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D709591 Fluid moving device  
D709604 Wall mounted split room air conditioner  
D709594 Tap  
D709607 Combined ceiling fan motor housing and fan blade bracket  
D709600 Gripping cover for grab bar  
D709605 Air purification device  
D709171 Air conditioner  
D709174 Roof jack  
D709173 Roof jack  
D709164 Nozzle for a manually operated spray tank  
D709176 Ash collector for a stove  
D709175 Ceiling fan hub  
D709167 Sink mixer  
D709163 Gas cylinder cap  
Plumbing fastener
D709166 Faucet  
D709172 Air freshener  
D709170 Air conditioner  
D709165 Fluid applicator  
D708711 Faucet  
D708712 Faucet  
D708724 Air conditioner  
D708708 Check valve  
D708713 Faucet  
D708707 Electromagnetic valve  
D708714 Faucet  
D708698 Fluid applicator  
D708718 Faucet  
D708701 Fluid applicator  
D708704 Handshower  
D708716 Faucet  
D708721 Sink  
D708717 Faucet  
D708729 Filter frame  
D708710 Faucet  
D708723 Protective toilet cover  
D708726 Dispenser housing  
D708719 Toilet  
D708702 Sprinkler apparatus  
D708728 Air cleaner  
D708730 Blower  
D708705 Wall mounted shower panel set with slide bar  
D708725 Air conditioner  
D708731 Blower  
D708700 Fluid applicator  
D708706 Rotational valve assembly  
D708703 Handheld hygienic sprayer  
D708732 Grille/register takeoff  
D708699 Fluid applicator  
D708720 Toilet