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D702834 Cartridge for use in injection device  
D702844 Pedicure spa  
D702850 Thermal pack holding device  
D702838 Navigation sight carrier for flat screen detector system  
D702830 Portable oral suction device  
D702832 Intravenous line retaining strip  
D702836 Perineal protective device  
D702831 Gas mask with thermal sensor  
D702848 Handheld device  
D702846 Spa shell  
D702840 Ventilator  
D702853 Pill crusher  
D702847 Cold pack  
D702833 IVF microtool holder  
D702355 Patient monitor  
D702342 Finger tip applicator  
D702361 Magnetized elastic bandage  
D702344 Tattoo machine  
D702353 Oxygen concentrating apparatus  
D702357 Electrode patch array  
D702349 Tibial prosthesis  
D702364 Auto-staining cartridge  
D702363 Personal massager  
D702347 Joint for a prosthesis  
D702362 Massage roller  
D702121 Medical instrument cap  
D702358 Medical probe  
D702351 X-ray tube for medical imaging field  
D702354 Medical device  
D702352 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus  
D702350 Bench top X-ray fluorescence (XRF) instrument  
D702356 Electrode patch array  
8689469 Removable spat for a shoe  
A removable spat may be used with a shoe having a sole and an upper. The spat includes a boot portion having a back opening and a front end, and a sleeve connected to the boot portion. The back...
D702341 Facepiece strap support  
D702359 Orthopedic brace  
D702345 Acne pimple popper  
D702346 Haptic end plate for use in an intraocular assembly  
D702343 Fluidic connector  
D702348 Joint for a prosthesis  
D702360 Baby bottle  
D701963 Therapeutic gas delivery device  
D701970 Foot spa  
D701966 Bottle tether  
D701956 Nasal device  
D701972 Storage case for sample plate  
D701971 Disposable laser handpiece  
D701691 Holder for evaluation device used to measure skin hydration and capture images of skin or hair  
D701678 Combination plush toy hat and pacifier holder  
D701968 Foot spa  
D701955 Breast pump