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D804008 Retractable downdraft  
D803991 Faucet  
D804011 Ceiling fan  
D804000 Outdoor unit for air conditioner  
D803998 Heating apparatus  
D804007 Air circulator  
D803371 Air freshener holder  
D803384 Ceiling fan motor housing  
D803361 Faucet spray head  
D803354 Spray gun  
D803360 Faucet  
D803358 Faucet assembly  
D803373 Aroma diffuser  
D803352 Handshower  
D803355 Handguard for spray gun  
D803385 Ceiling fan blade and fan blade bracket combination  
D803363 Radiant heater  
D803372 Diffusing evaporator for active substances  
D803383 Water misting fan  
D803382 Fan  
D803349 Filter unit  
D803359 Faucet assembly  
D803378 Propeller fan  
D803376 Air freshener  
D803367 Grid barbs  
D803366 Cooling device  
D803375 Aromatherapy diffuser  
D803381 Fan  
D803284 Fluid applicator  
D803350 Shower head  
D803369 Air purifier with humidifier  
D803374 Scent cartridge  
D803368 Air purifier  
D803356 Mixing tap  
D803380 Ceiling fan  
D803353 Spray gun  
D803364 Electric fireplace  
D803357 Mixing tap  
D803351 Nozzle for a showerhead  
D803362 Reinforcing collar for pipe fitting  
D803370 Air freshener holder with open back  
D803365 Air conditioner  
D803379 Ceiling fan  
D803377 Air freshener  
D802714 Dispenser  
D802725 Air treatment system  
D802724 Wash basin  
D802721 Valve  
D802731 Chimney pot  
D802737 Fan