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D792588 Surgical shield  
D791948 Ear vibrator  
D791944 Drill guide  
D791937 Infusion management and mobility assistance device  
D791958 Miniature lip plumper  
D791951 Amphibious tourniquet  
D791947 Blood sampling pen  
D791956 Electrode  
D791952 Analysis device  
D791955 Housing with interface panel for a pressure source  
D791736 Soundbar  
D791941 Probe handle  
D791957 Wound dressing  
D791961 Foot massaging physiotherapy plate  
D791959 Spa shell  
D791935 Female urinal toilet  
D791964 Shipping container  
D791963 Laser holder for chromatographic equipment  
D791936 Surgical shield device  
D791960 LED infrared skin-treatment device  
D791953 Cap for dental capsules  
D791942 Stethoscope  
D791934 Disposable waste containment receptacle  
D791945 Hand operated reaching device for removing ticks from animals or humans  
D791965 Tray for supporting racks  
D791962 Massage instrument  
D791946 Micro-needle array holder  
D791950 X-ray apparatus  
D791949 Intervertebral implant  
D791931 Medicine inhaler  
D791940 Endoscope connector  
D791938 Enteral feeding connector male component with tethered closure  
D791939 Connector  
D791933 Cosmetic device  
D791954 Support plate  
D791943 Laryngoscope blade  
D791932 Respiration mask with filter holder and parts thereof  
D791340 Temporary instrument holder, sharps protector, passing aid and safety transport apparatus  
D791317 Sheath and endoscope with oblique tips  
D791312 Nasal dilator device  
D791326 Implantable fiducial marker  
D791328 C-shaped neonate incubator  
D791334 Boat shaped pool for spa  
D791305 Laryngeal mask  
D791310 Endoscope connector  
D791319 Hand operated reaching device for removing ticks from animals or humans  
D791336 Ultraviolet treatment apparatus  
D791316 Handle for endoscopic surgical clip applier  
D791332 Wound dressing  
D791330 Probe for ultrasound diagnostic apparatus