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D748277 Posture loop  
D748269 Suction ring for a patient interface device  
D748263 Interbody implant  
D748270 Concussion indicator  
D748246 Auto-injector  
D748257 Guiding catheter tip  
D748273 Activity monitor  
D748278 Scar treatment tool  
D748252 Multi-lumen catheter tip  
D748248 Sanitary napkin  
D748243 Auto-injector  
RE45864 Medical dressing  
D748241 Oral delivery product  
D748245 Electronic autoinjector  
D748266 Radiopaque tape  
D748242 Inhaler mouthpiece  
D748274 Nasal alar photoplethysmography probe housing  
D748260 Handle for laparoscopic device with integral rotation wheel  
D748253 Cap for a medicament injection device  
D748267 Filter sheet for a cell collecting cartridge  
D748249 Modular port for containers for clinical application intended for the administration of drugs and feeds  
D748256 Operation-guiding cylinder for intraocular lens implantation device  
D748244 Electronic autoinjector  
D748247 Eyewash device  
D748275 Electrode patch array  
D748258 Clips for surgical purposes  
D748259 Electrosurgical instrument  
D748265 Device for protection against X-rays  
D748280 Shipping container  
D748276 Wound dressing  
D748254 Tunneler  
D748261 Handle for an orthodontic instrument  
D748271 Monitoring device  
D748272 Diagnostic device  
D748240 Oral delivery product  
D747810 Device for cooling or heating  
D747791 Two-tablet capsule  
D747801 Handpiece for skin care device  
D747795 Respirator mask body  
D747808 Orthodontic bracket  
D747812 Scar treatment tool  
D747803 Orthopedic drill guide  
D747799 Cartridge  
D747809 Dental instrument  
D747798 Cell encapsulation device  
D747811 Scar treatment tool  
D747806 Lens-holding and guiding implement for intraocular lens implantation device  
D747797 Injection device  
D747805 Medical device  
D747802 Tunneler