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D790723 Phototherapy mask  
D790724 Fascia tissue fitness device with two treatment elements  
D790691 Finger flange  
D790687 Injector  
D790717 Cap for a baby bottle  
D790703 Fibula plate  
D790695 Nasal dilator  
D790152 Edible pill pocket for administering medication to animals  
D790706 Prosthetic tissue valve  
D790366 Electronic device  
D790685 Breath capture and sample device  
D790722 Ice pack  
D790701 Handle for a tongue cleaner  
D790683 Pressurized air delivery console  
D790696 Endoscope connector  
D790727 Platform for medical dose preparation  
D790686 Housing for an autoinjector  
D790693 Kinesiology tuning fork  
D790698 Apparatus for loading suture  
D790697 Endoscope with oblique tip  
D790712 Intra-oral device  
D790692 Adapter collar for a syringe  
D790716 Brace  
D790721 Spa shell  
D790711 Feedback system for chest compressions  
D790699 Surgical tool  
D790073 Device for electrical current treatment  
D790072 Cervical collar  
D790063 Oral implant flag  
D790068 Oral appliance  
D789929 Wristband  
D790054 Swivel connector  
D790055 Nasal mask  
D790069 Medical sensor  
D790057 Handle design for catheter Y-hub with dual side ports  
D790062 Interbody bone implant  
D790061 Handle for a dental instrument  
D790066 Radiofrequency and ultrasound treatment apparatus  
D790067 Tube isotropic diffusion phantom  
D790058 Nasal dilator  
D790064 Dental implant  
D790074 Saliva test device  
D789815 Reader of an analyte detection system  
D790060 Curved tissue fastening device  
D790071 Wound dressing  
D790065 Portable medical diagnostic apparatus  
D790070 Pump for use with compression garments  
D790056 Syringe magnifier  
D790059 Joystick for endoscope operating unit  
D789539 Fusion cage