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D796043 Medical imaging apparatus  
D796029 Colostomy appliance  
D796054 Massage vibrator with vacuum suction arrangement  
D796033 Mechanical fastener  
D796025 Training injector  
D796055 Massage vibrator with vacuum suction arrangement  
D796040 Optical forceps  
D795498 Dual head pedicure device  
D795428 Intra-oral scanner handle  
D795432 Plug  
D795437 Disposable polymer-structured filter  
D795420 Tissue transfer apparatus  
D795419 Dental instrument  
D795433 Prosthetic foot cover  
D795423 Handheld microdermabrasion tool  
D795447 Small volume sampling device  
D795434 Knee prosthesis  
D795441 Hygienic support  
D795429 Dental implant tool  
D795448 Burette  
D795427 Ophthalmic surgical manipulator  
D795417 Frame module for patient interface  
D795444 Electronic massager  
D795446 Vibrator  
D795418 Respirator helmet  
D795421 Connector  
D795442 Release liner with adhesive wound closure strip(s) thereon  
D795414 Inhaler  
D795251 Wearable electronic device  
D795426 Lancet  
D795425 Ratchet pawl for thumbwheel actuated stent delivery system  
D795439 Teeth whitening tray  
D795416 Respirator mask  
D795438 Treatment tray  
D795422 Connector  
D795436 Medical X-ray imaging apparatus  
D795431 Dental vibration device  
D795415 Respirator cartridge having an engagement latch  
D795435 Radiotherapeutic device  
D795443 Lip shaping device  
D795430 Interdental cleaner  
D795449 Electrophoresis wedge-well retainer cassette  
D795445 Vibrator  
D795424 Endoscope  
D795440 Dental vibration device  
D794793 Interdental cleaner  
D794805 Health monitoring device with a button  
D794802 Blood glucose meter  
D794809 Back brace  
D794779 Bodily-fluid sampling device