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D800913 Detection window for molecular diagnostic device  
RE46580 Enclosure for a peritoneal dialysis device  
D800896 Water flosser tip having a container for treatment tablets  
D800906 Surgical tool  
D800917 Surgical drape  
D800587 Wearable sensor attachment apparatus  
D800915 Reagent receptacle  
D800900 Finger flange for injection device  
D800518 Mortar and pestle set  
D800910 Bite regulator  
D800905 Scalpel handle sheath  
RE46579 Enclosure for a peritoneal dialysis device  
D800895 Face mask cushion  
D800529 Drive handle  
D800916 Sample carrier  
D800904 Surgical stapling instrument  
RE46578 Enclosure for a peritoneal dialysis device  
D800528 Drive handle  
D800902 Abscess drain  
D800907 Surgical tool  
D800328 Spa exterior  
D800312 Sphygmomanometer with wireless communication device  
D800308 Dental implant reusable bite registration post  
D799949 Favored angle screw  
D800334 Carrier for cell culture  
D800326 Support brace  
D800000 Diagnostic analyzer  
D800331 Molecular diagnostic device  
D800321 Electrode  
D800318 Hemodynamic recording system signal input box with smart mount  
D800323 Compression sleeve  
D800329 Massage roller  
D800322 Physical therapy and patient movement apparatus  
D800301 Adult swim diaper  
D800298 Air block for respirator  
D800338 Blood cooling tray  
D800306 Surgical suturing device  
D800309 X-ray apparatus  
D800316 Capsule  
D800310 Electronic vaporizer  
D800121 Optical scanning device  
D800327 Knee pad  
D800311 Sphygmomanometer with wireless communication device  
D800303 Component of injection device  
D800001 Water test strip  
D800332 Blood test kit  
D800314 Eye testing apparatus and equipment  
D800299 Mask  
D800335 Microfluidic chip  
D800317 Oral appliance