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D834139 Fishing line connector  
D834141 Fishing rod handle assembly  
D834131 Trigger mechanism  
D834135 Repellent assembly  
D834140 Fishing line connector  
D833560 Magazine release lever  
D833568 Electronic mosquito and insect repeller  
D833559 Feather for an arrow  
D833562 Trigger mechanism  
D833567 Wildlife exclusion unit  
D833565 Suppressor cover  
D833570 Device to lift a motion decoy  
D833569 Device for remote insect capture and disposal  
D833566 Firearm mount  
D833561 Firearm trigger  
D833564 Firearm bipod  
D833563 Rifle chassis locking set  
D832972 Flying insect trap  
D832973 Bait container  
D832969 Upper receiver for a firearm  
D832970 Perforated plate for firearms  
D832971 Rifle scope  
D832072 Knife blade  
D832387 Adjustable firearm stock  
D832389 Speedloader holder  
D832390 Firearm handguard  
D832391 Session wave curl design  
D832388 Handgun trigger shoe  
D831777 Gun scope with battery compartment  
D831775 Shotgun muzzle brake  
D831779 Laser device  
D831782 Pillar device for insect capture with guards  
D831784 Insect killing device  
D831774 Attachment for a firearm  
D831783 Container for trapping an insect  
D831780 Firearm mount  
D831776 Firearm handguard  
D831778 Firearm accessory mount  
D831781 Electronic cockroach repeller  
D831149 Firearm stock  
D831150 Out only rodent blocker  
D831151 Arthropod trap  
D830493 Pest deterrent device  
D830491 Electronic device for use with deterrent device  
D830495 Hook  
D830488 Object slinging device  
D830489 Catch  
D830492 Mouse trap  
D830494 Single kink fishing hook  
D830490 Grip cover with laser sight