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D807466 Semi-submersible gas burner  
D807461 Firearm muzzle brake  
D807464 Low-profile folding rear sight  
D807462 Sight and accessories for sights  
D807467 Bird repellent device  
D807463 Low-profile folding front sight  
D806823 Fasteners for sights  
D806818 Pistol mount bracket for mounting an unclaimed pistol on an unclaimed rifle  
D806821 Rifle sight  
D806825 Fish gripper  
D806819 Pistol holder  
D806822 Fasteners for sights  
D806944 Hookah  
D806824 Electric stun gun  
D806820 Sight  
D806201 Rifle stock  
D806200 Rifle stock  
D806202 Tie down  
D806198 Nut for attaching a panel to a rail of a firearm  
D806204 Piranha lock system  
D806199 Inline scout mount  
D806205 Sporting net  
D806203 Fly swatter  
D805356 Cooler  
D805598 Firearm charging handle  
D805357 Cooler  
D805154 Rifle lower receiver  
D805158 Stun gun cane  
D805155 Bolt catch for a firearm  
D805153 Firearm mount with embedded laser sight  
D805157 Stun gun  
D805160 Portable fishing rod and reel  
D805156 Optical device reticle  
D805159 Fishing tool  
D804608 Fish cleaning tool  
D804604 Handstop for a firearm  
D804601 Archery bow rotatable member  
D804602 Firearm stock  
D804603 Magazine  
D804607 Skull-shaped fishing bobber  
D804605 Hunting and fishing equipment  
D804606 Fishing rod handle  
D803969 Angled grip  
D803978 Fish gripper  
D803977 Fish gripper  
D803979 Fish gripper  
D803971 Angled grip  
D803966 Angled grip  
D803968 Angled grip  
D803970 Forward lighting system