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D840496 Bowfishing reel  
D840491 Featureless backstrap for a grip for firearms  
D840489 Arrow insert  
D840490 Gun barrel rest with pistol rack  
D840493 Collapsible pin for firearm stocks  
D840492 Featureless backstrap for a grip for firearms  
D840497 Deer skinner  
D840494 Firearm hand guard  
D840495 Crossbow stock back edge  
D839988 Dual configuration fishing rod butt  
D839985 Shot shell loader for shotgun magazines  
D839970 Toy gun  
D839989 Fishing rod holder  
D839971 Toy gun  
D839986 Speed loader for the AR-15  
D839987 Animal repeller  
D839374 Nock for an archery arrow  
D839377 Magazine opener  
D839379 Non-lethal personal protection system  
D839375 Outer tube for firearm suppressor  
D839376 Dual way magazine loader  
D839381 Bait holder with hook  
D839378 Firearm top rail  
D839380 Bait station  
D839382 Organizational apparatus  
D838805 Knife handle  
D838802 Chamfered trigger guard for pistol frame  
D838804 Rear handgun sight  
D838806 Insect trap  
D838803 Endcap with rail  
D838336 Stun gun  
D838338 Fishing bobber  
D838334 Rifle magazine lock  
D838152 Line tying apparatus  
D838333 Magazine  
D838337 Self-defence spray  
D838335 Optical sight reticle  
D837922 Modular silencer  
D837923 Foam gun rest  
D837928 Laser device  
D837931 Insect repellent container  
D837929 Scope mount  
D837926 Firearm grip  
D837927 Sight  
D837921 High profile archery bow holder for a tree stand  
D837924 Firearm suppressor  
D837930 Self defense—rescue multi-function tool  
D837925 Shooting support stick  
D837932 Fish lure  
D837332 Laser device