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D746468 Nasal insert  
D746474 IMA crane retractor  
D746463 Offset prosthetic adaptor  
D746461 Spinal rod connector  
D746443 Cannula insertion tool  
D746450 Surgical instrument shaft with hole pattern  
D746438 Respirator filter cover  
D746445 Placement tool for a body cavity drainage device  
D746473 Head support  
D746483 Ampoule  
D746464 Magnetic resonance imaging device  
D746440 Encapsulated valve for a medical integrated valve  
D746476 Component analyzer  
D745977 Ampoule  
D745975 Body warmer  
D745962 Respirator filter retainer  
D745964 Surgical instrument shaft with hole pattern  
D745966 Dental handpiece  
D745972 Probe for an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus  
D745967 Dental hammer  
D745969 Nasal support device  
D745963 Cassette for a peristaltic pump  
D745976 Scalp soother  
D745965 Surgical instrument shaft with hole pattern  
D745974 Handheld microporation device  
D745973 Re-sealable wound dressing  
D745968 Oral suction swab  
D745970 Dental arm for cephalometric imaging module  
D745971 Surgical table  
D745675 Device for puncturing the patient's skin  
D745669 Laryngoscope  
D745664 Injector device for a syringe  
D745689 Adhesive bandage with decorated pad  
D745691 Pacifier holder  
D745694 Light therapy mask  
D745690 Honey patterned foam structure for holding medical grade manuka honey  
D745682 Back support  
D745692 Sauna apparatus for half-bath  
D745661 Apparatus to control fluid flow through a tube  
D745668 Syringe cap  
D745687 Probe for an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus  
D745283 Combined baby toothbrush and teether  
D745686 Ultrasound probe  
D745663 Blood collection device  
D745671 Transitional surgical guide  
D745659 Tablet  
D745685 Vital sign sensor  
D745677 Prosthetic knee  
D745679 Blood filter  
D745665 Release paper with a printed design