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D836749 Decoy support device and system  
D836744 Barrel strap and rifle holster set for securing a rifle when seated  
D836750 Treble hook  
D836745 Magazine floor plate  
D836748 Electronic pest repeller  
D836747 Rat trap  
D836743 Nock for an archery arrow  
D836746 Adjustable cheek riser  
D836180 Ammunition cartridge with primer insert  
D836181 Dagger  
D836179 Adapter for coupling a grenade launcher to a handguard  
D836178 Kinetic magazine loader  
D835748 Gun rail mount  
D835749 Jigging spoon  
D835750 Flat mount cutting element  
D835744 Quick release trigger lock assembly  
D835747 Multiple caliber bore plug  
D835745 Firearm hand guard  
D835746 Multiple caliber bore plug  
D835743 Firearm trigger  
D835226 Muzzle brake  
D835229 Rod guide  
D835227 Insect trap housing  
D835230 Fishing gutting scissors  
D835225 Rifle vented lower receiver  
D835228 Bed bug monitoring furniture leg  
D834679 Barrel adapter  
D834680 Mahi fishing lure  
D834130 Pistol magazine  
D834142 Fish dehooker/extractor  
D834132 Firearm receiver  
D834134 Firearm mount  
D834113 Toy gun rail  
D834138 Hunting decoy  
D834136 Insect trap base  
D833843 Bottle opener lure  
D834133 Dual beam aiming laser  
D834137 Insect trap cartridge  
D834139 Fishing line connector  
D834141 Fishing rod handle assembly  
D834131 Trigger mechanism  
D834135 Repellent assembly  
D834140 Fishing line connector  
D833560 Magazine release lever  
D833568 Electronic mosquito and insect repeller  
D833559 Feather for an arrow  
D833562 Trigger mechanism  
D833567 Wildlife exclusion unit  
D833565 Suppressor cover  
D833570 Device to lift a motion decoy