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D837942 Faucet  
D837944 Faucet handle  
D837960 Humidifier  
D837935 Showerhead with non-uniform arrangement of spray nozzles of varying sizes  
D837943 Faucet handle  
D837937 Faucet  
D837664 Timer  
D837962 Active substance container for diffusers  
D837946 Faucet  
D837938 Faucet  
D837964 Air mover  
D837950 Drain grease container walled rim  
D837954 Toilet  
D837961 Aromatizer  
D837955 Shower receptor  
D837940 Water faucet  
D837953 Bathtub  
D837941 Faucet, handle and hand-held shower bracket ensemble  
D837933 Bag filler nozzle  
D837951 P-trap with telescoping waste and extension  
D837966 Grille  
D837959 Humidifier  
D837939 Faucet  
D837948 Faucet  
D837936 Refillable hand-held paint sprayer  
D837345 Tub spout  
D837358 Air filter element  
D837354 Air purifier  
D837362 Forked paddle element for an electric fireplace  
D837355 Deduster  
D837356 Catalyst carrier for exhaust gas purification  
D837363 Ceiling fan blade iron  
D837348 Aircraft lavatory cabinet  
D837361 Ceiling fan  
D837346 Pipe connector  
D837357 Catalyst carrier for exhaust gas purification  
D837351 Combined boiler low water cutoff and pump controller bottle  
D837352 Drain pan for heat exchanger  
D837344 Shower head  
D837349 Washstand with drawers equipped with drier  
D837340 Baseball showerhead  
D837360 Misting fan  
D837343 Aerator for taps  
D837359 Inner shield for an HVAC burner  
D837342 Aerator for taps  
D837350 Sink  
D837341 Aerator for taps  
D837353 Air conditioner  
D837347 Rain gutter cover  
D836751 Solar powered fountain