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D885221 Induction flusher  
D885549 Aroma diffuser  
D885531 Gutter guard assembly  
D885550 Air moving device  
D885525 Faucet  
D885521 Handshower  
D885553 Personal fan  
D885541 Convection heater  
D885517 Hydrogen water generator  
D885545 Filter cartridge  
D885523 Adjustable swimming pool automatic shut off fill valve  
D885538 Toilet bowl and cover assembly  
D885518 Water treatment device  
D885547 USB aromatherapy diffuser  
D885522 Combination gas pressure relief valve and safety whistle  
D885539 Bidet  
D885107 Electric kettle  
D885544 Air purifier for vehicle  
D885537 Toilet bowl  
D885546 Filter cartridge  
D885536 Lavatory pan  
D885552 Ceiling fan  
D885554 Novelty fan  
D885108 Electric kettle  
D885529 Gutter guard assembly  
D885551 Ceiling fan  
D884860 Air conditioning apparatus  
D884846 Potty bowl  
D884853 Water closet  
D884866 Filter element  
D884841 Drain hose  
D884864 Air purifier  
D884834 Curved shower bar  
D884844 Apron sink  
D884863 Air purifier  
D884858 Air conditioner indoor unit  
D884869 Ventilation grill  
D884837 Faucet handle  
D884874 Turbo heater blade  
D884830 Portable fuel tank handle  
D884871 Enclosure vent  
D884857 Portable heater  
D884829 Degassing/aeration membrane module  
D884637 Connector for solenoid valves  
D884833 Container  
D884867 Air freshener  
D884843 Flexible hose with tool engagement surface and hose connections/hose fittings  
D884840 Coupling  
D884865 Air filtration device  
D884836 Valve for oil change or the like