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D790657 Bowfishing reel  
D790650 Angled grip  
D790656 Electronic catch monitoring device  
D790648 Accessories launcher  
D790651 Angled grip  
D790647 Portion of a firearm barrel  
D790655 Mousetrap  
D790649 Casing for a firearm ammunition magazine  
D790652 Firearm bipod  
D790653 Panel attachable to a rail of a firearm  
D790031 Fish tape leader  
D790027 Graspable structure for a firearm slide  
D790030 Loader  
D790029 Firearm rail  
D790028 Bolt carrier  
D790032 Ice fishing pan  
D789476 Submachine gun  
D789481 Insect trap  
D789482 Spoon lure for fishing  
D789478 Archery bow rotatable member  
D789477 Revolver  
D789479 Graspable structure for a firearm slide  
D789483 Spinning reel  
D789480 Expansion barrel nut for a firearm  
D788874 Follower for an ammunition magazine  
D788876 Body target stand  
D788873 Firearm suppressor sleeve  
D788872 Gun support assembly  
D788871 Firearm hand guard mount clip  
D788875 Gun stock  
D788254 Firearm sling retaining device  
D788250 Feather for an arrow  
D788256 Grip for fishing reel handle  
D788251 Pistol charging handle grip  
D788252 Cheek rest assembly  
D788249 Feather for an arrow  
D788380 Ant moat for a bird feeder  
D788253 Cylinder for a revolver  
D788255 Remotely controlled tip up assembly  
D787626 AR-15 cartridge deflector  
D787623 Crane for a revolver  
D787628 Gong-style shooting target  
D787624 Charging handle  
D787658 Combination odor absorber and pest deterrent  
D787627 Firearm sight  
D787622 Muzzle brake  
D787620 Adjustable cheek rest assembly  
D787629 Fish hook attachment  
D787625 Cheek rest for a firearm charging handle  
D787621 Muzzle brake