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D768831 Heating device  
D768827 Bath mixer concealed  
D768842 Fan  
D768824 Lavatory fixture with integrated faucet, soap dispenser, and hand dryer  
D768840 Fan  
D768830 Shower unit  
D768825 Faucet control unit  
D768826 PBV  
D768813 Water purifying filter  
D768837 Personal diffuser holding device  
D768834 Air freshener housing  
D768818 Spray head  
D768814 Water purifying filter  
D768832 Heating device  
D768836 Plug-in air purifier  
D768809 Container for water and oxygenated misting  
D768835 Air freshener device  
D768843 Catch basin cover  
D768473 Mandrel  
D768820 Paint spray gun with pattern  
D768838 Cooling fan  
D768844 Catalyst basket  
D768815 Sprinkler head cover  
D768839 Fan  
D768816 Ceiling sprinkler cover  
RE46176 Water closet  
D768817 Spray head  
D768819 Spray head  
D768263 Spray gun  
D768262 Nozzle  
D768268 Faucet  
D768278 Bottle shaped potpourri cage  
D768282 Structural support for solar envelope and solar collector  
D768265 Fluid control valve actuator  
D768269 Sink  
D768272 Air conditioner  
D768279 Bird potpourri cage  
D768275 Air conditioner  
D768273 Air conditioner  
D768276 Front panel for air conditioner  
D768260 Snow making machine  
D768261 Shipping and storage container  
D768264 Apparatus for preventing fluid gas explosion and cleaning and sterilizing fluid supplying line  
D768267 Lavatory fixtures  
D768266 Combined housing and lever for a gas cylinder valve  
D768274 Air conditioner  
D768281 Fan  
D768271 Air conditioner  
D768280 Fan  
D768277 Filter cartridge for air cleaner