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D783740 Exercise mat  
D783729 Angle compatible block  
D783370 Inflatable beverage holder  
D783734 Toy house  
D783749 Golf club head  
D783748 Golf club head  
D783742 Anchoring device  
D783745 Golf club head  
D783738 Children's toy  
D783741 Shoulder press bench with foot pedals  
D783726 Vehicle frame  
D783753 Mat having golf hole layout thereon  
D783743 Ball  
D783724 Inline scooter  
D783750 Weight  
D783751 Self-balance vehicle  
D783730 Block piece from toy set  
D783746 Golf club  
D783722 Game controller  
D783727 Toy aircraft  
D783725 Pedal go-kart  
D783448 Figurine articulated hand  
D783732 Toy house  
D783754 Combined green repair tool with digital port  
D783452 Human-machine interaction vehicle  
D783736 Robot  
D783737 Stuffed bear in a can  
D783723 Hand free card holder  
D783096 Game display screen with multiple arrays of reels  
D783095 Handheld controller  
D783094 Billiard themed ring swinging target game  
D783098 Figurine  
D782962 Transmitter  
D783106 Water toy  
D783099 Ball  
D782915 Container  
D783100 Golf putter  
D783102 Golf club  
D782916 Container  
D783103 Golf club  
D783097 Remote control unit  
D782942 Adult tricycle  
D783105 Golf club head  
D783104 Golf club head  
D783101 Golf club head  
D782753 Pet toy  
D782585 Exercise mat  
D782583 Stuffed bear  
D782581 Remote control unit for a model vehicle  
D782594 Gator swim fins