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D777290 Personal defense device  
D777292 Ant bait  
D777294 Fishing rod holder that attaches to a square tube  
D777291 Insect trap housing  
D776781 Bow string vibration suppressor with adjustable forked extension members  
D776783 Rail light  
D776785 Fishing reel  
D776780 Bow string vibration suppressor  
D776782 Broadhead arrowhead having both expandable and fixed cutting blades  
D776784 Fishing rod grip handle  
D776228 Cylindrical insect trap  
D776236 Handle for a gun cleaning tool  
D776232 Fishing reel  
D776223 Firearm charging handle  
D776234 Aquatic animal attracting float device  
D776227 Knife with front quillon  
D776233 Fish hook  
D776230 Fishing lure  
D776226 Firearm suppressor  
D776225 Firearm blade attachment  
D776235 Fishing pole holder  
D776222 Pocket configuration of a firearm receiver  
D776231 Fish retaining device  
D776229 Fishing lure  
D776224 Firearm hand guard mount clip  
D776221 Single shot firearm  
D775709 Fishing lure  
D775710 End bushing for fishing reel spool  
D775703 Universal archery bow stand  
D775707 Fishing lure  
D775708 Fishing lure  
D775705 Archery bow stabilizer and shock dampener  
D775704 Archery bow riser  
D775706 Archery bow dampener and stabilizer  
D775298 Crossbow stock  
D775297 Foldable bow  
D775307 Traps, articles for pest killing  
D775300 Crossbow stock  
D775305 Bullet  
D775304 Enhanced pivot pin  
D775301 Crossbow stock  
D775299 Crossbow stock  
D775306 Fishing trap  
D775309 Hunting stand mirror accessory  
D775302 Crossbow stock  
D775308 Fishing weight  
D775303 Crossbow stock  
D774616 Handguard for a firearm  
D774617 Magazine adapter  
D774619 Stock for rifle