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D834683 Wall mounted faucet  
D834690 Gasket locking segment having single spigot tooth  
D834681 Nozzle  
D834654 Portable spraying device  
D834685 Outlet  
D834699 Baseboard heater cover  
D834692 Hot air generator and corresponding support and air diffuser  
D834693 Fragrance dispenser  
D834689 Liquid pipe coupling universal joint  
D834698 Combination ceiling fan and light fixture  
D834686 Shower plate  
D834684 Faucet  
D834691 Baby potty  
D834174 Fan blade and bracket set  
D834145 Bypass valve  
D834155 Gutter cover  
D834168 Dispenser  
D834173 Ceiling fan motor housing  
D834152 Plumbing fitting  
D834167 Dispenser  
D834164 Dehumidifier  
D834163 Air conditioner  
D834149 Side port valve  
D834165 Air purifier  
D834157 Tub  
D834169 Air freshener  
D834154 Hose and connectors  
D834147 Tub filler  
D834146 Solenoid valve  
D834153 Jet regulator  
D834159 Child potty  
D834166 Filter housing  
D834160 Toilet seat reducer  
D834172 Ceiling fan light kit  
D834144 Pistol-style spray head  
D834170 Air freshener  
D834171 Ceiling fan blade iron  
D834151 Hockey style faucet handle  
D833874 Refill bottle  
D834148 Faucet and faucet assembly  
D834150 Ball valve  
D834162 Electrical heater  
D834143 Device for supplying oxygen or other gases to water  
D834161 Heat exchanger  
D834158 Square sink  
D834156 Valve sleeve  
D833580 Faucet handle  
D833574 Lawn sprinkler control unit  
D833303 Electronic tap control box  
D833585 Hose and connectors