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D717934 Multi-rotor ceiling fan  
D717399 Faucet cartridge  
D717401 Faucet  
D717397 Water purification cartridge  
D717418 Bow front fireplace insert  
D717402 Faucet  
D717405 Sleeve with inner downwardly extending inner member  
D717416 Infrared gas heater  
D717410 Fusible branch saddle  
D717406 Backwash fitting  
D717403 Faucet  
D717407 Temporary removable pipe plug  
D717414 Door for a shower cubicle  
D717412 Toilet  
D717415 Heater housing  
D717421 Air freshener  
D717404 Valve shroud  
D717409 Coupling device  
D717422 Chip and coolant extraction duct member  
D717396 Water purification cartridge  
D717419 Air conditioner  
D717395 Filter element cap  
D717400 Faucet  
D717408 Plumbing fastener  
D717417 Bow front fireplace insert  
D717398 Faucet cartridge  
D717411 Sink  
D717413 Shaver step  
D717420 Air filter element with lid  
D716916 Valved connector assembly  
D716921 Sink  
D716934 One-piece fan housing  
D716927 Victorian fireplace  
D716928 Dispenser holder with decorative plate  
D716914 Bathroom faucet attachment  
D716915 High pressure fuel pipe for engines  
D716926 Body for a portable heater  
D716932 Fan blade cover  
D716919 Step potty  
D716924 Water-cooled cooling apparatus integrated to load devices  
D716929 Air freshener  
D716908 Funnel  
D716910 Square shower hose  
D716922 Sink  
D716923 Sink  
D716930 Air freshener case  
D716931 Containerized rotary kiln dryer module  
D716911 Water-flow regulator  
D716912 Three way head  
D716925 Air shroud