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D847955 Sealing joint  
D846712 Pipe coupling  
D846714 Pipe coupling  
D846713 Pipe coupling  
D846085 Shovelnose adapter  
D846094 Threaded ring  
D845448 Joint  
D842438 Coupling  
D841134 Tapping tee  
D839399 Pipe coupling  
D839398 Pipe coupling  
D839400 Fuel dispensing breakaway coupling  
D838350 Coupling  
D837346 Pipe connector  
D836184 Pipe coupling  
D836185 Pipe coupling  
D835243 Pipe coupling with handle  
D835244 Hose and connectors  
D834687 Hose connector  
D834688 Hose connector  
D834154 Hose and connectors  
D833585 Hose and connectors  
D833586 Hose connector  
D832983 Hose connector and water stop  
D832984 Hose and connectors  
D831173 Connecting device for pipe  
D830524 Coupling  
D830525 Hose connector  
D830523 Coupling  
D827107 Device for the distribution of liquids or gases  
D823444 Flexible pipe joint  
D823442 Cap for pipe adapter for water heater  
D823443 Pipe coupling  
D822799 Tab connector  
D822800 Hose connector and water stop  
D821549 Clamp nut  
D821550 Pipe joint  
D820073 Dowel pin  
D819186 Connector for double pipe heat exchanger  
D816192 Shaft coupling hub  
D813658 Hose grip  
D813357 Filter key  
D812725 Shaft coupling hub  
D810894 Autoclave drain connector  
D805165 Tee coupling  
D803993 Connection component  
D803994 Joint for pipes  
D803362 Reinforcing collar for pipe fitting  
D802103 Pipe support attachment  
D801486 Hose coupling