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D863444 Sign conspicuity marking tape  
D863439 Beverage dispenser  
D863441 Digital signage  
D863440 Luggage tag  
D863442 Dual-sided product placement with information strip  
D863443 Open-closed sign  
D862599 Label for a shaving razor  
D862600 Card holder  
D862275 Wristband with slot  
D862601 Carrier assembly  
D862596 Digital sign  
D862092 Safety label  
D862595 Airfield guidance sign  
D862240 Razor package with seal  
D862598 Labels for packaging and bottles  
D862594 Vending machine  
D862597 Digital sign  
D861793 Window cling  
D861798 Mannequin and support base combination  
D861786 Stand for electronic board  
D861791 Digital sign  
D861794 Indicator for a container  
D861790 Digital sign  
D861795 Prescription label  
D861796 Prescription label  
D861789 Digital sign  
D861787 Digital sign  
D861797 Illuminated nametag  
D861788 Digital sign  
D861792 Digital sign  
D861073 Vending machine  
D861069 Portable display stand for students  
D861074 Vending machine  
D861075 Digital sign  
D860321 Digital sign  
D860320 Digital sign  
D860041 Animal figure  
D860319 Electronic display unit  
D860322 Vial label and vial combination  
D860323 Wall mounted sign  
D860318 Vending machine  
D859335 Electronic display apparatus  
D859528 Display holder for attachment to garments and accessories  
D859519 Demonstration tool  
D858631 Demonstration tool  
D858639 Display holder for attachment to garments and accessories  
D858638 Digital sign  
D857404 Safety label  
D857099 Digital sign  
D857100 Digital sign