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D754818 Expansion valve  
D754828 Fitting for a faucet  
D754817 Valve body  
D754836 Ceiling fan with light  
D754839 Outlet of air conditioning for aircraft  
D754826 Faucet spout  
D754816 Air release valve  
D754813 Mobile water purifier system  
D754835 Centrifugal fan  
D754833 Aromatherapy nebulizer  
D754812 Handle and clamp assembly for sprayer tank  
D754825 Faucet body  
D754834 Portable scent dispenser  
D754830 Air conditioner  
D754824 Shower valve  
D754837 Air deflector for ceiling air conditioner  
D754822 Shower valve  
D754811 Well cover head with bark-like exterior  
D754831 Dehumidifier  
D754829 Drain cover  
D754832 Ultrasonic humidification generation module  
D754815 Showerhead  
D754823 Faucet handle  
D754819 Valve with actuator  
D754814 Dispenser  
D754315 Filter  
D754318 Fan  
D754312 Apparatus for producing advanced oxidation products  
D754283 Shower faceplate  
D754298 Faucet  
D754319 Ceiling fan with light  
D754292 Valve actuator  
D754286 Paint spray gun  
D754305 Oval shower drain  
D754300 Faucet body  
D754299 Faucet handle  
D754304 Filter cap  
D754284 Sprinkler  
D753953 Beverage treatment wand  
D754301 Faucet sprayhead  
D754290 Valve assembly  
D754295 Faucet  
D754309 Patio heater  
D754296 Faucet  
D754313 Apparatus for producing advanced oxidation products  
D754321 Ceiling fan with light  
D754282 Flow regulator  
D753952 Beverage treatment device  
D754288 Shower bar  
D754308 Composite sealing material