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D863499 Water fountain  
D863509 Handle for a faucet  
D863520 Gas stove  
D863510 Shower controller  
D863503 Faucet stream straightener  
D863500 Filter unit  
D863508 Water faucet  
D863052 Hinged coupling  
D863526 Aroma diffuser  
D863527 Ceiling fan motor housing  
D863501 Fire suppression nozzle  
D863383 Fluid drilling head  
D863528 Fan cover  
D863512 Faucet  
D863516 Vanity  
D863504 Solenoid valve manifold  
D863524 Air purifier  
D863051 Hinged coupling  
D863522 Chilled beam  
D863515 Shower tray  
D862979 Tall base for fuel pump beverage dispenser  
D863258 Remote faucet controller  
D863513 Spout  
D863511 Shower controller  
D863502 Sprinkler  
D863594 Add-on enclosure for outdoor boiler  
D863518 Heater  
D863521 Chilled beam  
D863519 Non-thermostatic tankless water heater cover  
D863523 Chilled beam  
D863517 Toilet  
D863506 Faucet  
D863525 Aroma diffuser  
D863507 Faucet  
D863505 Faucet  
D863514 Faucet  
D862664 Floor drain  
D862646 Gas regulator  
D862653 Lavatory fixture with integrated faucet, soap dispenser, and hand dryer  
D862650 Faucet  
D862660 Faucet handle  
D862673 Air purifier  
D862659 Faucet handle  
D862674 Air purifier  
D862655 Faucet  
D862647 Faucet  
D862657 Faucet handle  
D862656 Valve diaphragm  
D862651 Faucet  
D862665 Shower drain