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D842449 Grille  
D842429 Shower head  
D842439 Pipe coupling  
D842440 Elbow fitting  
D842438 Coupling  
D842446 Aroma diffuser  
D841788 Portable, handheld induction heater  
D841767 Fountain  
D841768 Fountain  
D841796 Personal fan with lanyard  
D841786 Shower head controller  
D841795 Tower air movement device  
D841777 Shower head kit  
D841789 Column heater  
D841794 Humidifier  
D841787 Toilet  
D841772 Fountain  
D841769 Fountain  
D841783 Air purifier  
D841782 Plug for a pipe coupling  
D841778 Combination faucet of hot water and water  
D841766 Fountain  
D841792 Heating device  
D841776 Filter  
D841765 Fountain  
D841791 Heating device  
D841770 Fountain  
D841775 Household appliance  
D841780 Hand wheel  
D841785 Sink basin  
D841779 Valve insert  
D841784 Toilet seal  
D841790 Heating device  
D841771 Fountain  
D841774 Household appliance  
D841797 Roof vent assembly  
D841781 Hand wheel  
D841793 Grill ornament  
D841773 Containment mat  
D841131 Hydrant enclosure  
D841118 Fountain  
D841124 Sprinkler and coupling  
D841145 Catalyst carrier for exhaust gas purification  
D841133 Sink drain hair collector  
D841139 Roof fan shroud  
D841132 Hydrant enclosure  
D841127 Backpack water spray tank  
D841141 Ember holder  
D841129 Faucet  
D841122 Sprinkler