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RE46532 Fire log with burn channels  
D796639 Faucet handle  
D796629 Fastening piece of sprinkler head  
D796647 Wash basin  
D796662 Termination collar for air duct  
D796638 Faucet  
D796633 Fitment  
D796632 Valve member  
D796641 Faucet handle  
D796650 Sink  
D796245 Water container with filter  
D796661 Vent cover with frame  
D796656 Portable fireplace with base  
D796631 Sprayer part  
RE46531 Proppant vessel base  
D796635 Water shower mixer  
D796654 Heating and cooling unit  
D796637 Faucet  
D796655 Fire pit system  
D796636 Faucet  
D796587 Portable spraying device  
D796649 Wash basin  
D796645 Aircraft interior lavatory  
D796019 Housing for a sleep enhancement diffuser device  
D796011 Manifold for food or ware washing, deglazing and defrosting system  
D796003 Paint spray gun tip  
D795997 Water filter  
D796024 Ceiling fan  
D795994 Floating media biofilter  
D796012 Gasket  
D795996 Water filter  
D796009 Faucet  
D796013 Sealing gland  
D796021 Air filter housing  
D796023 Portable fan  
D796015 Wash basin  
D795995 Water filter  
D795992 Culvert cover  
D796010 Connection for piping  
D796002 Aerator hub and aerator assembly  
D796007 Flow control valve  
D796016 Bathtub  
D796006 Actuated valve  
D796008 Flow control valve  
D796017 Toilet  
D796005 Actuated valve  
D795998 Shower filter  
D796022 Magnetic vent filter  
D796018 Air conditioner  
D795993 Water filter