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D801530 Dialysis apparatus  
D801546 Box for dental instruments and parts set  
D801517 Ice melting tablet for melting ice and snow  
D801545 Test tube  
D801523 Needle cartridge  
D801534 Optical trial frame  
D801540 Leg orthosis  
D801531 Blood treatment device  
RE46591 Peritoneal dialysis device  
D801521 Roller pump  
D801528 Electrocardiography monitor  
D801525 Controller for a gas feeder for an endoscope  
D801533 Anterior hip extractor  
D801539 Implantable support  
D801541 Thumb immobilizer  
D801526 Rectal obturator  
D801532 Blood treatment device  
D801543 Disposable liner  
D801535 Optical trial frame  
D801519 Peristaltic medical pump  
D801529 Medical instrument for measuring electrocardiogram  
D801518 Pharmaceutical capsule  
D801527 Sphygmomanometer with wireless communication device  
D801537 Support table  
D801524 Needle guard  
D801544 Ice-cream vibrator toy  
D801538 Patient control  
D801522 Fluid transfer assembly  
D801520 Base for nasal interface  
D801542 Strap  
D800897 Medicine injector  
D800899 Enfit connector  
D800914 Status indicator for molecular diagnostic device  
D800584 Sensor sleeve  
D800596 Wearable fitness band  
D800912 Point-of-care diagnostic device  
D800898 Injection device  
RE46577 Enclosure for a peritoneal dialysis device  
D800583 Sensor  
D800479 Therapy mat  
D800909 Dialysis scale  
D800911 Orthopedic boot insert  
D800908 Prosthetic valve element  
D800903 Surgical tool  
D800913 Detection window for molecular diagnostic device  
RE46580 Enclosure for a peritoneal dialysis device  
D800896 Water flosser tip having a container for treatment tablets  
D800906 Surgical tool  
D800917 Surgical drape  
D800587 Wearable sensor attachment apparatus