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D806814 Flotation device  
D806805 Robot  
D806802 Aircraft body  
D806808 Surface mounted support rail for modular exercise device  
D806810 Exercise inversion table  
D806635 Amphibious unmanned vertical takeoff and landing personal flying suit  
D806815 Narwhal-shaped floatation device  
D806817 Exercising apparatus  
D806801 Playing surface for toy top  
D806195 Standup paddle-board skateboard  
D806194 Blade holder for an ice skate  
D806175 Ellipsoid based gaming die having five flatted surfaces  
D806190 Wobbling balance board  
D806191 Swing training device  
D806184 Toy robot  
D806327 Animal toy  
D806171 Bean bag toss game target  
D806186 Exercise bag  
D806181 Building block for a toy building set  
D806078 Gaming system controller  
D806179 Reverse cube  
D806182 Set of toy robot arms  
D806196 Personal pool  
D806174 Board game  
D806172 Football-based bean bag tossing game  
D806189 Wobbling balance board  
D806188 Weight rack  
D806173 Controller  
D806183 Set of toy robot arms  
D806177 Foot-control steering lever for scooters  
D805951 Plush trophy  
D806197 Collapsible flotation device with back support  
D806185 Tire trainer  
D806328 Animal toy  
D806180 12 stud cube with hole  
D806178 Desk toy  
D806192 Golf club head  
D806193 Golf putter  
D806176 Electric scooter  
D806187 Sports guide  
D805914 Combined packaging container and toy  
D805597 Multi-function anchor point for inflatable craft  
D805590 Platform for work while standing  
D805589 Cat shaped stuffed plush soft toy  
D805591 Ball return training device  
D805594 Simulated saber for improving athletic efficiency  
D805595 Small trampoline  
D805588 Interactive device for a user  
D805425 Drone-shaped tie tack  
D805592 Golf putter