Match Document Document Title
D820359 Toy construction connector kit  
D819748 Candy dispensing toy  
D819745 Repulsor gear  
D819764 Recreational device  
D819755 Doll  
D819757 Exercise weight  
D819750 Shield  
D819753 Flexible kitchen sink playset  
D819759 Wobble toy ball  
D819763 Recreational device  
D819641 Controller for computer  
D819826 High-definition fascia tissue fitness device  
D819752 Flexible kitchen countertop playset  
D819758 Sport ball  
D819756 Toy figurine  
D819638 Remote controller  
D819696 Computer  
D819746 Chess board  
D819749 Remote-controlled flying drone  
D819760 Flying disc holder  
D819754 Toy dinosaur set  
D819751 Flexible refrigerator playset  
D819825 Fascia tissue treatment device with a matrix of treatment elements  
D819747 Gaming machine with curved display  
D819642 Controller for computer  
D819762 Putter  
D819761 Flying disc holder  
D819150 Golf club face  
D819147 Stress reduction squeeze toy  
D819155 Water ride  
D819138 Geodesic display connector  
D819141 Game board  
D819144 Robotic toy  
D819154 Swim fin  
D819139 Indicating device for a game of darts  
D819151 Golf club face  
D819146 Toy  
D819145 Toy character  
D819140 Adapter for video game controller  
D819152 Lounger  
D819142 Top for a blackjack related game  
D819148 Multi-purpose fitness bench  
D819149 Yoga wheel  
D819172 Portable spraying device  
D818986 Phonejuke kiosk  
D819156 Water ride  
D819143 Desk or fidget toy  
D819153 Swim vest  
D818541 Electric scooter  
D818542 Rotary flying toy