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D491259 Power vent water heater blower  
D484966 Fan  
D484589 Blower frame  
D482772 Portable air circulator  
D480467 Air mover  
D440298 Blower  
D409737 Fan  
D387861 Blower-unit for a modular pneumatic transport system  
D380540 Portable heater-blower  
D380541 Air blower for mig welder  
5265895 Floor fan handtruck apparatus and method  
A floor fan handtruck wherein the external housing of the floor fan forms the framework for the floor fan handtruck. A pair of wheels are attached to the bottom surface of the floor fan. A handle...
D335532 Electric blower housing for spas, hydrotherapy baths, and above-ground skid packs  
D328640 Casing for a hot tub air blower  
D328615 Combined portable floor sign and fan unit  
D327316 Vortex blower  
D314619 Axial air blower  
D308417 Air blower housing  
D306064 Convection blower or similar article for use in an electric oven  
D291488 Industrial fan  
D291243 Combined ventilating and purging blower  
D282396 Carpet dryer  
D280661 Blower  
D279029 Blower unit for portable heater  
D278460 Portable fire draft maker or similar article  
D278362 Register fan  
D266839 Remote speed control unit for a fireplace blower motor  
D266587 Power blower  
D266355 Air blower  
D264121 Fire combustor  
4325163 Portable blower-vacuum unit  
A portable blower-vacuum unit has an impeller for drawing air axially through a housing air inlet, and for discharging the air centrifugally through a tangential housing air outlet. In a blower...
4269571 Blowing apparatus  
Blowing apparatus suspensible from one's shoulder is provided with a centrifugal fan, in which air is axially sucked and blown off. The fan has a rotor coupled with the output shaft of a prime...
D258756 Manifold for a forced air fireplace furnace  
D255489 Destaticizing blower  
D245994 Blower  
4037079 Bathroom mirror defogger  
A generally horizontal and cylindrical hollow housing is provided for mounting slightly outward of the upper marginal edge portion of a bathroom mirror and the housing includes an elongated...
D245097 Housing for heat dispenser for a tubular fireplace heater  
D243243 Combined blower and motor with speed reduction means therefor  
A central station air moving apparatus is disclosed incorporating an irregular heptagonal configuration and an air outlet damper device mounted on one side of the heptagon.
A blower head for attachment to the battery housing of an ordinary flashlight and including a centrifugal blower which is driven by a motor contained within a motor housing which is itself adapted...
3511578 BLOWER WHEEL  
D035563 Title is not available  
D203952 Title is not available  
D226665 Title is not available  
D034885 Title is not available  
D152778 Title is not available  
D003399 Title is not available  
D200556 Title is not available  
D122943 Title is not available  
D174005 Title is not available  
D180098 Title is not available  
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