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D796620 Firearm charging handle  
D796624 Animal maintenance and care article  
D796623 Bilateral display regions for a self defense device  
D796617 Firearm stock  
D796621 TMX reticle  
D796625 Fishing lure  
D795987 Firearm mount  
D795991 Fishing lure  
D795988 Magazine well extension  
D795981 Firearm  
D795984 Firearm  
D795989 Firearm sight  
D795982 Spur for a gun stock  
D795986 Hand guard for a firearm  
D795985 Stock for a firearm  
D795983 Combination upper and lower receiver for a firearm  
D795990 Fishing lure  
D795378 Rail mount on scope tube and rifle barrel with finger hook  
D794979 Rack  
D795382 Trap, article for pest killing  
D795380 Weapon handguard accessory mounting system  
D795381 Animal deterrent device  
D795379 Receiver for a firearm  
D794743 Fishing hook storage system  
D794742 Rodent trap  
D794739 Pistol  
D794741 Firearm charging handle  
D794740 Barrel for submachine gun  
D794744 Pancake fishing sinker  
D794153 Firearm trigger  
D794155 Waterfowl decoy  
D794158 Fishing sinker  
D794159 Device for grabbing bait  
D794154 Bayonet mount  
D794156 Fishing lure  
D794157 Lighted fish net  
D793195 Tool handles  
D793519 Fishing rod  
D793516 Ammunition belt feed assembly  
D793518 Ice fishing seat  
D793517 Optical sight reticle  
D792939 Telescopic sight for firearms  
D792937 Adjustable buttstock for a firearm  
D792938 Gun stock  
D792935 Firearm grip  
D792936 Adjustable buttstock for a firearm  
D792547 Firearm handguard  
D792550 Buttpad  
D792544 Laser device for firearm  
D792543 Handgun