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D702345 Acne pimple popper  
D702346 Haptic end plate for use in an intraocular assembly  
D702343 Fluidic connector  
D702348 Joint for a prosthesis  
D702360 Baby bottle  
D701963 Therapeutic gas delivery device  
D701970 Foot spa  
D701966 Bottle tether  
D701956 Nasal device  
D701972 Storage case for sample plate  
D701971 Disposable laser handpiece  
D701691 Holder for evaluation device used to measure skin hydration and capture images of skin or hair  
D701678 Combination plush toy hat and pacifier holder  
D701968 Foot spa  
D701955 Breast pump  
D701958 Soft tissue anchor  
D701961 Portable imaging device  
D701962 Device to control snoring  
D701959 X-ray apparatus  
D701965 Ultrasound probe  
D701967 Pedicure spa  
D701960 Electromagnetic field apparatus  
D701964 Wireless biosensor module  
D701957 Nasal dilator  
D701969 Foot spa  
D701613 Massage pin  
D701617 Tray for conveying medical vials  
D701612 Therapeutic device for stimulating muscle contraction  
D701616 Magnetic stirrer  
D701615 Swirling apparatus  
D701600 Ear swab  
D701604 Hearing aid  
D701610 Remote controller for portable TENS device  
D701606 Probe for an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus  
D701608 Probe for an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus  
D701602 Squeezing device of X-ray apparatus for medical treatment  
D701614 Massager  
D701603 Connector for endoscope  
D701605 Bed for magnetic resonance tomography diagnosis apparatus  
D701611 Thermal pack  
D701599 Nasal device  
D701607 Magnetic sensor adapter for ultrasonic laparoscope probe  
D701601 Condensate vial of an exhalation module  
D701459 Medical instrument cap  
D701609 Temporary tattoo cover  
D701648 Cosmetic device  
D701310 Magnetic resonance tomography diagnosis apparatus  
D701317 Retinal camera  
D701307 Staple insertion device  
D701302 Voice training aid