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D790013 Golf club head  
D790017 Baseball swing training aid  
D789831 Stacked penguins figurine  
D790012 Batting tee base  
D790011 Exercise platform with two arms  
D790024 Personal enclosure  
D790018 Novelty radio-equipped wireless-communicating golf driver with a digital display  
D790015 Skateboard  
D790014 Golf club shaft  
D790026 Personal enclosure  
D790020 Ball mark repair tool  
D790021 Clamshell-shaped floatation device  
D790016 Snowboard with underside traction grooves  
D790025 Personal enclosure  
D789801 Cat-shaped clock  
D790019 Golf divot tool  
D790010 Crossbow  
D789460 Expanding lion  
D789458 Water toy  
D789459 Construction set element  
D789464 Enhancement unit for upper body conditioning for a stationary bicycle  
D789472 Hit pad  
D789243 Gnome figurine with stop sign  
D789466 Ball return  
D789465 Stationary bicycle attachment  
D789473 Surface ornamentation for golf putting aide  
D789469 Golf club head  
D789325 Media display device  
D789471 Water filled punching bag  
D789457 Quadcopter frame  
D789468 Golf tee  
D789474 Swim fin for swim training  
D789475 Pair of paddles for swim training  
D789455 Slot machine card holder  
D789467 Floor covering for an array of tennis courts  
D789456 Set of square domino tiles  
D789462 Abdominal exercise platform with wheels  
D789368 Omnidirectional locomotion platform  
D789463 Exercise machine with carriage  
D789218 Dog-shaped clock  
D789470 Golf club head  
D789461 Exercise ball  
D788855 Educational board game  
D788857 Linking piece  
D788870 Water float  
D788867 Billiard table  
D788862 Cover for dumbbell weights  
D788868 Trampoline with fixed legs  
D788854 Set of playing cards  
D788866 Golf grip