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D750267 Non-invasive neurostimulation device  
D750271 Sample transporting apparatus  
D750245 Handle for laparoscopic device with integral rotation wheel  
D750246 Endodontic device  
D750232 Probe holder  
D750227 Feminine hygiene product  
D750272 Sample basin  
D750229 Probe holder  
D750223 Medical injector for ocular injection  
D749749 Fluid flow sinker and a fluid flow sinker assembly  
D749743 Appendage protector  
D749723 Connector  
D749718 Atomizer for inhaler  
D749735 Anastomosis device  
D749717 Suction handle  
D749739 Blood reservoir  
D749741 Control unit for dental handpiece  
D749746 Non-invasive neurostimulation device  
D749738 Toe implant  
D749729 Skin tag tweezer  
D749742 Skin moisture meter  
D749727 Surgical navigation tool  
D749731 Split biopsy needle  
D749381 Tray for cups  
D749726 Surgical instrument shaft with hole pattern  
D749744 Heel protector  
D749734 Anastomosis device  
D749745 Baby bottle  
D749724 Body of disposable safety lancet  
D749740 Fusion bone plate  
D749720 Sanitary pad  
D749725 Handheld uterine manipulator with cervical cup  
D749747 Acupressure tool  
D749719 Injection device  
D749736 Prosthetic device  
D749728 Targeting guide  
D749748 Conductive seal of a biomedical signal recorder with a radio function  
D749730 Blade for ultrasonic surgical instrument  
D749733 Hybrid plasma handpiece  
D749737 Hybrid screw for orthodontic appliance  
D749716 Ear suction device  
D749721 Base for enteral feeding device  
D749722 Connector  
D749732 Cold plasma handpiece  
D749222 Control unit for dental handpiece  
D749229 Shoulder wrap  
D749002 Wristband health tracker  
D749226 Medical rehab lift actuator  
D749207 Sanitary pad  
D749214 Needle introducer catheter