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D773601 Fishing lure with antlers  
D773000 Combination gun rest and shoulder strap  
D773010 Aquatic animal attracting float device  
D773002 Firearm cleaning and lubricating device  
D773007 Target stand  
D773011 Fish cleaning aid  
D773003 Recoil spring plug  
D773001 M14/M1A brass bolt bearing greaser  
D773008 Shot  
D773009 Case for an ammunition cartridge  
D773004 Scope cover  
D772999 Firearm  
D773005 Firearm stock  
D773006 Target stand  
D772372 Firearm hinge block  
D772365 Slingshot  
D772364 Pistol  
D772368 Magazine retention device  
D772366 Bow sight  
D772373 Gun cleaning tool  
D772367 Receiver adapter  
D772370 Fishing reel portion  
D772369 Firearm charging handle  
D772371 Duck diver fishing float  
D771767 Trigger  
D771732 Optical phone mount  
D771766 Sling attachment device  
D771765 Pistol stabilizer  
D771768 Fish hook  
D771370 Semiochemical retainer  
D771217 Magazine guide  
D771216 Rifle hand guard  
D771214 Firearm support  
D771218 Gun rail mounting device  
D771220 Fishing lure  
D771215 Firing pin for a firearm  
D771219 Electric stun gun having an electric cigarette-shaped mouthpiece  
D770591 Fishing lure  
D770590 Quad rail for firearm  
D770589 Bolt release catch for firearm  
D770588 Loader for a firearm magazine  
D770006 Animal trap  
D770002 Accessory for a firearms magazine  
D770001 Grenade launcher  
D770003 Launcher  
D770004 Shooting target support stand  
D770005 Projectile  
D770120 Bucket buoy  
D770007 Fish hook  
D769403 Antler rattler assembly