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D732150 Toilet bowl incorporating bidets  
D732139 Watering can  
D732143 Valve assembly  
D732154 Vaporizer for tobacco, medications, and the like  
D732142 Cooling nozzle  
D732147 Gutter outlet  
D732155 Shroud cover component for a temperature control system  
D732146 Drainage pit  
D732148 Flexible bushing  
D732140 Low pressure, low flow stream straightener  
D732153 Air filter  
D732156 Exhaust fan muffler  
D732152 Particulate filter  
D732157 Fan assembly  
D731625 Seal cap  
D731627 Fluid connector  
D731620 Fluid manifold  
D731626 Terminal component for connecting pipe  
D731617 Water bottle filter  
D731622 Faucet handle  
D731619 Filter housing  
D731632 Compact dehumidifier  
D731618 Water filter  
D731621 Valve housing  
D731630 Shower pan  
D731634 Aerosol filter and extraction cap  
D731616 Water filter cartridge  
D731633 Air purifier  
D731635 Perfume diffuser  
D731628 Fluid connector  
D731629 System of hair washing sinks  
D731624 Dual-purpose fountain  
D731623 Basin mixer handle  
D731631 Easy reach toilet seat  
D731615 Housing for a water vapor distillation apparatus  
D731636 Spider firepit grate  
D730687 Frothing nozzle  
D731026 Handshower  
D731030 Sewage drain tube cap  
D731028 Module  
D731040 Urinal  
D731041 Urinal  
D731033 Flexible hose with hose connection or hose fittings  
D731035 Delta ring seal for ball valve seat  
D731027 Knapsack sprayer  
D731038 Shampoo sink with chair  
D731029 Faucet handle  
D731044 Control element  
D730872 Showerhead audio speaker  
D731043 Control panels for toilets and/or urinals