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D798403 Lacrosse head  
D798391 Pentagonal building block  
D798395 Cuddly toy  
D798089 Hinged bathtub table  
D798393 Toy animal  
D798408 Mitt trainer  
D798399 Housing of an exercise device  
D798407 Electrical transportation tool  
D797875 Skateboard  
D797858 Lockable wagering chip container  
D797876 Golf training aid apparatus  
D797862 Toy figure  
D797871 Putter head  
D797641 Aircraft with slotted inboard wings  
D797874 Lacrosse stick head cover  
D797870 Foot pad of an exercise device  
D797886 Tower castle fountain  
D797868 Weight training plate holder  
D797872 Golf club head  
D797860 Transducer mount  
D797743 Totem controller  
D797861 Toy  
D797877 Trampoline exerciser  
D797699 Digital audio player  
D797700 Digital audio player  
D797865 Toy figure  
D797859 Remote-controlled flying toy with bumpers  
D797863 Toy figure  
D797873 Golf club head  
D797867 Exercise bag  
D797864 Toy figure  
D797869 Pulley assembly for exercise equipment  
D797866 Stationary pedal machine  
D797202 Filling device for water balloons  
D797225 Golf club shaft  
D797220 Golf club head  
D797226 Roller skate  
D797227 Electric skateboard  
D797201 Toddler walker  
D797200 Motor scooter  
D797195 Mini gym platform  
D797218 Exercise spring with loops  
D797214 Stationary bike  
D797213 Indoor cycling frame  
D797205 Toy car  
D797211 Interactive stuffed animal sheep toy  
D797222 Golf club head  
D797228 Golf club face pointer  
D797219 Foot pad of an exercise device  
D797198 Rocking horse