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D809130 Respirator  
D809149 Knee joint supporter  
D809144 Intelligent heart rate monitor ring  
D809129 Respirator  
D809148 Adhesive tape  
D809152 Disinfection dryer for hearing aid  
D809127 Inhaler refill assembly  
D809128 Nosepiece unit  
D809132 Face mask frame for a respiratory interface  
D809147 Medical equipment accessories and mounts in combination  
D809137 Component of injection device  
D809143 Lateral flow reader  
D809122 Medical apparatus  
D809123 Liquid injection device for medical use  
D809131 Respiratory mask assembly  
D809153 Pill crusher  
D809140 Cell collection device  
D809139 Handle for a medical device  
D809124 Pressurized air delivery console  
D809151 Massage device  
D809134 Infusion pump assembly  
D809126 Airway adapter  
D809133 Oxygen mask assembly with tube tusks  
D809142 Monitor arm for ultrasound diagnostic units  
D809150 Stimulation and massage apparatus  
D809125 Laryngeal mask  
D809041 Surgical robot end effector  
D809146 Frontal sensor device for neural and mental assessment  
D809135 Absorbent article with a pattern  
D808531 Anterior hip extractor  
D808539 Arm, wrist and hand treatment device  
D808533 Medical equipment cart  
D808530 Advanced therapy central power control unit  
D808535 Nutritional adhesive  
D808525 Scan body for dental implant  
D808518 Medicine injector  
D808537 Thumb ring  
D808538 Amethyst heating cushion  
D808517 Wearable autoinjector  
D808526 Abutment for dental implant  
D808520 Absorbent article with a pattern  
D808528 Holder for a brachytherapy device  
D808540 Sample tube rack  
D808524 Femoral implant  
D808536 Adjustable leg sling  
D808534 Body liner for anal leakage  
D808529 Holder for a brachytherapy device  
D808516 Frame for patient interface  
D808522 Latching ends of a polymer ligating clip  
D808521 Bougie