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D855742 Mousetrap  
D855738 Lens with reticle  
D855730 Dual-grip portable countermeasure device against unmanned systems  
D855745 Fishing lure  
D855734 Firearm safety lever  
D855751 Fishing lure  
D855749 Fishing lure  
D855685 Camera mount  
D855750 Fishing lure  
D855735 Firearm safety lever  
D855744 Fishing lure  
D855753 Fishing gutting scissors  
D855747 Fishing lure  
D855731 Dual-grip portable countermeasure device against unmanned systems  
D855740 Lens with reticle  
D855752 Fishing lure  
D855748 Fishing lure  
D855733 Firearm frame  
D855732 Back strap  
D855729 Smart stun gun for self defense  
D855148 Diddle net with arc-shaped handle  
D855142 Electronic mouse/insect repeller  
D855145 Fishing lure  
D855143 Insert for an insect trapping device  
D855137 Firearm suppressor sleeve  
D855140 Buttpad  
D855144 Fishing lure  
D855149 Bowfishing reel  
D855147 Fishing lure  
D855150 Bowfishing reel  
D855141 Projectile  
D855138 AR 15 dressing kit  
D855139 Firearm holster support  
D855146 Fishing lure  
D854644 Vertical grip for a firearm  
D854645 Bottle shaped shooting target  
D854643 Firearm bolt handle  
D854647 Fishing lure  
D854646 Grassed decoy weight  
D854648 Fishing lure  
D854642 Semiautomatic handgun  
D854114 Temporary container door (standard) for use with fumigation apparatus  
D854120 Floating wire basket  
D854110 Arm brace for a handgun  
D854117 Insect trap  
D854109 Compound archery bow  
D854116 Wasp trap  
D853720 Ammunition holder  
D854119 Fishing lure with two line attachments  
D854118 Insect trap