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D825711 Insect trap  
D825712 Fishing hook securing device  
D825023 Ring for an optical scope  
D825022 Firearm accessory mount  
D825019 Rifle  
D825026 Double paddle tail fishing worm  
D825025 Double tail fishing worm  
D825021 Charging handle  
D825024 Insect trap  
D825020 Charging handle  
D824482 Firearm mount  
D824480 Targeting display for a rangefinder, riflescope, or other aimed optical device  
D824477 Pistol magazine loader component  
D824479 Lug for a muzzle device  
D824483 Fishing rod rack  
D824476 Forearm-gripping stabilizing attachment  
D824481 Firearm mount  
D824478 Firearm slide  
D823971 Firearm mount with embedded laser sight  
D823977 Firearm receiver  
D823982 Jumbo telescopic fly swatter  
D823969 Pistol  
D823974 Action bar release  
D823976 Silencer cap  
D823980 Rifle stock cover  
D823981 Stun gun with flashlight and knife  
D823979 Rifle stock cover  
D823983 Fishing lure device  
D823973 Funnel for the ejection port of a shotgun  
D823975 Accessory for a firearms magazine  
D823970 Bowstring engager for crossbow cockers  
D823972 Rifle barrel and stock assembly  
D823978 Firearm receiver  
D823426 Ant bait station with four entries  
D823421 Muzzle plug  
D823427 Bait for fishing  
D823422 Laser device  
D823420 Tube magazine loader  
D823428 Fishing rod with spiral fishing line guides  
D823424 Mole repeller  
D823425 Mole repeller  
D823423 Bilateral display regions for a self defense device  
D822785 Projectile casing  
D822787 Fishing rod holder  
D822784 Firearm security lock  
D822786 Fish attractor, teaser, or lure  
D822143 Mount for a quick-detach optics and accessory mounting system for firearms  
D822147 Fishing jig  
D822148 Outrigger  
D822145 Non-lethal projectile