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D839961 Receptacle billboard  
D839962 Wrist band with a detachable flag label  
D839963 Tag  
D839351 Display device  
D839352 Digital signage  
D838781 Signage  
D838617 Bill discriminator  
D838780 Elastic loop  
D838779 Doll sticker  
D837890 Decorative display  
D837887 Advertising device  
D837888 Advertising device  
D837889 Label for liquids for pharmaceutical purposes and radiolabeling  
D836724 Label for liquids for pharmaceutical purposes and radiolabeling  
D836723 Decal  
D836456 Label with surface ornamentation  
D836725 LED sign  
D836722 Decal  
D836163 Banner assembly  
D835721 Advertising device  
D835722 Manikin head for wall mount  
D835723 Signage  
D835194 Signage  
D835017 Display unit  
D835193 Nameplate  
D834649 Sport display  
D834575 Display  
D834091 Vending machine  
D834093 Label  
D834092 Frozen food product vending machine  
D833529 Sign panel  
D833528 Vending machine  
D833530 Tamper evident label for an IV bag  
D832598 Badminton court label  
D832927 Label  
D832597 Tennis court label  
D832926 Entry shroud  
D832351 Display device  
D832353 Sign  
D831983 Basketball court label  
D832352 Sign  
D831981 Volleyball court label  
D831982 Table tennis court label  
D831984 Football field label  
D831746 Digital signage  
D831363 Combined bench and advertising panel with clock  
D831117 Digital signage  
D831115 Medical emergency vending machine  
D831119 Sticker  
D831120 Rhomboidal shaped light emitting digital display