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D793569 Thermal pack  
D793567 Dressing  
D793571 Vibrator for massage  
D793560 Grillz  
D792982 Pool with a spa  
D792980 Sexual stimulation device  
D792964 Disposable bag with a collar  
D792981 Cartridge container for extraction  
D792976 EKG viewing tool  
D792967 Disposable diaper  
D792968 Connector holder  
D792972 Bipolar electrode  
D792963 Bumper for a medical pump  
D792973 Nasal support device  
D792969 Surgical tool  
D792979 Hand massager  
D792971 Clamp  
D792970 Endoscope video processor  
D792966 Maxi pad  
D792965 Reusable menstrual pad  
D792975 Handle for portable dialysis cabinet  
D792977 Medical dressing  
D792978 Limb supporter  
D792692 Orthotic insert for footwear  
D792974 Equipment cart  
D792585 Sensor for respiratory circuit  
D792589 Nasal dilator  
D792594 Circumferential matrix system  
D792584 Male enteral coupling  
D792602 Cartridge for carrying test panel  
D792582 Absorbent article substrate with a pattern  
D792592 Angled drill  
D792598 Thumb ring  
D792587 Personal hygiene aid part  
D792580 Hangable disposable bag for sutures and other medical waste  
D792583 Absorbent article substrate with a pattern  
D792591 Applicator  
D792579 Intradermal injection device  
D792581 Maxi pad  
D792586 Enteral feeding connector female component  
D792600 Massage tool  
D792597 Wearable continuous physiological monitoring device  
D792596 Digital health monitoring device  
D792590 Cheek retractor device  
D792578 Injector  
D792593 Lead connector header of an implantable pulse generator  
D792599 Pacifier  
D792601 Massage tool  
D792603 Rig for electrophoresis gel casting  
D792595 Automatic support for headrest