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D819144 Robotic toy  
D819154 Swim fin  
D819139 Indicating device for a game of darts  
D819151 Golf club face  
D819146 Toy  
D819145 Toy character  
D819140 Adapter for video game controller  
D819152 Lounger  
D819142 Top for a blackjack related game  
D819148 Multi-purpose fitness bench  
D819149 Yoga wheel  
D819172 Portable spraying device  
D818986 Phonejuke kiosk  
D819156 Water ride  
D819143 Desk or fidget toy  
D819153 Swim vest  
D818541 Electric scooter  
D818542 Rotary flying toy  
D818552 Disc for use in game of chance  
D818550 Grip wrap  
D818544 Abdominal Exercise Wheel  
D818546 Kettlebell exerciser  
D818549 Toy scoop paddle  
D818553 Flotation wrist-wear device  
D818397 Vehicle  
D818545 Jump rope  
D818548 Abdominal exerciser  
D818547 Safety tier for exercise rack  
D818543 Developmental activity gym for babies  
D818551 Putter head  
D818600 Head fascia tissue treatment device  
D818069 Skateboard  
D818050 Rotary flying toy  
D818057 Cycling simulator  
D817599 Personal privacy enclosure for an infant  
D818060 Inverted v-shaped pull-up bar with wall mount  
D818064 Training ball  
D818066 Extendible lacrosse stick  
D818068 Roller board  
D818054 Handheld touch object  
D818062 Core ball  
D818072 Recreational device  
D818049 Electric balance scooter  
D818053 Hand fidget spinner  
D818055 Cube  
D818211 Animal toy  
D818052 Hand fidget spinner  
D818056 Building block  
D818046 Visual landing target  
D818071 Trampoline