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D794190 Insert for drill measurement system  
D794182 Diaper with removable pouches  
D794184 Catheter connector  
D794013 Body-worn portable electronic device  
D794196 Drill with measurement system insert  
D794200 Sticker set for a cardiac acquisition module  
D794210 Sample holding disc and master used in its manufacture  
D794201 Medical device electronic module  
D794188 Stripped screw extractor  
D793572 Electrode plate for plasma processing apparatus  
D793573 Laboratory instrument  
D793557 X-ray imaging device  
D793559 Ablation generator  
D793556 Osteotome blade  
D793570 Heated garment  
D793566 Extended wear electrode patch  
D793562 Single grillz  
D793558 X-ray tube for medical use  
D793563 Single grillz  
D793551 Fluid manifold  
D793565 Wrist device  
D793564 Medical headwall  
D793546 Inhaler  
D793568 Finger splint  
D793553 Tamper resistant/evident indicator for clave/IV needle assembly  
D793575 Pool with a spa  
D793552 Flange extender  
D793550 Catheter clip  
D793561 Crown grillz  
D793555 Wound-packing instrument  
D793547 Autoinjector pen  
D793554 Endoscope video processor  
D793574 Pool with a spa  
D793549 Catheter clip  
D793548 Maxi pad  
D793569 Thermal pack  
D793567 Dressing  
D793571 Vibrator for massage  
D793560 Grillz  
D792982 Pool with a spa  
D792980 Sexual stimulation device  
D792964 Disposable bag with a collar  
D792981 Cartridge container for extraction  
D792976 EKG viewing tool  
D792967 Disposable diaper  
D792968 Connector holder  
D792972 Bipolar electrode  
D792963 Bumper for a medical pump  
D792973 Nasal support device  
D792969 Surgical tool