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D791314 Nasal dilator  
D791315 Nasal dilator device  
D791320 Clip for surgical purposes  
D791313 Nasal dilator device  
D791327 Implantable fiducial marker  
D791324 X-ray apparatus  
D791338 Droplet sorter  
D791335 Child seat heating pad  
D791337 Tube rack tool  
D791308 Nasal cannula holding element  
D791339 Fluid flow sinker and a fluid flow sinker assembly  
D791318 Inserter  
D790994 Wristband with fitness monitoring capsule  
D791321 Shaft instrument for shaving tissue  
D791331 Wound dressing  
D791311 Catheter sleeve  
D791325 Implantable fiducial marker  
D791303 Nebulizer compressor  
D791329 Humidifier reservoir lid for positive airway pressure delivery console  
D791323 X-ray apparatus  
D791304 Oxygen mask  
D791309 Holder of a detection device for endoscope  
D791333 Belt  
D791306 Drug delivery pump  
D791307 Antiseptic applicator  
D791322 Trocar  
D790688 Syringe  
D790718 Pedicure spa  
D790690 Holder of a detection device for endoscope  
D790710 X-ray apparatus  
D790713 Ultrasound probe  
D790700 Trocar sheath  
D790707 Intraocular lens  
D790365 Electronic device  
D790720 Spa shell  
D790689 Absorbent article  
D790374 Wristband with fitness monitoring capsule  
D790684 Inhaler base plate  
D790719 Spa shell  
D790705 Prosthetic tissue valve  
D790715 Nutritional adhesive  
D790726 Saliva collection vial  
D790709 Tube anisotropic diffusion phantom  
D790704 Cage for cervical spine  
D790725 Claw support for chromatographic equipment  
D790702 Paranasal implant  
D790376 Measuring instrument  
D790708 Portable ultrasound device  
D790694 Retractor  
D790714 Medical dressing support frame with tab