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D724719 Respiratory mask  
D724721 Injection device  
D724731 Anal plug  
D724722 Dental plunger  
D724734 Orthopedic plate  
D724755 Cup  
D724725 Video stylet  
D724217 Neonatal magnetic resonance scanner support cart  
D724201 Part of injection catheter handle  
D724212 Spinal interbody device  
D724226 In ear part for a rite hearing aid  
D724202 Dental dispenser  
D724228 Dental oven  
D724197 Oral sleep appliance  
D724203 Drive device for administering medication  
D724210 Bipolar cutting electrode  
D724223 Test meter  
D724209 Wireless endoscope camera  
D724225 Compression device  
D724216 Handheld backscatter imager  
D724204 Biological fluid collection device  
D724222 Blood glucose meter  
D724230 Dental oven  
D724208 Laryngoscope  
D724219 Utility module with a bridge back for receiving a defibrillator  
D724214 Analyzing machine having X-ray  
D724236 Pipette tip rack assembly  
D724221 Cassette assembly with tubing loops  
D724199 Medical diagnostic stand off tube  
D724207 Surgical retractor  
D724205 Sanitary napkin  
D724220 Portable cardiograph  
D724224 Test meter  
D724211 Dental tool  
D724200 Cannula  
D724235 Oral stimulation device  
D724231 Module for extra-corporeal heart and/or lung support  
D724198 Valve for artificial respiration aid  
D724229 Dental oven  
D724227 In ear part for a RITE hearing aid  
D724234 Perineal rehabilitation probe  
D724232 Therapeutic helmet  
D724215 X-ray imaging device  
D724213 Intervertebral implant  
D724218 Defibrillator with bridge back and utility module  
D724206 Combination tube and headset of a stethoscope  
D724233 Fluid container top  
D724161 Therapeutic and exercising device  
D723697 Blood glucose meter  
D723692 Offset prosthetic adaptor