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RE46163 Stimulation Device  
D767423 Compact bioreactor with cart  
D767769 Personal lifestyle monitoring and management device  
D767778 Knee and elbow icer  
D767765 Stand for X-ray digital imaging apparatus  
D767760 Tunneling tool for an implantable monitoring device  
D767771 Toe straightener  
D767758 Laryngoscope  
D767768 Wearable continuous physiological monitoring device  
D767772 Sleeve  
D767780 Multi-edge instrument for treatment of soft tissue  
D767773 Sleeve  
D767754 Resistance and filtration breathing device  
D767774 Wrist brace  
D767767 Folding massage table  
D767777 Hot/cold pack for ankle  
D767756 Medical pump  
D767759 Feminine hygiene mini-dispenser  
D767779 Hot/cold face mask  
D767152 Pacifier  
D767149 Relaxation device  
D767117 Patient interface device  
D767162 Culture dish  
D767151 Adhesive bandage for fingertips  
D767154 Footbath  
D766758 Wristband health tracker  
D767128 Sheath over catheter  
D767136 Orthopedic plate for osteotomies  
D767153 Lip plumping mouthpiece  
D767138 Mammogram marker  
D767131 Laparoscopic visualization device  
D767142 X-ray tube for medical use  
D767143 X-ray tube for medical use  
D767123 Diaper  
D767130 Surgical instrument end portion  
D767159 In vitro diagnostic medical device  
D767127 Needle with dome shaped tip  
D767120 Medical injector  
D767139 X-ray device  
D767147 Milling blank  
D767114 Inhalation device  
D766761 Analytical equipment  
D767150 Probe for ultrasound diagnostic apparatus  
D767137 Intervertebral implant  
D767132 Transparent anal plug  
D767124 Liquid transfer device with integral vial adapter  
D767141 X-ray tube for medical use  
D767145 Finger-clipped oximeter  
D767148 Therapy pillow  
D767161 Culture dish