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D705409 Air conditioner  
D705394 Spray gun  
D705391 Degassing aeration membrane module  
D705390 Degassing aeration membrane module  
D705395 Idle air control valve for a motorcycle  
D705393 Showerhead  
D705397 Faucet  
D705405 Toilet unit  
D705411 Air filter  
D705403 Shower enclosure and portions thereof  
D705389 Concrete waterfall  
D705418 Static roof ventilator  
D705415 Bladeless fan  
D705401 Shower control  
D705400 Faucet handle  
D705398 Sink mixer  
D705396 Valve assembly  
D705420 Airflow adapter assembly  
8730024 Universal removable fuel tank indicator  
A removable fuel tank indicator having a housing, wherein the housing is removable and universal to all automobiles and wherein the housing attaches to an automobile connection point located within...
D705388 Concrete waterfall  
D705413 Air freshener  
D704809 Faucet with sensor  
D704798 Flow-through applicator  
D704805 Faucet handle  
D704822 Ceiling fan motor housing, fan blade bracket and light kit assembly  
D704810 Faucet with sensor  
D704813 Dispenser  
D704803 Faucet with sensor  
D704800 Showerhead  
D704799 Adjustable steam nozzle  
D704816 Roof vent guard  
D704821 Ceiling fan motor housing with light kit  
D704801 Garden sprayer  
D704802 Faucet  
D704812 Protective cage cover for an air conditioning unit  
D704818 Bracket for mounting a ceiling fan  
D704807 Waterspout  
D704817 Roof vent guard  
D704815 Roof vent guard  
D704808 Wideset spout  
D704806 Faucet spout  
D704811 Pipe connector  
D704819 Ceiling fan motor housing with light kit  
D704814 Exhaustion panel for a clean room  
D704820 Fan blade bracket  
D704804 Faucet assembly  
D704307 Valve housing  
D704302 Piercing valve stem assembly  
D704319 Movable air conditioner  
D704323 Stator