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D712515 Faucet assembly  
D712510 Showerhead  
D712509 Showerhead  
D712527 Grab bar having decorative surface  
D712529 Trap element of toilet base  
D712520 Wall-mounted faucet spout  
D712524 Portable potty chair  
D712514 Faucet  
D712015 Pipe connector  
D712010 Expansion valve  
D712016 Toilet  
D712013 Wear sleeve  
D712011 Sanitary faucet  
D712017 Soapstone shower floor  
D712022 Air freshener  
D712008 Key for a water filter assembly  
D712012 Two hole faucet  
D712019 Adapter plate for raised toilet seat assembly  
D712021 Dry type economizer  
D712014 Fluid connector  
D712020 Toilet seat lifting handle  
D712009 Fluidic nozzle insert  
D712023 Ventilator blade  
D712018 Granite counter system  
D712007 Filter for liquid  
D711507 Wolf water sprinkler  
D711514 Dual flush handle  
D711512 Valve handle  
D711525 Air freshener  
D711520 Toilet tank lid  
D711502 Filter cartridge with pre-filtration wrap retention through the use of ultrasonic scribing  
D711518 Toilet assembly  
D711517 Bath  
D711522 Angle-adjustable aroma diffusing apparatus  
D711521 Skull on dog tag shaped air freshener  
D711500 Filter for a machine for preparing drinks  
D711524 Angle-adjustable aroma diffusing apparatus  
D711501 Filter cover  
D711508 Liquid pressure-feeding machine  
D711504 Drop filter funnel portion  
D711509 Aeration butterfly valve  
D711513 Dual flush handle  
D711519 Decorative cover for a lid of a toilet seat  
D711505 Shower arm  
D711510 Valve  
D711515 Handle  
D711523 Angle-adjustable aroma diffusing apparatus  
D711506 Showerhead with arm  
D711511 End cap  
D711516 Fluid connector