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D716464 Personal massager housing  
D716448 Handle for medical ultrasonic device  
D716443 Medical pump holder  
D716439 Connector for ventilator  
D716441 Inflator  
D716450 Tissue marker for intracorporeal site identification  
D716452 Respirometer  
D716457 Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device  
D716469 Machine for analyzing biological material  
D716505 Air supply attachment for a head belt of a welding helmet  
D716099 Beverage container  
D716466 Personal massager  
D715923 Sanitary napkin  
D715956 Vibrator  
D715946 Gas feeder for endoscope  
D715938 Wall stand for medical imaging field  
D715948 Dental instrument  
D715937 Oral cancer screening device  
D715933 Head module housing  
D715932 Display module housing  
D715930 Medical device delivery handle  
D715939 Light protection cover  
D715928 Catheter anchor pad with release layer  
D715927 Double notched catheter securement device  
D715947 Compression device  
D715949 Temporomandibular joint correction apparatus  
D715940 X-ray tube stand  
D715945 Magnetic resonance imaging system  
D715950 Adhesive strip  
D715957 Chromatography column  
D715944 Combined positron emission tomography and computed tomography  
D715954 Personal massager  
D715929 Catheter strain relief clip  
D715931 Catheter  
D715952 Container nipple connector  
D715955 Handle for a massage device  
D715941 X-ray bucky wall stand  
D715960 Sample card magazine  
D715925 Extender for syringe  
D715943 Computed tomography equipment  
D715942 Tissue marker for intracorporeal site identification  
D715920 Enunciation mouthpiece  
D715951 Finger splint  
D715924 Foot switch  
D715936 Ultrasonic osteotome  
D715934 Head module housing  
D715953 Foldable massage device with pat and scratch function  
D715958 Sample changer  
D715921 Suction tube assembly  
D715961 Sample card magazine