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D708313 Window fan  
D707794 Shower and speaker assembly  
D707792 Housing for a water vapor distillation apparatus  
D707793 Showerhead  
D707797 Seal segment  
D707806 Air freshener housing  
D707795 Check valve  
D707798 Slender faucet  
D707796 Faucet temperature sensor and display  
D707808 Ceiling fan  
D707801 Raised claw foot tub  
D707804 Handheld, inline induction heater  
D707800 Faucet  
D707790 Device for dispensing purified water  
D707799 Faucet  
D707809 Fan blade iron  
D707807 Combined ceiling fan and light kit  
D707805 Portion of an air freshener housing  
D707791 Device for dispensing purified water  
D707803 Pottie  
D707802 Sink  
D707330 Handshower  
D707348 Fan blade iron  
D707332 Seal assembly  
D707341 Air grille  
D707347 Fan blade iron  
D707346 Fan blade iron  
D707334 Hose connector  
D707340 Combined ceiling fan and light kit  
D707335 Apparatus for the disposal of human remains  
D707333 Handle  
D707339 Air freshener  
D707337 Convertible humidifier  
D707329 Shower faceplate  
D707331 Handshower  
D707345 Fan blade iron  
D707342 Campfire protection screen  
D707344 Ceiling fan motor housing  
D707328 Showerhead  
D707336 Ceiling fan  
D707338 Evaporative humidifier  
D707343 Ceiling fan motor housing  
D706913 Shower tray  
D706916 Ventilation fan  
D706908 Gasket  
D706906 Faucet body  
D706909 Secondary seal closure component for reconditioned drums  
D706905 Wideset valve  
D706920 Ceiling fan motor housing  
D706914 Air conditioner