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D797902 Faucet  
D797916 Air freshener dispenser  
D797914 Air cleaner in various heights  
D797917 Fan with light  
D797897 Faucet spout  
D797893 Faucet  
D797899 Faucet spout  
D797886 Tower castle fountain  
D797896 Valve trim  
D797910 Toilet  
D797901 Automatic faucet  
D797891 Water spray base for firefighting  
D797904 Fenestrated tip for a spike tap of an irrigation fitting  
D797911 Toilet  
D797912 Air conditioner  
D797913 Portable air conditioning unit  
D797915 Body for a portable air cleaner  
D797888 Water-purifying apparatus  
D797907 Sink top  
D797895 Faucet  
D797908 Portable collapsible toilet  
D797909 Toilet  
D797905 Garden hose  
D797898 Faucet spout  
D797887 Acoustic separation device  
D797906 Floating top and above counter sink  
D797894 Faucet handle  
D797900 Automatic faucet  
D797892 Faucet  
D797890 Misting port apparatus  
D797889 Shower water collector and dispenser  
D797903 Faucet  
D797255 Faucet handle  
D797237 Faucet  
D797274 Combination ceiling fan motor housing, fan blade and bracket  
D797266 Bathtub closure  
D797247 Faucet  
D797257 Faucet spray head  
D797248 Faucet  
D797235 Modular stormwater retention device  
D797269 Outdoor unit for air conditioner  
D797236 Faucet stream straightener  
D797267 Air conditioner  
D797258 Faucet  
D796888 Dispensing kettle  
D797268 Air conditioner  
D797272 Air purifier  
D797271 Humidification spraying fan  
D797242 Faucet  
D797261 Coupler