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D810948 Biometric health device for animals  
D810953 Spa shell  
D810954 Spa shell  
D810936 Endoscope sheath with oblique tip  
D810935 Endoscope with oblique tip  
D810924 Breastshield for a breastpump  
D810952 Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or TENS device  
D810956 System including multiple instrument modules and arrangement thereof  
D810604 Strap component for a fluid delivery apparatus  
D810305 Pushcart  
D810278 Injector device  
D810280 Drug applicator with massage head and charging station  
D810284 Adhesive ring for stoma  
D810291 Skin stapler  
D810300 Medical tourniquet  
D810309 Knee brace  
D810084 Mobile scanner  
D810290 Surgical portal driver  
D810314 Stainer  
D810283 Medical injector pen  
D810293 Dental instrument  
D810288 Container holder for liquid dispensing  
D810304 Head support  
D810312 Massaging device  
D810272 Ear plug having piston-like exterior  
D810298 Radiation irradiator for particle beam treatment equipment  
D810306 Patient control  
D810316 Embedder  
D810276 Respiratory mask with removable cover  
D810277 Headgear for patient interface  
D810275 Front face of a headgear for a respiratory mask  
D810281 Housing for a medical injector  
D810311 Butterfly-shaped stimulation system  
D810294 Bone implant  
D810308 Support patch  
D810299 Battery of a powered air purifying respirator  
D810289 Inserter  
D810273 Irrigation/aspiration handpiece  
D810302 Anchor for fixing ligament  
D810296 Medical apparatus for imaging having an ornamentation  
D810274 Respirator  
D810315 Embedder  
D810313 Vibrator  
D810279 Injector device  
D810295 Control box for X-ray imaging apparatus  
D810286 Suction canister mounting bracket  
D810310 Dupuytrens extender splint  
D810285 Rectangular wash basin  
D810282 Medical injector  
D810287 Accessory for venous catheter