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D787626 AR-15 cartridge deflector  
D787623 Crane for a revolver  
D787628 Gong-style shooting target  
D787624 Charging handle  
D787658 Combination odor absorber and pest deterrent  
D787627 Firearm sight  
D787622 Muzzle brake  
D787620 Adjustable cheek rest assembly  
D787629 Fish hook attachment  
D787625 Cheek rest for a firearm charging handle  
D787621 Muzzle brake  
D787619 Firearm  
D787014 Fishing pliers  
D787010 Shooting target holder  
D787013 Fishing pliers  
D787002 Attachment for a firearm  
D787015 Fishing pliers  
D787005 Firearm upper receiver  
D787011 Vacuum zapper  
D787008 Shooting target  
D787003 Handguard  
D787006 Cylinder release button for a revolver  
D787007 Scope mount  
D787009 Target stand holder  
D787012 Fishing lure  
D787004 Handguard assembly  
D786388 Stun gun cane  
D786383 Angled grip  
D786393 Plug holder  
D786384 Angled grip  
D786385 Trigger guard for a revolver  
D786392 Fish hook stopper  
D786391 In-line chumming and fish scent dispensing device  
D786386 Rear sight for a revolver  
D786390 Insect repellent device  
D786073 Foam insert for fishing dye box  
D786389 Insect trap  
D786387 Archery bow sight  
D785745 Firearm accessory mount  
D785743 Firearm handguard  
D785749 Fishing reel  
D785742 Gunstock  
D785747 Fishing lure  
D785748 Fishing reel  
D785746 Knife  
D785744 Firearm foregrip  
D785121 Gun, compressed air gun or gun model  
D785130 Fishing reel portion  
D785128 Targeting display for a rangefinder, riflescope, or other aimed optical device  
D785127 Hand protector for firearm