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D776800 Volatile substance dispenser  
D776795 Tube  
D776794 T-handle for a valve  
D776787 Air-gun spring change accessory  
D776798 Adaptor for a fuel cartridge  
D776792 Faucet  
D776790 Shower faceplate  
D776788 Shower faceplate  
D776801 Heat exchanger tube  
D776791 Check valve with valve seat  
D776799 Air conditioner  
D776793 Rotary valve  
D776786 Degassing/aeration membrane module  
D776789 Shower faceplate  
D776797 Pipe fitting  
D776796 Universal downspout adapter  
D776237 Water purifying filter  
D776242 Faucet stream straightener  
D776246 Drain cover for shower receptor  
D776248 Body for a portable fan  
D776250 Flow grid  
D776240 Constant flowing aerator  
D776244 Pool return fitting housing  
D776239 Beverage tool  
D776238 Straight path distillation head  
D776251 Ceiling fan blade  
D776243 Ball valve  
D776249 Floor register grille  
D776245 Tube fitting  
D776247 Volatile substance dispenser  
D776241 Concealed aerator  
D775720 Fan  
D775721 Flow grid  
RE46260 Tub for bathing  
D775711 Water filter pitcher  
D775715 Outdoor unit for air conditioner  
D775716 Air conditioner  
D775712 Filter housing for use in a microbial water sampler  
D775719 Fan  
D775717 HVAC manifold  
D775713 Infant bathtub  
D775714 Handicap accessible campfire stove and fire pit  
D775718 Filter  
D775316 Outdoor unit for air conditioner  
D775317 Air filter element  
D775321 Ventilation grid  
D775314 Flexible hose with hose connection or hose fittings  
D775312 Garden irrigation needle connector  
D775311 Water filter  
D775318 Ceiling fan with light