Match Document Document Title
D816170 Controller  
D816179 Recreational flotation device  
D816169 Actuator of a thumbstick controller with translucent or transparent ring  
D816177 Golf putter grip  
D816083 Game controller  
D816173 Collapsible exercise frame  
D816176 Golf club head  
D815693 Race track tossing game  
D815705 Golf club head  
D815704 Golf club head  
D815706 Golf club head  
D815698 Dreidel spinning toy  
D815707 Golf club head  
D815699 Pair of yoga socks with straps  
D815709 Inflatable slide  
D815703 Golf club head  
D815708 Golf teaching apparatus  
D815696 Accessory of controller for computer  
D815700 Combined yoga block and roller  
D815694 Combination game table  
D815695 Game station  
D815697 Hand-held controller for virtual-reality system  
D815701 Balance beam  
D815702 Media holder for an exercise machine  
D815226 Battery powered skateboard  
D815369 Rope snake pet toy with fabric head  
D815230 Fin adapter for water craft  
D815213 Casino table with layout for poker-based game  
D815212 Chess board design  
D815232 Stopper for inflatable slide  
D815227 Foot-deck based vehicle  
D815231 Fin adapter for water craft  
D814978 Electric scooter  
D815217 Abdominal exercise wheel  
D815208 Configurable toss game  
D815229 Fin adapter for water craft  
D815215 Scooter  
D815214 Amusement rocking device  
D815222 Golf club head  
D815370 Pet toy  
D815211 Skin cover for a game controller  
D815224 Golf club face  
D815210 Hand-held controller for virtual-reality system  
D815223 Golf club head  
D815209 Hand-held controller for virtual-reality system  
D815219 Golf ball  
D815216 Tape forming a toy building block base  
D815221 Toy ball catcher  
D815225 Golf club head  
D815220 Toy throwing ball