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D873422 Shoulder brace  
D873423 Plate for a body-mountable device  
D873420 Ankle joint  
D873421 Finger shield  
D872285 Lumbar support  
D872286 Compression garment  
D872287 Wound protector for surgery  
D871594 Pediatric sling  
D871595 Orthosis  
D871593 Orthotic support  
D871596 Posture correction device  
D870898 Portable traction device  
D870298 Strap for an orthopedic device  
D870297 Trunk garment  
D869667 Stay for a wrist brace  
D868979 Elbow harness  
D868270 Posture device  
D868268 Finger splint  
D868271 Belt  
D868269 Finger splint  
D866772 Intelligent digital fracture fixed splint  
D866771 Intelligent digital fracture fixed splint  
D865977 Orthosis  
D865978 Back brace  
D865185 Hernia belt  
D865187 Hernia belt  
D865188 Neck traction device  
D865184 Posture brace  
D865186 Hernia belt  
D863568 Knee protector  
D863567 Orthopedic device  
D863696 Dog leg brace  
D863566 Orthopedic device  
D863565 Hernia belt  
D863695 Dog leg brace  
D862712 Nasal splint device  
D861885 Sleeve with seam  
D860466 Waist support  
D859666 Orthopedic brace  
D859668 Back roll spinal brace support  
D859669 Therapeutic device  
D859667 Mask  
D858780 Posture brace with belt holder  
D858779 Neck roll spinal brace support  
D858781 Medical device for finger or toe retention and/or protection  
D857213 Wrist brace  
D855815 Orthosis  
D855814 Orthosis  
D854696 Breast support device  
D854172 Cast