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D817456 Faucet hub  
D817454 Ball valve  
D817462 Faucet  
D817450 Valve  
D817445 Paint sprayer apparatus  
D817441 Straightening device for jet flow  
D817448 Electromagnetic valve  
D817459 Shower control panel  
D817455 Float for a liquid level switch  
D817449 Valve  
D817439 Modular electrochlorination enclosure  
D816814 Glass shower panel of shower enclosure  
D816800 Spray gun cartridge  
D816825 Fan  
D816809 Spout  
D816818 Shower door and panel  
D816820 Exhaust pipe for water heater  
D816798 Wine filter assembly with transparent container  
D816812 Cover for a drain  
D816817 Hinged wall profile door  
D816826 Windmill ceiling fan  
D816797 Alkaline water ionizer  
D816813 Flexible hose with trap  
D816819 Folding toilet seat  
D816799 Environmental waste water filtering system  
D816827 Air conditioner duet  
D816823 Air diffuser  
D816808 Faucet  
D816807 Faucet  
D816805 Faucet handle  
D816816 Multi-tone hardware assembly for glass shower panels of shower enclosure  
D816806 Faucet  
D816822 Air freshener device  
D816815 Glass shower panel of shower enclosure  
D816802 Faucet  
D816824 Fume hood  
D816803 Faucet  
D816810 Drainage connecting pipe  
D816801 Paint spray gun  
D816811 Pipe joint connection  
D816821 Heat exchanger for an air conditioner  
D816804 Faucet  
D816189 Tray valve  
D816200 Humidifier  
D816188 Tray valve cover  
D816204 Ceiling fan  
D816206 Ventilation grill  
D816201 Air freshener  
D816197 Sink  
D816195 Drainage connecting pipe