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D700296 Valve and temperature control  
D699820 Frame  
D699821 Shim  
D699816 Stream straightener for faucet  
D699815 Expansion valve  
D699822 Frame  
D699834 Fan grill  
D699827 Air conditioner  
D699829 Fragrance emitting device for use with a smart phone  
D699825 Air conditioner  
D699824 Sink facade  
D699819 Drain funnel  
D699830 Novelty fan  
D699823 Basin  
D699818 Wideset spout  
D699814 Trigger sprayer  
D699832 Personal fan  
D699828 Air conditioner  
D699817 Shower control  
D699833 Fireplace sound generation device  
D699826 Air conditioner  
D699813 Storage tank  
D699835 Impeller  
D699831 Hood  
D699319 Shower head for laboratories  
D699337 Fan blade bracket  
D699325 Shower fixture  
D699336 Desk fan  
D699326 Valve lockout device  
D699322 Valve cover  
D699320 Compound nozzle  
D699329 Sink facade  
D699332 Movable air conditioner  
D699328 Peripheral sealing gland for elongate objects passing through a surface or beyond a pipe end  
D699339 Ceiling fan light kit  
D699338 Fan blade bracket  
D699327 Triangular plate  
D699335 Air freshener for cars  
D699323 Electromagnetic valve  
D699318 Fog machine  
D699330 Sink  
D699321 Sprinkler head  
D699331 Raised toilet seat  
D699334 Air freshener  
D699324 Faucets  
D699333 Concrete fire ring  
D698905 Sink  
D698900 Electromagnetic valve  
D698896 U-shaped shower apparatus  
D698901 Electromagnetic valve