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D818124 Dental screw driver  
D818143 Vibrator  
D818133 Top for a fluid container  
D818142 Vibrator  
D818145 Inner core of a head, neck and shoulder therapy device  
D818140 Graceful hook  
D818134 Baby bottle  
D818116 Removal tube  
D818115 Removal tube  
D818136 Baby bottle  
D818146 Medical biochemical analyzer  
D818112 Usage monitoring attachment for a dry powder inhaler  
D818126 Magnetic resonance imaging device  
D818131 Cast  
D818121 Catheter fixation pad  
D818113 Removal tube  
D818123 Dual-end forceps  
D818120 Catheter sleeve  
D818135 Baby bottle  
D818125 X-ray shield  
D818114 Removal tube  
D818129 Sphygmomanometer  
D818118 Introduction aid for a catheter  
D818137 Tray for sterilization and freeze-drying of vials  
D818119 Evacuated drainage bottle  
D818117 Air removal device  
D817760 Magnetic cap  
D818132 Posture correction device  
D818139 Dual-mounted foam roller  
D818130 Hand held relaxation device  
D818144 Vibrator  
D818122 Handle for a surgical instrument  
D817664 Neck cushion  
D818127 Image projector for a medical device  
D817511 Multi-layered sample cassette  
D817485 Support for an infusion line connected to an infusion pump  
D817504 Neck collar  
D817512 Door for a dialysis recharger cabinet  
D817495 MRI head coil adapter  
D817484 Urine collection bag  
D817488 Operating unit of treatment tool for endoscope  
D817479 Medical pump  
D817507 Vibrator  
D817480 Medical pump  
D817477 Dustproof mask  
D817499 Urea level sensor  
D817489 Angle drill guide  
D817492 Dental accessory with tongue suppressor  
D817482 I.V. infusion or blood collection apparatus  
D817483 Anal irrigation catheter adapted for use in an anal irrigation system