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D813328 Golf club head  
D813323 Cover for an exercise equipment handle  
D813317 Tape forming a toy building block base  
D813315 Flying disk  
D813314 Sledding cart  
D813316 Balloon stem handle  
D813330 Golf club head  
D813329 Golf club head  
D813336 Golf swing exerciser  
D813326 Golf ball  
D813334 Sports training equipment  
D813324 Hand weight extension grip  
D813332 Golf club head  
D813335 Billiard cue holder  
D813313 Gaming machine top box  
D813325 Removable media rack for exercise console  
D813333 Golf club head  
D813337 Water ride  
D812698 Combined plush bunny and child's blanket  
D812823 Animal toy  
D812695 Construction toy  
D812701 Basketball training stand  
D812704 Life vest  
D812700 Cover for an exercise equipment handle  
D812521 Hoverboard  
D812694 Toy scooter  
D812371 Golf bag accessory hanger  
D812703 Golf club head  
D812691 Shooting lion game  
D812697 Combined plush bear and child's blanket  
D812692 Controller for electronic device  
D812696 Combined plush puppy and child's blanket  
D812705 Underwater toy  
D812699 Pendulum weight plate  
D812702 Golf club head  
D812693 Hand-held controller for virtual-reality system  
D812824 Toy for animals  
D812162 Golf ball retriever  
D812150 End stop gear  
D812145 Gaming machine  
D812174 Outdoor water play structure  
D812165 Golf club head  
D812167 Golf club face  
D812151 Snap-lock construction toy  
D812142 Shooting duck game  
D811892 Vehicle carton  
D812173 Pair of otter swim fins  
D812144 Joystick ring  
D812175 Tent  
D812153 Toy robot head