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D727513 Feeding bottle holder  
D727521 Sports themed massage aid  
D727507 X-ray tube for medical device  
D727505 Portable ultrasound device  
D727518 Sports themed massage aid  
D727506 Control panel for CT scanner  
D727516 Foot spa  
D727497 Support for fiducial markers  
D727491 Wave-shaped tablet  
D727500 Occlusion device  
D727522 Sports themed massage aid  
D727526 Male enhancement and massage device  
D727519 Sports themed massage aid  
D727482 Women's portable urinal  
D727504 Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus  
D727495 Needle guide for ultrasound probe  
D727523 Handheld massager  
D727494 Medicament package  
D727499 Trocar  
D727509 Patient support table for CT/PET scanner  
D727493 Accessory for medical care  
D727276 Mobile communication device  
D727511 Breathing device  
D727514 Cosmetic skin treatment apparatus  
D727502 Wireless detector for X-ray device  
D727503 Computer tomography apparatus  
D727524 Handheld massager  
D727517 Sports themed massage aid  
D727515 Foot basin for spa chair  
D727520 Sports themed massage aid  
D727498 Surgical foot pedal  
D727528 Portion of a biochemical analyzer  
D727492 Disposable airway adapter for respiratory gas monitoring  
D727527 Cryopreservation and storage device  
D727501 Occlusion devices  
D726927 Cosmetic skin treatment apparatus  
D726902 Cassette device for administering medication  
D726925 Orthosis  
D726919 Operating module  
D726909 Tongue retractor  
D726916 Computer tomography apparatus  
D726928 Roll-up gel pack for test tubes  
D726911 Casting jig  
D726917 Computed tomography apparatus  
D726904 Ostomy pouch drainage device  
D726903 Liquid collector  
D726922 X-ray tube for medical device  
D726918 Electromedical apparatus  
D726923 Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus  
D726929 Cup assembly