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D754345 Handle for a dental instrument  
D754322 Enclosure for a portable hemodialysis system  
D754354 Post procedural pillow  
D754335 Sanitary napkin  
D754346 Spinal fusion implant  
D754328 Respiratory mask  
D754337 Endoscope processor  
D754338 Endoscope processor  
D754323 Hearing device retainer  
D754350 Pulse rate meter  
D754341 Endoscope processor  
D754356 Smart band  
D754353 Medical device  
D754326 Tracheostomy tie  
D754331 Intraocular lens implantation device  
D754361 Sample container  
D754329 Mouthpiece for medical devices  
D754351 Pulse rate meter  
D754325 Device of a curable fluid composition to a bodily organ  
D754336 Bronchoscope  
D754347 Growth control device  
D754343 Transparent anal plug  
D754357 Ultrasound probe head  
D753835 Moisturizing finger cover  
D753745 Telescope  
D753827 Flat wireless detector for X-ray device  
D753813 Frame for respiratory mask  
D753830 Base cover  
D753833 Electrode cap  
D753811 Respiratory device  
D753812 Breathing apparatus  
D753820 Ostomy bag  
D753836 Compression elbow sleeve  
D753818 Tracheostomy tube  
D753816 Oxygen face mask with capnography monitoring ports  
D753829 Vessel for a respirometer  
D753824 Vaginal manipulator  
D753825 Transparent anal plug  
D753822 Endoscope  
D753837 Component of a strap dosing system  
D753814 Cushion for respiratory mask  
D753821 Nasal dilator device  
D753828 Scanner for an X-ray tomography diagnosis apparatus  
D753826 Bipolar cutting instrument  
D753819 Cushion for respiratory mask  
D753810 Wound therapy device  
D753831 Portable hanging tower for medical use  
D753838 Magnetic force attenuator for a cosmetic skin treatment apparatus  
D753817 Tracheostomy tube  
D753516 Dosimetric helmet