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D790070 Pump for use with compression garments  
D790056 Syringe magnifier  
D790059 Joystick for endoscope operating unit  
D789539 Fusion cage  
D789529 Tip cap for fluid delivery device  
D789534 Pressure measuring apparatus  
D789535 Shaft instrument for shaving tissue  
D789524 Absorbent article substrate with a pattern  
D789540 Orthopedic plate  
D789533 Controller for endoscope  
D789526 Arcuate guide for intravenous tubes  
D789520 Injector barrel and plunger  
D789522 Fluid collection container lid  
D789548 Massager  
D789544 Medical headwall  
D789530 Retractor blade  
D789604 Hair removal device  
D789531 Double band nasal dilator  
D789541 Nasal air purifier  
D789542 Fitness watch  
D789549 Handle for pressure reducing device of ejaculation promotion device  
D789525 Absorbent article substrate with a pattern  
D789517 Inhaler  
D789521 Liquid applicator  
D789523 Absorbent article  
D789222 Probe for photoacoustic measurement device  
D789519 Medicament injection device  
D789515 Ear plug  
D789546 Athletic belt with insert  
D789518 Inhaler base plate with mouthpiece  
D789545 User interface for ultrasound device  
D789514 Injectable tablet  
D789136 Fluid warmer device  
D789536 Ophthalmic surgical manipulator  
D789516 Medical pump  
D789537 Ophthalmic surgical manipulator  
D789543 Insert for arm tucking device  
D789547 Athletic belt  
D789538 Artificial composite neural tissue construct device  
D789532 Control panel for an ultrasonic controller for an endoscope  
D789527 Catheter and connector securement device  
D789528 Autoinjector cap  
D789550 Vial holder  
D788912 Gasket for syringe  
D788933 Massage device  
D788831 Borescope  
D788907 Water flosser base unit with reservoir lid  
D788608 Fitness device  
D788909 Injection device  
D788925 Implant