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D804627 Vent hood  
D804631 Ceiling fan  
D804615 Faucet  
D804626 Drop-in, modular diffuser  
D804648 Ceiling fan blade  
D804636 Ceiling fan  
D804624 Regulator for a heating installation  
D804611 Shower head  
D804613 Spray gun nozzle  
D804617 Plumbing device  
D804632 Ceiling fan  
D804645 Ceiling fan cage  
D804614 Adaptor for securing liquid containment device to spray gun  
D804637 Ceiling fan  
D804644 Grille  
D804610 Bioreactor for treating biodegradable corn wastewaters  
D804619 Hose fitting  
D804621 Lavatory basin  
D804609 Hood for preventing the discharge of debris from a wastewater collection basin  
D804640 Ceiling fan  
D804010 Ceiling fan  
D804009 Retractable downdraft  
D804004 Air filter element  
D803987 Faucet  
D803989 Faucet  
D804005 Powered air purifying respirator filter with diamond pattern  
D803995 Fascia gutter  
D803997 Toilet riser support  
D803999 Freestanding stove  
RE46613 Proppant vessel  
D803984 Spray gun for a pressure washer  
D803993 Connection component  
D803996 Lavatory basin  
D803986 Faucet  
D803992 Cover for a drain  
D803982 Airless paint sprayer  
D804003 Automotive air purifier  
D803990 Faucet handle  
D803981 Handheld spray nozzle  
D804001 Heater  
D803988 Faucet  
D803985 Ball valve with integral elbow  
D803994 Joint for pipes  
D803983 Airless paint sprayer  
D804002 Air purifier  
D803980 Water filter  
D804006 Air freshener  
D804008 Retractable downdraft  
D803991 Faucet  
D804011 Ceiling fan