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D768802 Ammunition cartridge for a firearm  
D768257 Rifle scope mounting ring part with movable accessory rail  
D768259 Expandible collapsible fishing lure  
D768258 Fly paper holding device  
D768255 Firearm handguard  
D768254 Armorer tool  
D768256 Firearm accessory rail  
D768253 Fire control housing  
D767706 Firearm sound suppressor  
D767705 Extended pistol magazine grip adapter  
D767708 Sear spring  
D767710 Ring  
D767709 Fishing lure  
D767707 Lightweight gas block for a firearm  
D767083 Fishing reel  
D767084 Fishing reel portion  
D767078 Tactical knife  
D767074 Muzzle brake  
D767086 Fishing reel  
D767088 Fishing rod reel seat  
D767077 Reticle  
D767087 Fishing rod reel seat  
D767076 Muzzle brake  
D767075 Ergonomic grip for a slide of semiautomatic firearm  
D767070 Universal bow stand  
D767085 Fishing reel  
D767081 Fishing reel  
D767079 Hunting knife  
D767073 Firearm suppressor cover  
D767080 Fishing lure with curved lip  
D767082 Fishing reel portion  
D767071 Firearm barrel with dimpled surface  
D767072 Firearm suppressor cover  
D767089 Fishing rod line guide  
D766395 Compound bow cam  
D766396 Automatic pistol recoil simulator  
D765813 Drum magazine for a firearm  
D765812 Magazine for a firearm  
D765814 Fishing lure  
D765815 Shooting bench with a groove near edge of deck  
D765218 Fishing lure  
D765219 Fish lure  
D765210 Muzzle brake  
D765213 Cover for a weapon optic  
D765207 Mini bow sight  
D765209 Muzzle brake  
D765216 Fixed-blade knife  
D765212 Sight aiming device  
D765211 Lower receiver for a firearm  
D765215 Non-lethal projectile