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D782017 Water fountain and faucet  
D782019 Air purifier  
D782024 Vent clip  
D782010 Expansion valve  
D782004 Flat grip handle  
D782018 Sink  
D782020 Fan  
RE46340 Water closet  
D782003 Sensitive plant sprayer  
D782001 Fuel nozzle bottle  
D782007 Bed plant sprayer  
D782005 Pistol grip handle  
D782012 Valve trim  
D782009 Expansion valve  
D782006 Spray gun for paint  
D782016 Bathtub  
D782002 Basket spray lance  
D781998 Solar powered water mixing device  
D782022 Air mover  
D782013 Spout  
D782015 Article of furniture  
D782011 Locking cover for a valve  
D782023 HVAC angled return air box with a angled throat  
D782021 Fan  
D782025 Combined ceiling fan housing and light kit  
D782008 Bed plant sprayer  
D782000 Filter cap  
D781999 Propane tank holder  
D782014 Article of furniture  
D781398 Sensitive spray lance  
D781408 Coated screen for large particle ash control  
D781402 Drainpipe structure  
D781397 Hanger for a toilet bowl tablet  
D781399 Sprinkler head body  
D781406 Body for a portable fan  
D781403 Gutter protection device  
D781404 Sanitary toilet seat cover  
D781407 Ceiling fan with light fixture  
D781401 Roof drain  
D781405 Toilet tank lid  
D781400 Drain plug  
D781409 Ovate filter cartridge end cap  
D780890 Sensitive plant sprayer  
D780808 Catalyst carrier for exhaust gas purification  
D780902 Ceiling fan  
D780886 Filter housing case for use in a microbial water sampler  
D780884 Small water purification cabinet  
D780899 Portable thermoregulator  
D780893 Universal downspout adapter  
D780895 Dishwashing table