposable pants  
D806882 Medical dressing  
D806262 Western blot processor  
D806250 Medical device  
D806255 Medical dressing  
D806259 Instrument module  
D806240 Coated hanger  
D806239 Absorbent article with a pattern  
D806229 Oral waterjet tooth cleaning implement  
D806246 Lancet cover  
D806232 Drug delivery device with insertion mechanism  
D806257 Back brace  
D806242 Flexible port used to connect a wound dressing to a source of negative pressure  
D806247 Biopsy pointer tool  
D806238 Medical liquid applicator with crescent shaped convex part  
D806258 Eye massager  
D806235 Injector device  
D806254 Apparatus for medical diagnosis  
D805926 Medical thermometer  
D806241 Septum seal  
D806237 Applicator  
D806228 Water pick  
D806318 Digital welding goggle  
D806230 Ergonomic medical catheter control handle  
D806244 Catheter actuation handle  
D806261 Medication packaging preparation device  
D806260 Sample carrier  
D806231 Esophageal balloon  
D806245 Medical device handle  
D806233 Powerhead for a power injection system  
D806236 Fluid collection system  
D805933 Flow cytometer chassis