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D695885 Base unit for breast pump  
D695888 Face mask for administration of gaseous anesthesia  
D695890 Disposable CPAP connector for a patient facemask  
D695903 Skin rejuvenation apparatus  
D695905 Mixing element  
D695902 Heat pack holder  
D695897 Humeral head retractor  
D695900 X-ray marker  
8608720 Absorbent article having an umbilical notch cut  
A disposable absorbent article having a front end edge and a back end edge, wherein the front end edge is formed by a non-linear cut with an umbilical notch, and wherein the front end edge and the...
D695886 Respiratory mask  
D695894 Top sheet for a sanitary napkin  
8609033 Syringe, system and method for delivering oxygen-ozone  
In accordance with at least one exemplary embodiment, a syringe, method and system for delivering a therapeutic amount of ozone are disclosed. An exemplary syringe can have a gas chamber and one or...
D695906 Phial retainer for liquid medicine mixer  
D695895 Absorbent article with a pattern  
D695899 X-ray marker  
D695855 Athletic training device  
D695898 Ultrasound diagnostic equipment  
D695907 Fluid dispenser  
D695896 Medical instrumentation handle  
D695891 Catheter  
D695892 Needle-free syringe  
D695887 Respiratory mask  
D695390 Tracheal cannula  
D695400 Skin treatment applicator  
D695412 Light therapy device  
D695402 Lapidus cut guide  
D695398 Cap for use with one or more medical connectors  
D695389 Face cozy for a continuous positive air pressure ventilation therapy mask  
D695395 Syringe  
D695394 Syringe  
D695397 Cartridge casing for sample collector  
D695409 Portable medical device  
D695411 Teething device  
D695408 Laser system for treatment of the eye  
D695418 Electrophoresis apparatus  
D695399 Skin treatment applicator  
D695364 Rolling exercise device  
D695405 Controller for medical radiography  
D695396 Syringe  
D695416 Container  
D695417 Chamber  
D695401 Laryngoscope  
D695393 Syringe  
D695404 Biopsy device  
D695414 Ejaculation promotion apparatus  
D695413 Massage therapy device  
D695392 Syringe  
D695403 Anal plug  
D695450 Portable pen sized herb vaporizer  
D695415 Blood separation apparatus