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D802080 Outer box of a mouse trap  
D802078 Baton  
D802081 Bird-repellent device  
D802082 Artificial snake fishing lure  
D801189 Simulated 20-gauge shotgun shell novelty container  
D801467 Speedloader holder  
D801188 Simulated 12-gauge shotgun shell novelty container  
D801470 Single kink fishing hook  
D801468 Firearm sight  
D801469 Knife  
D800863 Hybrid paddle and spear gun  
D800865 Arrowhead  
D800864 Laser device  
D800866 Fishing lure  
D800243 Firearm slide  
D800245 Firearm bullet  
D800244 Firearm bullet  
D800246 Firearm bullet  
D799630 Peep housing  
D799634 Fishing pliers  
D799632 Loader  
D799629 Firearm  
D799631 Magazine well funnel  
D799633 Marine containment device  
D798752 Focal plate for surveying instrument  
D798987 Knife handle  
D798989 Insect trap element  
D798983 Magazine well funnel  
D798985 12MAG 17 HMR rim fire reticle  
D798986 Firearm target with lock on pattern  
D798990 Fishing lure  
D798991 Carrier for a downrigger  
D798984 Adjustable buttstock for a firearm  
D798988 Machete handle  
D798416 Fish finder device housing  
D798412 12MAG 22 WMR rim fire reticle  
D798414 9MAG 17 MACH 2 rim fire reticle  
D798415 Stun gun  
D798413 9MAG 22 LR HV RIM fire reticle  
D798409 Non-ambidextrous charging handle  
D798410 Panel attachable to a rail of a firearm  
D798411 12MAG .22 L.R subsonic rim fire reticle  
D797881 Pistol cartridge  
D797879 Rifle scope  
D797883 Insect barrier device  
D797880 Pistol cartridge  
D797884 Fish hook having a clip  
D797878 Dimpled bolt catch  
D797885 Fishing rod holder  
D797882 Stun gun