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D759243 Vaginal applicator  
D759237 Tool for implanting tongue stabilization  
D759261 Skin care massager  
D759239 Nasal dilator device  
D759256 Cleaning and massaging system  
D759252 Youth snore cure appliance  
D759233 Feminine hygiene article  
D759246 Biopsy device  
D759241 Nasal dilator  
D759254 Diagnostic device  
D759238 Tool for removing tongue stabilization  
D759232 Female urinary device  
D759260 Pendant for sexual stimulation  
D759258 Facial roller  
D758789 Combined fluid container top and straw  
D759251 Splint  
D759235 Anesthesia delivery device with hemispherical tip  
D759249 Electronic device  
D759267 Ampoule  
D759264 Sterilization apparatus  
D759231 Window frame extrusion  
D759230 Airflow generator for a sleep apnea system  
D759265 Thermomixer  
D759259 Massage roller  
D759247 Arcuate interproximal dental tool with arcuate blade  
D759263 Electronic massager  
D759236 Hand piece  
D759268 Medical test cartridge  
D759250 Power generator for surgical hand pieces  
D759262 Electronic massager  
D759266 Thermomixer  
D759257 Receiver for TENS / EMS  
D759248 Intervertebral implant  
D759245 Drill assembly  
D759244 Drill  
D758900 Identification bracelet (or wrist strap) with biometric detection  
D758526 Compressed gas cartridge  
D758604 Massaging device  
D758563 Breathing mask  
D758581 Grasper  
D758223 Spark optical emission spectrometer  
D758221 Thermogravimetric analyzer  
D758587 Magnetic resonance tomography apparatus  
D758582 Electrosurgery handpiece  
D758568 Autoinjector housing  
D758607 Electronic massager  
D758597 Bandage handle  
D758570 Autoinjector housing  
D758577 White balance enclosure cap for a medical device  
D758586 Near-infrared spectroscopy system