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D825731 Aroma humidifier  
D825718 Solenoid valve  
D825723 Thermoelectric heat pump  
D825725 Portable heater  
D825717 Solenoid valve  
D825736 Ceiling fan housing  
D825722 Bath tub  
D825050 Combination ceiling fan blade and iron  
D825034 Wall plate  
D825030 Outdoor sprayer  
D825032 Faucet  
D825086 Ceiling fan light kit  
D825052 Ceiling fan motor housing  
D825044 Protective toilet cover  
D825042 Toilet  
D825045 Vertical air conditioner  
D825040 Bathtub entry device  
D825048 Portable fan  
D825035 Faucet  
D825036 Faucet handle  
D825029 Filtration element  
D825043 Toilet  
D825041 Toilet  
D825037 Bathtub  
D825027 Water purifier  
D825047 Ozone generator  
D825028 Dispenser of hygienic products for cleaning toilet  
D825033 Faucet  
D825049 Floor register screen  
D825051 Ceiling fan motor housing  
D825039 Sink  
D825038 Sink  
D825031 Faucet  
D825046 Air treatment system  
D824502 Air conditioner  
D824491 Nozzle  
D824486 Water spraying gun  
D824504 Removable top for a portable vaporizer  
D824505 Air treatment system filter  
D824496 Urinal screen  
D824495 Urinal screen  
D824506 Filter holder  
D824508 Ceiling fan blade  
D824503 Air conditioning apparatus  
D824493 Faucet  
D824499 Air-conditioning unit  
D824488 Nozzle  
D824507 Ceiling fan motor housing  
D824492 Spray head  
D824498 Securable cover preventing utilization of a water closet