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D819158 Archery training bow  
D819164 Firearm scope mount  
D819157 Concealable firearm  
D819166 Fishing lure tail  
D818555 Shell deflector for upper receiver  
D818557 Pistol grip assembly  
D818554 Magazine loader  
D818558 Insect repellent device  
D818559 Insect trap  
D818560 Nipper  
D818556 Folding stock for a firearm  
D818078 Dispenser for semiochemical attractant  
D818076 Combination pepper spray dispenser, stun gun, and flashlight  
D818080 Fishing rod holder  
D817630 Attachable shooting rest for a walking stick  
D818075 Telescopic sight for firearm  
D818079 Fly tying caddy  
D818074 Firearm stock  
D818081 Curled feather game dispatcher  
D818073 Rifle hand guard  
D818077 Mosquito trap  
D817438 Fishing lure  
D817435 Magazine well funnel with pistol frame  
D817436 Firearm hammer  
D817437 Snap-on mount  
D816793 Magazine bracket  
D816792 Archery release  
D816795 Spotting scope  
D816794 Firearm handguard  
D816796 Float for an oyster basket  
D816185 Fishing line connector  
D816182 Insect killing device with lamp  
D816180 Rifle adapter for pistol ammunition  
D816186 Fishing float  
D816183 Fly swatter with clamp  
D816184 Fishing line connector  
D816181 Stun gun having cover  
D815712 Fishing lure  
D815490 Knife handle  
D815711 AR-15 magazine release lock  
D815710 Firearm  
D815233 Modular handgun  
D815236 Accessory for rifles  
D815243 Fishing lure  
D815234 Craft tool  
D815240 Bi-fold free standing corrugated target  
D815244 Illuminating fishing reel  
D815242 Baton  
D815245 Fishing jig lure  
D815237 Rifle vented upper receiver