Match Document Document Title
D799604 Toy magnetic tile for building game  
D799607 Construction set element  
D799617 Golf club head  
D799605 Block for building game  
D799613 Pickle ball  
D799619 Golf club head  
D799618 Golf club head  
D799599 Controller  
D799610 Dumbbell  
D799598 Interactive amusement device  
D799611 Device for improving grip  
D799615 Golf club head  
D799600 Controller  
D799603 Toy magnetic tile for building game  
D799601 Game playing surface  
D798954 Controller  
D798982 Frame for playset  
D798970 Foot-worn exercise harness  
D798980 Golf club head  
D798965 Portable spraying device  
D798967 Remote control dinosaur  
D798979 Golf club head  
D798960 Flying toy unicorn  
D798971 Wheeled torso exercise machine  
D798797 Drone arm  
D798864 Remote controller  
D798977 Golf club head  
D798966 Toy building block  
D798981 Golf club head  
D798958 Playing card duplicator  
D798962 Aircraft toy  
D798972 Runner's resistance band  
D798955 Electronic housing  
D798968 Gripped weight plate  
D798964 Drone arm  
D798973 Golf ball  
D798975 Golf club head  
D798976 Golf club head  
D798963 Aircraft toy  
D798959 Electric scooter  
D798978 Golf club head  
D798957 Interactive game piece  
D798794 Closed wing aircraft  
D798974 Ball with surface ornamentation pattern  
D798795 Ring wing and spokes for a closed wing aircraft  
D798961 Quadcopter model drone  
D798969 Fitness weight  
D798956 Slot machine  
D798402 Sidewall portion of a lacrosse head  
D798398 Handle bar of an exercise device