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D796584 Medal toy  
D796592 Kettlebell  
D796597 Golf club head  
D796606 Iron golf club head  
D796614 Trampoline  
D796613 Hoverboard  
D796600 Golf club head  
D796593 Abdomen exercise machine  
D796590 Home gym equipment  
D796603 Golf club head  
D796582 Poker chip  
D796585 Scooter  
D796414 Sinusoidal circular wing and spokes for a closed wing aircraft  
D796596 Toss and launch toy device  
D796601 Golf club head  
D796610 Golf club grip  
D796589 Toy boat set  
D796598 Golf club head  
D796591 Stepper exerciser device  
D796607 Golf club head cover with closure  
D796583 Tarot card reading cloth  
D796608 Golf grip cap  
D796586 Aerial vehicle  
D796604 Golf club head  
D796602 Golf club head  
D796594 Throwing apparatus  
D796588 Bead  
D796605 Golf club head  
D796587 Portable spraying device  
D796615 Swim and scuba fin  
D796737 Cleaning tablet  
D796612 Golf club head  
D796581 Gyroscopic chair  
D795967 Quadcopter  
D795959 Wireless game controller  
D795964 Reversible game board  
D795785 Multi-terrain landing gear for unmanned aircraft  
D795969 Inflatable building block cube  
D795973 Handle for exercise machine  
D795971 Collar for a weightlifting bar end  
D795976 Game ball  
D795962 Electronic housing  
D795961 Controller  
D795974 Handle  
D795975 Handle  
D795966 Rideable toy for infants  
D795958 Sport game  
D795979 Golf club head  
D795970 Exercise apparatus  
D795972 Exercise rope adjuster