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D815750 Tissue cell block  
D815744 Valve frame for a delivery system  
D815745 Intra-oral scanner  
D815738 Electrosurgical pencil  
D815749 Tissue cell block  
D815733 Nozzle for oral waterjet  
D815734 Medicine applicator  
D815753 Pipette tip sheet  
D815727 Device for applying negative pressure to a wound  
D815743 Smart blood pressure monitor  
D815732 Syringe assembly having an integrated safety feature  
D815741 Surgical mesh implant  
D815752 Biochip well  
D815751 Desktop centrifuge  
D815729 Valved connector for medical lines  
D815726 Therapy unit assembly  
D815748 Tissue cell block  
D815739 Suturing device  
D815737 Rectal catheter  
D815742 Radiation irradiator for particle beam treatment equipment  
D815731 Ophthalmologic cassette  
D815740 Cooling device for prevention of oral mucositis  
D815728 Breathing interface assembly  
D815754 Droplet sorter  
D815747 Head and neck support frame of a travel support structure  
D815285 Brachytherapy device  
D815279 Finger flange for injection device  
D815283 Prosthesis  
D815282 Drug delivery device  
D815295 Teether  
D815297 Tissue cell block  
D815273 Automatic speaking valve  
D815296 Tissue cell block  
D815256 Ferrule  
D815278 Valve stopper for syringe  
D815277 Adaptor for positive airway pressure tube  
D815284 Brachytherapy template  
RE46778 Medical dressing  
D815294 Knee pillow  
D815272 Breastshield for a breastpump  
D815281 Cervical interbody fusion device  
D815293 Ultrasound scanner  
D815290 Dental patient guard  
D815298 Hair brush sanitizing unit  
D815275 Sanitary napkin  
D815291 Orthodontic appliance  
D815299 Reagent kit with multiple bottles  
D815276 Absorbent article  
D815287 Incubator for newborn infants  
D815288 Medical apparatus