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D780875 Buffer tube  
D780882 Tire puncturing device  
D780874 Firearm scope height tool  
D780879 Artificial fishing lure  
D780880 Drift and strike indicator for fishing  
D780877 Knife handle  
D780878 Pest repeller  
D780285 Insect trap cartridge  
D780278 Light mount  
D780284 Insect trap  
D780283 Primer diverter cup used in polymer ammunition  
D780280 Portion of a handgun frame  
D780279 Forearm-gripping stabilizing attachment  
D779982 Handgun proximity sensor with global positioning system (GPS) tracking  
D780281 Shooting target apparatus  
D780282 Pellet  
D780277 Crossbow stock  
D779620 Enhanced magazine release  
D779623 Firearm scope mount  
D779627 Fishing lure  
D779624 Projectile aperture wicking pattern  
D779613 Archery bow cam  
D779619 Rifle stock  
D779621 Suppressor  
D779615 Crossbow stock  
D779614 Crossbow stock  
D779622 Rifle scope  
D779626 Multi-functional pest repeller  
D779616 Crossbow stock  
D779618 Firearm suppressor cover  
D779625 Mouse bait box  
D779617 Crossbow stock  
D779017 Angled fore grip  
D779024 Projectile aperture wicking pattern  
D779015 Magazine release lever  
D779018 Adjustable buttstock for a firearm  
D779013 Handguard  
D779026 Multi-functional pest repeller  
D779028 Fishing lure design  
D779027 Animal repeller  
D779029 Fishing jig  
D779016 Muzzle plug  
D779021 Cylindrically square cartridge base insert  
D779031 Fishing rod  
D779030 Artificial snake fishing lure  
D779022 Projectile aperture wicking pattern  
D779023 Projectile aperture wicking pattern  
D779025 Ultrasonic pest repeller  
D779014 Handguard  
D779020 Throwing trap