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D811501 Lighted basketball  
D811484 Cover for arithmetic and control unit  
D811495 Toy robot head  
D810842 Toy with parts having multiple positions  
D810837 Construction set block  
D810852 Golf club head  
D810840 Hand puppet  
D810831 Adapter for a video game controller  
D810850 Golf club head  
D810848 Pelvic muscle exercise machine  
D810835 Egg toy after hatching  
D810846 Assisted pushup device  
D810841 Doll  
D810844 Hand grip exerciser  
D810845 Exercise resistance device for a seated user  
D810833 Gaming device cabinet  
D810853 Swing assembly  
D810830 Interactive device for a user  
D810708 Magnetic gripping device  
D810838 Children's furniture  
D810849 Barbell end cap self-mobilization tool  
D810843 Exercise strap  
D810834 Electronic gaming table with a shared display  
D810836 Electric scooter  
D810847 Exercise machine for repetitive spine extension  
D810839 Set of toy robot arms  
D810851 Putter grip  
D810829 Interactive device for a user  
D811019 Toy for animals  
D810832 Game console support  
D810201 Game console support  
D810215 Golf club head  
D810217 Golf club head  
D810214 Toy baseball hitting device  
D810209 Bathtub table leg  
D810210 Solar-powered toy car  
D810206 Water toy  
D810219 Golf instruction alignment rod  
D810218 Electrical skateboard  
D810222 Swing  
D810216 Protective case for lacrosse head  
D809987 Leveling block  
D810204 Spin the bottle game  
D810221 Inflatable shade pool  
D810166 Household robot  
D810220 Swing sport wrist training aid  
D810205 Adjustable sand mold toy  
D810208 Construction set block  
D810213 Toy bug  
D810207 Toy panel