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D788884 Mixing tap  
D788881 Faucet stream straightener  
D788888 Grate  
D788878 Floating water ionizer  
D788897 Portable air cleaning humidifier  
D788896 Air conditioner  
D788762 Stand for wrist-worn electronic device  
D788886 Plumbing fitting  
D788902 Roof vent assembly  
D788882 Broadcast hood  
D788900 Censer  
D788901 Scent dispenser  
D788880 Filter unit  
D788890 Coupling  
D788893 Toilet seat height adjuster  
D788879 Water filter  
D788898 Air purifier  
D788904 Vent assembly for a grain bin  
D788894 Air conditioner  
D788899 Fragrance diffuser bulb  
D788889 Circular grate  
D788883 Pressure relief valve for use with concrete pumping system  
D788891 Shaft for connecting to a degas coupler  
D788885 Faucet  
D788877 Water ionizer  
D788887 Hydrant enclosure  
D788892 Toilet seat  
D788895 Air conditioner  
D788285 Air freshener  
D788286 Ceiling fan housing with light fixture  
D788273 Wash basin  
D788271 Shaft coupling hub  
D788284 Ceiling fan  
D788260 Toilet rim blocks  
D788267 Control panel for a heater  
D788264 Faucet stream straightener  
D788279 Dehumidifier  
D788265 Faucet spout  
D788272 Meter adapter  
D788269 Faucet  
D787937 Protective cap  
D788278 Dehumidifier  
D788258 Toilet rim blocks  
D788274 Gripping cover for grab bar  
D788266 Ejector valve  
D788262 Toilet rim blocks  
D788270 Faucet handle  
D788259 Toilet rim blocks  
D788257 Toilet rim blocks  
D788268 Rotary valve