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D689387 Mass analyzer  
D689607 Functional capacity evaluator  
D689620 Therapy device  
D689618 Sterilizing case  
D689614 Chest pad for CPR feedback device  
D689604 Facepiece rib  
D689619 Oval hydrotherapy jet escutcheon  
D689605 Piercing pin  
D689621 Laboratory instrument housing  
D689610 Dental implant  
D689602 Swivel adapter for nebulizer  
D689608 Tourniquet  
D689606 Rat tooth grasper assembly with identical jaws  
D689609 Medical device  
D689191 Calf brace  
D689194 Medical-stand bins  
D689193 Biochemical analyzer  
D689187 Medical injector  
D688963 Sampling machine  
D689192 Jet face  
D689189 Medical device  
D689195 Surgical device  
D689188 Syringe plunger rod  
D689186 Pediatric mask  
D689185 Nebulizer  
D688851 Wrap  
D689190 Dental organizer insert  
D688850 Wrap  
D689155 Exercise device  
D689196 Laboratory instrument  
D688796 Cap for a blood collection tube  
D688799 Detection body for a dental prosthetic  
D688785 Pump body for a breast pump  
D688802 Electrocardiograph  
D688798 Debridement tool  
D688790 Self-injection device  
D688756 Combination personal massager and exerciser device  
D688786 Pump body with insert for a breast pump  
D688784 Infusion device  
D688801 Intraocular lens  
D688793 Self-injection device  
D688797 Catheter  
D688804 Blood test machine  
D688795 Sperm sampler  
D688787 Airway device cap and strap holder  
D688791 Self-injection device  
D688789 Head cushion  
D688792 Self-injection device  
D688794 Enteral nutrition bag  
D688805 Concentrating pipette