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D814594 Vertical grip  
D814605 Fishing hook  
D814591 Firearm  
D814604 Drift and strike indicator for fishing  
D814607 Fishing line cutter  
D814597 Firearm buttstock  
D814603 Insect trap  
D814595 Firearm thumb support  
D814606 Fishing line stopper tool  
D813973 Clamp for firearm accessory mount  
D813971 Firearm suppressor cover sleeve  
D813974 Cartridge with an enhanced ball round  
D813972 End plate for a firearm  
D813975 Low volume subsonic bullet cartridge case  
D813970 Capture nock  
D813976 Animal deterrent spiked-strip assembly  
D813977 Floating pole hook  
D813339 Firearm grip sleeve  
D813343 Mouse bait device  
D813344 Wearable insect control clip  
D813340 Weapon mounted light  
D813342 Tactical knife  
D813338 Riflescope turret  
D813345 Fishing knife  
D813341 Knife  
D812707 Laser device  
D812713 Fishing reel  
D812708 Laser device  
D812706 Air movement visualization device  
D812709 Ring stun gun  
D812710 Flying insect trap  
D812711 Fishing lure  
D812712 Attachment clip for blade of an artificial fishing jig  
D812180 Laser device  
D812185 Fishing rod holding device  
D812178 Pistol mounted light  
D812176 Magazine  
D812179 Laser device  
D812177 Firearm handguard  
D812182 Laser device  
D812183 Bottle mounted flying insect trap  
D812184 Rotary waterfowl decoy  
D812181 Laser device  
D811516 Bug interception device  
D811517 Ant bait station  
D811511 Small sentinel mounting plate  
D811515 Self defense apparatus  
D811513 Baffle housing  
D811512 Large sentinel mounting plate  
D811514 Magazine cover