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D804023 Pen needle inner shield  
D804038 Mobile patient bed  
D804034 Hearing aid  
D804050 Combined polymerase chain reaction multi-well plate and plate of caps  
D804048 Massager  
D804037 Self-ligating orthodontic bracket  
D804035 Hearing aid  
D804024 Rectal retrieval device  
D804051 Support for article with curved base  
D804049 Molecular diagnostic system  
D804014 Suction adapter  
D804044 Orthotic foot brace  
D804053 Needle counter  
D804047 Curved light emitting hands free device  
D804028 Suture retriever  
D804029 Scissor  
D803396 Handle for an endoscopic surgical instrument  
D803395 Male urinary incontinence protection sheath  
D803392 Medicament delivery device  
D803410 Instrument for measuring electrocardiogram  
D803414 Cryostat chuck with identification platform  
D803403 Root part for a dental implant  
D803408 Portable medical freezer cart  
D803391 Medical face mask  
D803399 Endodontic device  
D803389 Removable cover for a respiratory mask  
D803415 Cryostat chuck with identification platform  
D803394 Bone chip collection basket  
D803386 Syringe medical pump  
D803405 Wraparound clasp for embracing maxillary teeth for use in reducing food intake  
D803413 Female pelvic heating pad  
D803387 Syringe medical pump  
D803409 Portable medical freezer cart  
D803398 Skin removal apparatus  
D803077 Lariat necklace accessory for a wearable fitness monitor  
D803404 Oral wraparound clasp for reducing food intake  
D803407 Denture plate  
D803402 Harp wrist plate design  
D803416 Microfluidic cartridge  
D803406 Loop crib  
D803276 Compact chiller and condenser  
D803411 Feeding bottle  
D802893 Ankle sleeve  
D803393 Safety syringe  
D803412 Pedicure spa  
D803388 Collapsible nasal irrigation container  
D803400 Dental tool  
D803401 Three dimensional mastopexy implant  
D803390 Mask for preventing snoring  
D803397 Dental retractor