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D793972 Wafer carrier with a 31-pocket configuration  
D794169 Shower receptor  
D794173 Bucket for dehumidifier  
D794162 Paint sprayer  
D794082 Filter element  
D794174 Air cleaner  
D794161 Floating matter remover  
D794164 Fluid pressure cylinder  
D794170 Body for a portable heater  
D794100 Aftertreatment system housing  
D794165 Pipe fitment  
D794171 Outdoor heater  
D794167 Bath tub  
D794163 Valve  
D794168 Bath tub  
D794228 Warmer  
D793540 Fascia gutter  
D793525 Filter cap  
D793522 Filter assembly  
D793527 Faucet spout  
D793545 High surface area ash removal screen  
D793530 Lid for spray gun cup  
D793528 Sprinkler head protector  
D793539 Faucet spout  
D793521 Filter cartridge  
D793534 Faucet  
D793542 Panel of air conditioner  
D793533 Faucet  
D793538 Faucet handle  
D793535 Faucet  
D793544 Air filter  
D793531 Spray gun cup receptacle  
D793532 Faucet  
D793453 Filter element  
D793523 Filter assembly  
D793529 Handshower  
D793541 Sink  
D793524 Filter system with timestrip  
D793537 Faucet handle  
D793520 Filter cartridge  
D793526 Showerhead for a semiconductor processing chamber  
D793536 Faucet handle  
D793543 Device for monitoring air quality  
D792940 Filter cartridge  
D792943 Filter unit  
D792941 Filter cartridge  
D792953 Toilet  
D792954 Shower base  
D792945 Sprinkler gun  
D792957 Vaporizing device outer lid and basket assembly