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D809619 Climbable play sculpture  
D809609 Board game  
D809073 Leg press  
D809083 Quad panel table tennis table  
D809072 Plush toy  
D809078 Golf club head cover  
D809076 Goals  
D809082 Golf club head  
D809070 Back-illuminated translucent gaming table  
D809081 Golf club head  
D809071 Construction set block  
D808967 Controller  
D809077 Field hockey stick  
D809075 Sports training aid  
D809080 Golf club face  
D809068 Wagering kiosk  
D809067 Gaming device  
D809074 Riser for an exercise platform  
D809079 Golf grip  
D809069 Wagering kiosk  
D808481 Ice hockey stick  
D808472 Toy gun  
D808467 Gaming machine  
D808465 Baseball-based bean bag tossing game  
D808387 Arithmetic and control unit  
D808478 Football with play diagrams  
D808480 Ice hockey stick  
D808475 Functional trainer exercise machine  
D808485 Volleyball-style game apparatus  
D808469 Egg toy after hatching  
D808484 Golf training device  
D808473 Joint of a figurine  
D808476 Stability platform ball  
D808466 Grip set for a video game controller  
D808474 Dumbbell  
D808483 Golf practice aid  
D808468 Double deck playing card shoe  
D808479 Field hockey stick  
D808477 Golf ball  
D808470 Kart  
D808482 Golf club head  
D808471 Wheel linking piece  
D807964 Throwing game board  
D807973 Exercise block  
D807969 Connector module  
D807978 Multi-activity play structure  
D807976 Golf club head  
D807967 Toy  
D807809 Aircraft  
D807974 Lacrosse paddle