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D757876 Muzzle for an AR15 rail  
D757883 Fixed stock for a firearm  
D757885 Firearm stock  
D757886 Sight module  
D757887 Trap for flying insects pests  
D757881 Gun slide grip  
D757882 Gun slide grip  
D757877 Pin for a firearm  
D757878 Hand guard for a firearm  
D757879 Hand guard upper for a firearm  
D757206 Target-illuminating aiming device  
D757208 Cover  
D757199 Firearm hammer  
D757197 Arrowhead retrieval tool  
D757210 Reel seat for fishing reel  
D757203 Hand guard for a firearm  
D757205 Light mount  
D757204 Hand guard for a firearm  
D757198 Firearm concealment clip  
D757207 Illuminated semiochemical fixture  
D756763 Rail clamp with plastic snap  
D757209 Collapsible decoy support  
D757147 Acquisition and targeting device  
D757202 Rifle locking component  
D757201 Rifle component  
D757200 Ammunition magazine riser  
D756481 Housing assembly for a perimeter blasting device  
D756479 Magazine catch for a gun  
D756480 Rifle scope  
D756482 Self defense apparatus  
D756478 Collapsible pistol  
D755918 Waterfowl decoy  
D755915 Optical diffraction alignment lens  
D755921 Fish bait harness/hook rig  
D755907 Toy gun  
D755916 Cartridge casing for long range supersonic sporting cartridge with oversize primer  
D755919 Holder for multiple spools of fishing line  
D755920 Bobbin for fishline  
D755917 Self defense protection device  
D755326 Firearm with off-trigger locator  
D755339 Firearm trigger  
D755325 Ammunition carrier for firearm magazine loader  
D755337 Firearm grip accessory  
D755332 Slot cover set for a firearm  
D755328 Pad for a firearm sling  
D755336 Magazine  
D755331 Trigger guard for a firearm  
D755333 Hand stop for a firearm  
D755340 Laser device  
D755429 Hand lamp