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D779012 Shotgun  
D779019 Muzzle brake  
D778393 Projectile aperture wicking pattern  
D778395 Projectile aperture wicking pattern  
D778386 Firearm suppressor cover  
D778399 Fly catcher  
D778396 Baton  
D778394 Projectile aperture wicking pattern  
D778392 Lead-free rimfire projectile  
D778385 Arrow shaft  
D778400 Spool for fishing reel  
D778387 Firearm suppressor cover  
D778388 Firearm rail  
D778391 Notched cartridge base insert  
D778390 Electronic sight  
D778389 Pistol with suppressor  
D778397 Spreader attachment for decorative semiochemical fixture  
D778398 Fly catcher  
D778384 Automatic weapon  
D777869 Information band for firearm  
D777868 Firearm stock with information band  
D777872 Handgun slide with grooved design pattern  
D777871 Firearm slide  
D777552 Folding knife  
D777870 Firearm cover component  
D777873 Pyramid sight for a weapon  
D777867 Over and under shotgun  
D777874 Mouse bait box  
D777875 Mouse bait box  
D777876 Combined bird, animal and bat pest repeller  
D777288 1911 handgun slide protective cover  
D777282 Machine gun  
D777283 Pistol  
D777287 Handgun slide protective cover  
D777293 Ant bait  
D777284 Pistol  
D777289 Hunting ring  
D777286 Firearm recoil lug for scope mount  
D777285 Trigger  
D777290 Personal defense device  
D777292 Ant bait  
D777294 Fishing rod holder that attaches to a square tube  
D777291 Insect trap housing  
D776781 Bow string vibration suppressor with adjustable forked extension members  
D776783 Rail light  
D776785 Fishing reel  
D776780 Bow string vibration suppressor  
D776782 Broadhead arrowhead having both expandable and fixed cutting blades  
D776784 Fishing rod grip handle  
D776228 Cylindrical insect trap