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D823426 Ant bait station with four entries  
D823421 Muzzle plug  
D823427 Bait for fishing  
D823422 Laser device  
D823420 Tube magazine loader  
D823428 Fishing rod with spiral fishing line guides  
D823424 Mole repeller  
D823425 Mole repeller  
D823423 Bilateral display regions for a self defense device  
D822785 Projectile casing  
D822787 Fishing rod holder  
D822784 Firearm security lock  
D822786 Fish attractor, teaser, or lure  
D822143 Mount for a quick-detach optics and accessory mounting system for firearms  
D822147 Fishing jig  
D822148 Outrigger  
D822145 Non-lethal projectile  
D822146 Artificial worm/stick bait fishing lure  
D822149 Tippet ring applicator  
D822144 Firearm mount  
D822142 Shotgun  
D821535 9Mag .22 L.R subsonic reticle  
D821528 Firearm magazine carrier  
D821532 Rifle flotation device  
D821536 Projectile  
D821534 Firearm magazine loader/unloader  
D821540 Fishing sinker  
D821530 Pistol slide grip  
D821539 Bait for fishing  
D821189 Buffer tube mount  
D821533 Magazine  
D821531 Firearm cleaning tool  
D821529 Pistol grip  
D821537 Mosquito zapper bulb  
D821538 Hunting decoy  
D820945 Line threader device  
D820941 Hilt  
D820938 Light mount  
D820921 Front sight and rear sight for toy guns  
D820944 Digital fishing net scale  
D820942 Artificial hollow belly fishing bait  
D820939 Telescopic sight for firearms  
D820940 Projectile launcher  
D820943 Coiled sliding duo-lock snap  
D820937 Firearm lower  
D820936 Archery bow riser  
D820157 Self-balanced vehicle  
D820377 Rifle scope mounting ring part with movable accessory rail  
D820381 Fishing hook  
D820378 Keel assembly for waterfowl decoys