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D775304 Enhanced pivot pin  
D775301 Crossbow stock  
D775299 Crossbow stock  
D775306 Fishing trap  
D775309 Hunting stand mirror accessory  
D775302 Crossbow stock  
D775308 Fishing weight  
D775303 Crossbow stock  
D774616 Handguard for a firearm  
D774617 Magazine adapter  
D774619 Stock for rifle  
D774618 Forearm-gripping stabilizing attachment  
D774404 Mine probe  
D774615 Two-bladed expandable broadhead  
D774621 Fishing lure slotted tail design  
D774620 Panel attachable to a rail of a firearm  
D774159 Bullet  
D774161 Decoy  
D774154 Archery bow riser  
D774160 Fly swatter handle bug grapple  
D774157 Sighting device  
D774155 String bumper  
D774158 Prismatic scope  
D774156 Rifle grip  
D773597 Shell  
D773587 Firearm barrel nut  
RE46226 Weapon sighting device  
D773602 Fish hook  
D773592 Folding stock for a submachine gun  
D773598 Target rod holder  
D773595 Muzzle brake  
D773585 Firearm lower receiver  
D773596 Multiple mount accessory rail  
D773586 Firearm receiver having skull design  
D773583 Vertical bow dampener  
D773582 Bow sight  
D773603 Folding tree mounted portable hoist  
D773589 Interlocking stand-off  
D773593 Adjustable folding stock for a submachine gun  
D773594 Muzzle brake  
D773591 Stock for a submachine gun  
D773580 Toy sling shot  
D773605 Adaptive portable hunting blind system  
D773599 Machete  
D773588 AR type clip mounting bracket  
D773604 AR type buffer tube support bracket  
D773581 Archery bow holder  
D773584 Vibration absorber  
D773590 Hand guard for a submachine gun  
D773600 Machete