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D787643 Plumbing fitting  
D787635 Shower assembly  
D787642 Faucet  
D787657 Tower humidifier  
D787639 Faucet  
D787654 Sink  
D787650 Connector  
D787651 Hose  
D787633 Toilet rim blocks  
D787636 Liquid pressure-feeding machine  
D787645 Faucet  
D787326 Cap with actuator  
D787658 Combination odor absorber and pest deterrent  
D787647 Hand tightened hydraulic fitting  
D787646 Flush valve diaphragm  
D787653 Grab bar having decorative surface  
D787640 Handle  
D787648 Raintight fitting connector body  
D787631 Flushing systems for water closets  
D787632 Toilet rim blocks  
D787325 Pressurizing sprayer  
D787637 Faucet  
D787630 U-turn acoustic separation device  
D787652 Integrated bathtub and sink  
D787656 Filter for air conditioner  
D787641 Faucet  
D787634 Handshower  
D787655 Hot water boiler  
D787638 Wash basin control element  
D787644 Faucet spout  
D787649 Webless corrugated dual wall foundation drain  
D787020 Mixing tap  
D787025 Drum plug with overcap retainer groove  
D787031 Commode splash guard  
D787022 Lever handle inlaid with semiprecious stones or gems on top with brass base  
D787033 Heat exchanger  
D787041 Gas burner  
D787032 Control panel for a heater  
D787038 Blade iron arm for a ceiling fan  
D787018 Shower assembly  
D787029 Valve seat  
D787017 Shower assembly  
D787034 Oval shaped condenser unit  
D787024 Device for concealing a flange  
D787036 Bucket for dehumidifier  
D787039 Bottom of a fan housing for a ceiling fan  
D787028 Elevator trench drain  
D787023 Device for concealing a flange  
D786935 Filter element  
D787035 Propeller fan