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D812749 Nasal dilator  
D812755 Fixation plate  
D812759 Optical coherence tomography apparatus for ophthalmology  
D812747 Operating unit of treatment tool for endoscope  
D812745 Dermaplaner  
D812746 Body of operating unit of treatment tool for endoscope  
D812753 Insert for dental instruments  
D812740 Medicament injection device  
D812742 Sanitary napkin  
D812767 Flow cell cartridge  
D812762 Collagen membrane  
D812748 Operating unit of treatment tool for endoscope  
D812751 Interference bone screw  
D812766 Microfluidic chip for use with a fluid perfusion module  
D812238 Headache, neck and shoulder therapy device  
D812224 Blade for a video laryngoscope  
D812240 Wand  
D812225 Dental wrench  
D812242 Microfluidic cartridge  
D812236 Back brace  
D812192 Pressure reducers  
D812219 Water flosser  
D812227 Unitary spinal disc implant with a central core  
D812233 Wearable medical sensor  
D812229 ECG monitoring device  
D812246 Dispenser  
D812234 Stand assistance handle  
D812237 Skin toning device  
D811913 Diagnostic analyzers  
D812226 Heart valve prosthesis  
D812235 Temporary tattoo cover  
D812245 Dispenser module  
D812239 Configurable massage device  
D812221 Breaker for frangible component  
D812223 Finger flange  
D812218 Large volume pump  
D812231 Dental cart system  
D812244 Tube rack  
D812170 Leash cuff for water sports board leash  
D812243 Sample tube rack  
D812230 Dental milling machine  
D812220 Injection device  
D812228 Crown dowel  
D812241 Instrument module  
D812232 Glucose monitoring system  
D812222 Enteral feeding adapter  
D811585 Air removal device  
D811593 Ligation device  
D811581 Resistance breathing device  
D811612 Knee supporter