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D863495 Bee trap  
D863492 Projectile  
D863490 Firearm front sight  
D863496 Bait station with sight glass  
D863488 Rifle weapon  
D863491 Shooting target mounting assembly  
D863494 Animal expeller  
D863497 Insect repellant fixture  
D863489 Firearm rear sight  
D863498 Fishing lure  
D863006 Combined tool and handle for firearm maintenance  
D863493 Mouse and rat trap  
D862630 Firearm magazine support mount  
D862632 Throw lever for an optical aiming device  
D862636 Bird exclusion device  
D862639 Fishing lure  
D862633 Aim enhancing system for firearms  
D862635 Bird exclusion device  
D862638 Fishing lure  
D862631 Handgun magazine spring  
D862629 Handguard  
D862637 Fishing lure  
D862634 Rail adaptor for small and light firearms  
D861821 Set of panels attachable to a handle of a firearm  
D861828 Turkey hammock  
D861822 Magazine speed loader  
D861827 Spinning reel  
D861823 Aiming fixture attachable to a firearm  
D861824 Mousetrap  
D861825 Insect trap  
D861826 Decoy  
D861117 Laser device  
D861112 Cradle for holding sporting devices  
D861121 Fishing lure  
D861113 Vertical grip attachable to a rail of a firearm  
D861119 Ammunition cartridge  
D861125 Rod holder with liner  
D861120 Animal expeller  
D861124 Roam fishing reel  
D861114 Upper receiver cut-outs  
D861122 Fishing lure  
D861118 Primer insert  
D861126 Insulated fishing rod holder  
D861115 Lower receiver cut-outs  
D861116 Pistol grip  
D861123 Fishing tackle module  
D860373 Lower receiver cut-outs  
D860368 Muzzle brake  
D860372 Firearm suppressor  
D860379 Lighted fishing lure