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D785121 Gun, compressed air gun or gun model  
D785130 Fishing reel portion  
D785128 Targeting display for a rangefinder, riflescope, or other aimed optical device  
D785127 Hand protector for firearm  
D785122 Rifle  
D785125 Quick-remove clip for fastening an ammunition magazine to belt and clothing  
D785126 Bipod  
D785124 Hybrid cable guard slide for compound archery bows  
D785123 Archery bow cable yoke  
D785129 Bait bucket lid  
D784483 Slim riser mount  
D784478 Firearm bolt release  
D784485 Sport knife  
D784169 Waterfowl windsock decoy  
D784486 Rodent exclusion device  
D784484 Stun gun electrodes  
D784480 Optic sight  
D784479 Firearm slide  
D784487 Fishing line spool holder  
D784488 Gun cleaning rod handle  
D784482 Slim riser mount  
D784481 Slim riser mount  
D783766 Ant bait station  
D783759 Component of a trigger mechanism for a firearm  
D783757 Tactical fore grip  
D783769 Fishing rod holder  
D783763 Optical sight reticle  
D783761 Firearm handguard  
D783767 Fishing flasher  
D783768 Fishing jig  
D783764 Optical device reticle for rocket propelled grenade scope or other projectile-weapon aiming device  
D783760 Firearm handguard  
D783756 Archery bow grip  
D783762 Muzzle brake  
D783758 Spiked muzzle brake for firearm  
D783765 Ringed gas check  
D783118 Stun gun with flashlight  
D783108 Archery limb cup  
D783120 Fishing lure safety cover  
D783116 Firearm scope  
D783114 Optical device reticle  
D783113 Optical device reticle  
D783112 Component of a trigger mechanism for a firearm  
D783115 Optical device reticle  
D783109 Crossbow tread  
D783111 Magazine for handgun  
D783119 Fishing lure  
D783117 Electric stun gun  
D783110 Shooter's sandbag  
D783107 Compound bow cam