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D715404 Non-return valve  
D715417 Performance enhancing air filtration device  
D715410 Roof drain  
D715401 Fluid applicator  
D715408 Faucet spout  
D715414 Sink  
D715418 Combined ceiling fan and light kit  
D715399 Fluid applicator  
D715411 Gasket for mounting on vehicle to provide seal with hood or trunk lid  
D715407 Sprinkler control rod cover  
D715405 Overflow  
D715406 Faucet  
D715415 Sink  
D715416 Plastic baseboard heater device  
D715419 Ceiling fan  
D715402 Fluid cylinder handling ring  
D715145 Mouth for storage bag  
D715403 Fluid cylinder valve assembly  
D715420 Light-socket ceiling fan  
D714928 Air-conditioning outlet  
D714901 Fluid filter housing  
D714922 Vaporizer  
D714916 Sink mixer  
D714902 Fluid applicator  
D714924 Air freshening ornament  
D714921 Sauna heater  
D714913 Handle  
D714923 Air purifier  
D714909 Stabilized connector with integrated block valve  
D714925 Combined ceiling fan and light kit  
D714918 Portable hand-washing station  
D714903 Fluid applicator  
D714692 Transportable liquid waste processing tank  
D714691 Transportable liquid waste processing tank  
D714906 Fluid applicator  
D714899 Water drum  
D714910 Valve assembly  
D714926 Ball joint  
8851022 Water heating system and method for using the same  
A water heating system includes a housing that defines a substantially enclosed interior region. A control panel is attached to the housing and includes a display that displays a particular...
D714917 Waxless urinal gasket  
D714904 Fluid applicator  
D714907 Fluid applicator  
D714900 Portable fluid dispenser  
D714915 Shower valve  
D714905 Fluid applicator  
D714911 Faucet set  
D714914 Faucet handle  
D714927 Air conditioning unit  
D714898 Battery operated ultra-low volume fogging and misting unit  
D714920 Plumbing fixture