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D805638 Adapter collar for a syringe  
D805647 Teether  
D805641 Handle for a dental instrument  
D805637 Medicine injector  
D805631 Drug delivery device with insertion mechanism button safety  
D805642 Dental implant  
D805651 Flange for a pipette adapter  
D805634 Specimen cup and transfer apparatus  
D805183 Medical pump  
D805204 Hearing aid  
D805185 Suction device  
D805197 Tattooing apparatus  
D805191 Disposable diaper  
D805199 Tattoo tube  
D805201 Interdental brush  
D805212 Pregnancy test device  
D805190 Injector device  
D805195 Tattooing apparatus  
D805207 Therapeutic animal mastication device  
D805196 Tattooing apparatus  
D805186 Injector device  
D805184 Cushion for respiratory mask  
D805192 Ostomy appliance seal  
D805189 Injector device  
D805194 Base for enteral feeding device  
D805209 Electrotherapy device  
D805193 Outlet port for infusion solution bag  
D805203 Hearing aid  
D805187 Injector device  
D805188 Injector device  
D805206 Arm support  
D805202 Interdental brush  
D805208 Medical patch  
D805164 Ferrule  
D805198 Tattooing apparatus  
D805200 Interdental brush  
D805211 Massage tool  
D805210 Massage device  
D805205 Canine and feline tooth sectioning model  
D804681 Instrument module  
D804682 Multi-layered sample cassette  
D804666 Surgical fastener  
D804679 Set of adhesive tapes  
D804678 Oval surgical drape with a retraction member  
D804668 Spinal disc implant with conic protrusions  
D804676 Crutch main body  
D804664 Sharps container lid  
D804667 Absorbent article with a pattern  
D804653 Pressure vessel  
D804663 Introducer hub