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D787036 Bucket for dehumidifier  
D787039 Bottom of a fan housing for a ceiling fan  
D787028 Elevator trench drain  
D787023 Device for concealing a flange  
D786935 Filter element  
D787035 Propeller fan  
D787016 Shower assembly  
D787019 Mixing tap  
D787037 Fan  
D787030 Infant bathtub  
D787021 Lever handle inlaid with semiprecious stones or gems on top with brass base  
D787027 Flexible hose with tool engagement surface and hose connections/hose fittings  
D787040 Medallion for a blade iron of a ceiling fan  
D787026 Plastic pipe insertion stop  
D786418 Fan filter unit  
D786406 Wash basin control element  
D786395 Gas cylinder cap  
D786419 Baffle for fume hoods  
D786411 Flatpack gutter pack  
D786403 Faucet  
D786400 Flow regulator  
D786401 Liquid sprayer  
D786416 Evaporator rough-in box  
D785990 Woodbox cabinet  
D786408 Sensor assembly for touch-free water-control apparatus  
D786417 Fan filter unit  
D786410 Flatpack downspout  
D786407 Faucet handle  
D786399 Filter housing  
D786077 Lubricant container  
D786404 Faucet  
D786413 Air processor  
D786415 Dehumidifier  
D786409 Faucet  
D786405 Faucet  
D786398 Gas cylinder neck  
D786414 Dehumidifier  
D786402 Spray gun trigger  
D786397 Gas cylinder cap  
D786412 Bidet  
D786394 Gas cylinder cap  
D786396 Gas cylinder cap  
D785772 Air shroud assembly  
D785751 Toilet  
D785771 Air shroud  
D785770 Bathing machine  
D785750 Handle end of filter cartridge  
D785759 Lavatory fixtures  
D785764 Escutcheon  
D785774 Water tank of dehumidifier