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D784547 Walking frame  
D784518 Medical equipment  
D784546 Support belt  
D784545 Belt system for spine and waist support  
D784542 Portable display device  
D784540 Foot profiling device  
D784541 User interface module for electromedical apparatus  
D784532 Vaginal probe  
D784551 Tissue sampling cassette  
D784554 Sampling device  
D784543 Electrode array  
D784556 Glass pod  
D783848 Combined base and basin for a pedicure spa  
D783855 Specimen tube bracelet  
D783821 Bone screw  
D783817 Animal pessary  
D783814 Adapter for flatus release  
D783833 Device for holding small parts  
D783801 Oral delivery product  
D783849 Convex-sided spa  
D783810 Handle for an oral irrigator  
D783840 Moisture shield with release liner  
D783830 Scanner for an X-ray tomography diagnosis apparatus  
D783812 Absorbent article with channels  
D783829 Medical X-ray equipment  
D783800 Oral delivery product  
D783807 Respiratory apparatus  
D783826 Root part for a dental implant  
D783843 Wound filler  
D783847 Base for a pedicure foot spa  
D783851 Convex-sided spa  
D783822 Root part for a dental implant  
D783802 Textured prophylactic  
D783332 Adjustable bed with bedpan  
D783824 Root part for a dental implant  
D783803 Breastshield connector for breast pump  
D783836 Patient monitor  
D783811 Sanitary pad trim  
D783853 Convex-sided spa  
D783819 Scanbody  
D783846 Spa  
D783389 Mounting plate for a patient support cart  
D783844 Orthopedic-cast cover  
D783842 Gauze bandage  
D783818 Electrode  
D783850 Convex-sided spa  
D783856 Corner protector for instrument sterilization tray  
D783809 Oral irrigator handle  
D783834 Leg support  
D783606 Activity tracker band