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D861170 Pen device  
D861169 Medical finger clip  
D858775 Blood testing apparatus  
D858774 Adjustable tourniquet  
D857206 Glucose meter  
D855809 Device for locating an artery and gaining percutaneous access thereto  
D855808 Ear clip  
D855186 Windlass  
D853382 Transceiver  
D852190 Transceiver  
D851769 Portion of analyte measurement apparatus  
D851257 Weighing device  
D851255 Pneumatic compression therapy device  
D851256 Medical device electronic module  
D851254 Pneumatic compression therapy device  
D850623 Non-pneumatic surgical tourniquet  
D847344 Engagement shield for a tourniquet cuff  
D842996 Glucose monitoring skin patch  
D831831 Base for medical device electronic module  
D828565 Windlass  
D828566 Windlass  
D828564 Windlass  
D826407 Windlass  
D826408 Windlass  
D824522 Tourniquet  
D824530 Blood collecting device  
D824014 Disposable kit for a dialysis machine  
D823466 Tourniquet  
D822211 Blood glucose meter  
D822212 Connected mini blood glucose meter  
D821601 Diagnostic medical device  
D821583 Device for calculating blood sedimentation rate  
D820988 Biomonitoring sensor system for monitoring body chemistry  
D820989 Blood testing apparatus  
D817499 Urea level sensor  
D817498 Urea level sensor  
D817497 Urea level sensor  
D817500 Urea level sensor  
D816847 Medical device inserter  
D816229 Transmitter unit for a glucose monitoring skin patch  
D816228 Vascular access port stem  
D815730 Apparatus to control fluid flow through a tube  
D815289 Glucose monitor  
D814463 Transceiver  
D812170 Leash cuff for water sports board leash  
D810300 Medical tourniquet  
D809664 Fingertip oximeter  
D808019 Blood testing device  
D808005 Medical device  
D805650 Automated device for biological sample collection and analyte detection