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D815265 Air conditioning apparatus  
D815270 Aroma diffuser  
D815263 Steamhead for steam generator  
D815252 Faucet handle  
D815248 Spray gun liquid containment device  
D815269 Personal air purification unit  
D815258 Rain gutter with transparent bottom  
D815257 Hydraulic set  
D815247 Filter member for filtering irrigation water  
D815256 Ferrule  
D815264 Air conditioner  
D815255 Tub spout  
D815253 Faucet handle  
D815262 Toilet  
D815251 Faucet knob  
D815268 Removable base rail section for a replacement rooftop unit (RTU)  
D815271 Saddle with a strap channel  
D815261 Plate for washbasin  
D815250 Faucet  
D815260 Sink  
D815254 Valve  
D815267 Air conditioner enclosure  
D815266 Air conditioner  
D815259 Sink  
D814612 Truck drain adapter  
D814626 Heat spreader  
D814617 Panel for air conditioner  
D814625 Heat spreader  
D814615 Sink  
D814613 Lavatory  
D814609 Apparatus for dispensing one or more fluids  
D814614 Sink  
D814624 Cover having a wood-grain exterior surface for a floor-mounted air conditioner  
D814623 Air-conditioning outlet  
D814620 Air treatment system filter  
D814622 Combination ceiling fan and light fixture  
D814608 Filter  
D814621 Refrigerator fan  
D814611 Sink drain hair collector  
D814616 Commercial toilet seat with wings and stabilizing members  
D814627 Heat spreader  
D814619 Air treatment device  
D814618 Humidifier  
D814610 Airless sprayer  
D814013 Air outlet panel  
D813658 Hose grip  
D813999 Patio heater  
D813994 Shower control panel  
D814006 Device for producing non-hydrated purified hydrogen peroxide gas  
D814004 Outdoor unit for air conditioner