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D854100 Exercise device  
D850541 Walker with electronic device  
D843502 Elliptical stepper exercise machine  
D822773 Exercise apparatus  
D802687 Exercise track for flexing and extending legs  
D801451 Exercise device  
D796591 Stepper exerciser device  
D793494 Elliptical trainer  
D792530 Elliptical exercise machine  
D791251 Portable fitness trainer  
D786368 Elliptical cycle  
D773567 Stepper  
D771204 Stepper exercise device  
D744601 On-land swivel ski machine  
D742977 Stationary exercise machine  
D732612 Ski training machine  
D723636 Walking slide mill  
D709969 Multi dimensional abdomen exerciser  
D703278 Exercise device  
D695856 Exercise training device  
D690375 Exercise device  
D689569 Portable exercise machine  
D687911 Exercise device  
D667900 Stepper  
D641810 Exercise machine  
D626186 Leg stretch exerciser  
D624613 Skiing simulator  
D624135 Exercise device  
D623244 Dual track exercise device  
D622787 Dual track exercise device  
D620540 Exercise device  
D615604 Elliptical machine  
7708676 “Figure-eight” track, apparatus, method, and game for sensory-motor exercise  
An apparatus for cognitive and physical training has a figure-eight walking course with both or alternate inner and outer borders. Adjustable rails inside and outside the course assist...
D606599 Exerciser  
D603001 Combination exercise and massage machine  
D599863 Bicycle trainer  
D590033 Exercise apparatus  
D589573 Exercise device  
D581470 Fitness apparatus  
D576228 Stepper with wave type vibrator  
D575836 Stepping exerciser with rolling wheels  
D569455 Elliptical stationary exercise device  
D567310 Exercise apparatus  
D565129 Exercise apparatus  
D564051 Vertical arc trainer  
D563489 Arc trainer  
D559925 Exercise device  
D558841 Elliptical exerciser  
D558282 Exercise machine  
7303511 Exercise device  
An exercise device includes two foot carriage assemblies. The foot carriage assemblies are operable to support a user's feet on a frame and to travel along a generally lateral path of motion. The...
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