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D693442 Water diverting valley cap  
D692986 Faucet  
D692988 Faucet  
D692981 Combined shroud and handle for a gas cylinder  
D692978 Tank saddle  
D692979 Gas cylinder cap with lever  
D692982 Single-step snow-making gun  
D692993 Two part housing  
D692985 Electromagnetic valve  
D692987 Faucet  
D692992 Shower pan  
D692983 Expansion valve  
D692984 Electromagnetic valve  
D692996 Axial flow fan  
D692990 Spout  
8573258 Faucet  
A faucet has a hollow main body. The main body has a mounting section, an extending section, at least one inlet and a passage. The mounting section has a top and a bottom. The extending section is...
D692991 Spout  
8573257 Outlet of a spigot  
An outlet of a spigot has a bottom seat, a neck, a head and a flow passage. The bottom seat has a bottom face. The neck is formed on and protrudes upward from the bottom seat. The head is formed on...
D692994 Hollow fiber membrane for a filter  
D692989 Faucet  
D692995 Odor eliminating apparatus for toilets and the like  
D692980 Gas cylinder cap  
D692529 Dynamic diffusor  
8567268 Environmental testing device  
An environmental testing device includes a humidity control module, a temperature control module; and an air circulation module. The air circulation module includes an enclosure and a fan received...
D692534 Fluid distribution equipment  
D692536 Mixer tap  
D692551 Aroma-diffusing apparatus  
D692545 Atomizer  
D692532 Spray gun  
D692548 Aroma-diffusing apparatus  
D692524 Device for water treatment  
D692541 Toilet seat with bidet  
D692525 Water purifier  
D692537 Wall-mounted faucet  
D692539 Faucet  
D692527 Shower faceplate  
D692533 Expansion valve  
D692530 Paint spray gun cup  
D692538 Faucet  
D692549 Aroma-diffusing apparatus  
D692543 Multi-pocket bag filter  
D692547 Aroma-diffusing apparatus  
D692546 Faceplate for a volatile material dispenser  
D692544 Nozzle for atomizer  
D692542 Furnace cabinet panel  
D692540 Faucet spout  
D692550 Aroma-diffusing apparatus  
D692531 Spray gun  
D692528 Six-step snow-making gun  
D692523 Tank for use with portable apparatus for excrement disposal