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D812164 Golf club head  
D812154 Toy robot eyes  
D812169 Golf club head  
D812168 Golf club head  
D812159 Push-up exercise bench  
D812147 Gaming machine with curved display  
D812156 Weight lifting machine  
D812166 Golf putter grip  
D812172 Golf putting aid  
D812143 Programming tile  
D812171 Punching bag  
D812157 Board for simulating water sports  
D812161 Ball tee  
D812170 Leash cuff for water sports board leash  
D812146 Gaming machine with curved display  
D812148 Gaming machine with curved display  
D812152 Robot  
D812163 Golf club head  
D812321 Animal toy  
D812158 Pull-up exercise bench  
D812160 Hinged resistance exercise device  
D812155 Combined plush elephant and child's blanket  
D812149 Gaming machine with curved display  
D811494 Toy pig  
D811508 Pair of turtle swim fins  
D811497 Weight bar  
D811498 Golf ball  
D811487 Playing surface for toy top  
D811506 Inflatable towable  
D811489 Electric scooter  
D811504 Lacrosse mesh with multiple mesh sizes  
D811496 Toy robot eye  
D811505 Ski training ring  
D811510 Element for a floating waterpark  
D811483 Arithmetic and control unit  
D811499 Golf ball  
D811493 Fish suction toy  
D811492 Robot toy figure  
D811486 Programming tile  
D811485 Programming tile  
D811488 Poker game playing surface and environment  
D811500 Sports ball  
D811491 Toy robotic arm  
D811503 Golf club head  
D811509 Pair of duck swim fins  
D811235 Vehicle carton  
D811502 Mesh baseball tee  
D811490 Children's furniture  
D811507 Inflatable towable  
D811236 Vehicle carton