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D697619 Dental hygiene tool  
D697623 Sphygmomanometer  
D697609 Earplug  
D697616 Inhaler  
D697613 Earplug  
D697608 Earplug  
D697615 Earplug  
D697625 Desktop diagnostic device  
D697223 Sample card holder  
D697222 Personal massager  
D697216 Adhesive bandage with decorated pad  
D697215 Apparatus for acquisition of facial parameters  
D697205 Autoinjector  
D697196 Condom applicator  
D697221 Apparatus for stimulation of the nervous system  
D697274 Animal teething ring  
D697204 Pump for pharmaceutical and cosmetics products  
D697224 Lid for a tissue transport system  
D697211 Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus  
D697202 Disposable anesthesia face mask  
D697228 Medical instrument holder  
D697217 Arm restraint for a patient  
D696892 Aerosol dispenser  
D697198 Multi-drug delivery system having cartridge  
D697206 Catheter cover  
D697218 Arm restraint for a patient  
D697227 Pipette tip handling device set  
D697209 Sacroiliac joint implant  
D697214 Enclosure for a patient monitor  
D697210 Handheld x-ray analyzer  
D697200 Mobile inhaler device  
D697203 Nasal mask assembly  
D697212 Ultrasonic diagnostic equipment  
D697073 Operator panel for medical apparatus with graphical user interface comprising a set of images  
D697207 Lumen end with blunt tip  
D697208 Dental implant ridge gauge  
D697226 Sample cassette for a diagnostic instrument  
D697213 Ultrasonic diagnostic equipment  
D697199 Respiratory mask  
D697197 Displacer  
D697219 Arm restraint for a patient  
D697220 Massage device  
D697201 Buccal delivery device adaptor  
D697225 Dropper bottle  
D696779 Intraoral device adapter barb assembly  
D696777 Sanitary napkin  
D696776 Sanitary napkin  
D696775 Autoinjector  
D696778 Neck wrinkle removal device  
D696785 Brace