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Match Document Document Title
D875263 Base for baby bottle  
D873427 Feeding device  
D872867 Baby bottle safety cover  
D852967 Baby bottle holder  
D844158 Sleeve for baby bottle  
D825066 Surgical arm  
D785807 Bottle sleeve  
D782055 Baby bottle holder for feeding a baby  
D776488 Handle with hook  
D752765 Feeding pouch with holder  
D733898 Bib  
D727513 Feeding bottle holder  
D707834 Baby bottle holder  
D701678 Combination plush toy hat and pacifier holder  
D701966 Bottle tether  
D700971 Baby bottle holder  
D690561 Ring bottle holder  
D690427 Pacifier  
D687953 Pacifier pillow  
D682042 Ring bottle holder  
D679406 Securing device for a teether or pacifier  
D666730 Securing device for a teether or pacifier  
D665860 Hub for a weight training device  
D660440 Double box for pacifiers  
D645969 Securing device for a teether or pacifier  
D640386 Bottle holder  
D635685 Bottle holder  
D633215 Glove for holding a drinking container  
D630758 Baby nursing bottle holder  
D628703 Baby bottle holder  
D626654 Bottle tether  
D625425 Bottle holder  
D623025 Sleeve with bow tie  
D623024 Sleeve with side tabs  
D622552 Sleeve with a bow tie and side tabs  
D612063 Baby bottle holder  
D607115 Baby bottle holder  
D605464 Bottle ring  
D596747 Bottle holder  
D596302 Pacifier cover  
D590950 Collapsible feeding bottle for an infant  
D585558 Baby bottle cover  
D584825 Bottle gripper  
D576735 Petal vent for a baby bottle  
D568483 Crib-mountable pacifier holder  
D559989 Decorative clamp and baby bottle holder  
D552248 Pacifier storage assembly  
D550851 Nipple protector  
D541943 Baby bottle cap holder  
7204468 Elastic article suspension device for an infant  
An article suspension device for infants includes a length of cord having a continuous encircling member at one end for connection to a highchair or stroller or the like. An elastic loop is...
Matches 1 - 50 out of 240 1 2 3 4 5 >