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D805153 Firearm mount with embedded laser sight  
D805157 Stun gun  
D805160 Portable fishing rod and reel  
D805156 Optical device reticle  
D805159 Fishing tool  
D804608 Fish cleaning tool  
D804604 Handstop for a firearm  
D804601 Archery bow rotatable member  
D804602 Firearm stock  
D804603 Magazine  
D804607 Skull-shaped fishing bobber  
D804605 Hunting and fishing equipment  
D804606 Fishing rod handle  
D803969 Angled grip  
D803978 Fish gripper  
D803977 Fish gripper  
D803979 Fish gripper  
D803971 Angled grip  
D803966 Angled grip  
D803968 Angled grip  
D803970 Forward lighting system  
D803967 Angled grip  
D803974 Duck decoy double clip  
D803973 Reticle  
D803972 Bolt carrier  
D803975 Cover for fishing hooks  
D803976 Combined holder and handle for a fishing system  
D803345 Rifle stock  
D803348 Fishing tackle  
D803346 Bayonet mount  
D803344 Magnetic field stripping tool  
D803341 Handgun slide  
D803342 Anvil plate for use with an impact bullet puller  
D803343 Pair of pistol grips  
D803347 Scope  
D802703 Scope mount ring  
D802697 Reflector sight mount for handgun  
D802704 Laser device  
D802698 Bayonet retaining rifle sight system  
D802709 Grip for a spinning reel  
D802699 Firearm sound suppressor  
D802702 Scope reticle  
D802705 Firearm bullet  
D802706 Baton  
D802700 Firearm sound suppressor  
D802707 Rat prevention device  
D802701 Rifle stock  
D802708 Grip for a spinning reel  
D802079 Key knife  
D802077 Firearm accessory mount